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  1. Alright. I wrote to team green and I also PMed Ted Tendry. Now we play the waiting game.
  2. You're probably thinking of Ted Trendy's Team Green....I would pm him for the link (or I guess you could Google) oooh i think thats it!
  3. I remember seen some sort of vegan group link on here.. some where..they had "chapters" in different cities but not in LA.. does anyone have that link to the page or name of the group?
  4. that was my next thought. I should do that. thanks! have you tried that?
  5. I think Mac Danzig has a gym in LA right? maybe I should join his gym..?
  6. I guess I'm just not in a place where I can motivate my self. I can't seem to stick to a gym or exercise routine. I always find excuses to not give it 100% and it bothers me. I met this guy at the gym who seem to be interested in being a work out partner but completely dogged my vegan diet. He's a nice guy but he's not trying to work out with me because he claims I have to have some sort of meat in my diet and bla bla bla. ANYWAYS! all the groups on meetup.com are about drinking and hiking or some lax activity once a month. I would like to make some vegan friends who are really into working out and who will push me, influence and inspired me to be the same way. Anyone live in the Valley? LA? Need a new friend?
  7. You guys are right! I just realized that when I got to the gym I felt pretty impressed on how I was curling the weight I left of 10 months ago just as easy and did good reps.. Hmmm.. I felt good those first 20 minutes, like I never left and then FLOP lol.. I see it now. I need to take it easy. Do any of you ever just go to the gym to take it easy? just to say that you went? Maybe do a light routine?
  8. I had a 10 month slump. I didn't work out much until this last thursday. I spent the weekend on the gym.. Mainly more Cardio, and calisthenics to start off. Yesterday when I got to the gym I started off good. I did some curls and some back exercises... and then suddenly when I got to the next machine I felt sleep and really weak. I tried to tough it out and just push my self but I was barely 20 mins and I went from a 10 in energy to about a 3.. Does this happen to any of you? Why do you guys think this happen?
  9. I guess my price range seems pretty fair. I will do some research. thanks a lot! !!
  10. Not sure if any of you remember me... I fell off the wagon after I got laid off last July. I didn't stop being a vegan but I did stop going to the gym ... Well I'm back! and I started on Thursday and I already feel great! I have a couple of questions. I need some recommendations. Any of you have a favorite brand for a food processors? Something under 80 dollars. Also any good books out there on recipes that are low on calories and fat? thank you!!!!
  11. I been wanting to go get my Physical but I honestly don't want to go to a regular doc. (no offense) But I want to get tested on everything and also want to see someone who's a nutritionist. I would want this doctor to be Vegan or even vegetarian. Someone who understands our diet and how our bodies work and what they need. If any of you guys have a doctor you can recommend in Southern California I would love to check him or her out. Thank you! (Maybe the Doc isn't vegan but it's open minded and understands vegan nutrition really well.
  12. Hey guys and gals. I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I'm going to resume my work outs. My gut is out of control and I want to be more serious about how many calories I'm burning. Is there a calorie monitor out there that I can wear or something that tells me how many calories I've burned? thank you!
  13. seriously? I feel there are bigger fish to fry... well not literally! but you know what I mean.
  14. empanadas! GENIUS! now why didn't I think of that? I know Amy's makes some but I want to make them fresh
  15. hmmm. i guess huh? Yes I've made pizza dough before now I wonder if I were to put fully made cooked tofu scramble will it burn it or do I fill them up afterwards?
  16. I want to make vegan hot pockets. I would like to make the little pastries that the filling comes in, however I'm not sure if I can get these premade or I actually have to bake them.. has anyone ever done this? Any suggestions would be helpful! thank you!
  17. What are the cons for High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)? I've grown very skeptical of most corn base products. After learning how the government has subside corn causing food prizes in latin american to soar and wasting so many resources by growing so much to feed the animals people eat and to use it for other experiments I've decided to stay away from as many things that are made with processes corn in some lab. HFCS being one of them. I began to notice a "real sugar" claim from many products. Obviously with the skepticism about HFCS "Corn Refiners Association" has now too launched an ad campaign to defend their all natural sugar substitute. Some critics claim that HFCS contributes to weight gain by affecting normal appetite functions. What do you guys know about HFCS? Is it a safe alternative? Is it wrong? Do you think the effects are long term?
  18. I'm just a lazy bastard... that's all. Ok I fully read it! haha I get it. I LOVE IT!
  19. Ok.. I dunno what's wrong with me today. I don't get it? So basically this article says that those who are religious and spiritual technically have some sort of brain damage?
  20. Hey! Thanks for the support! Anyone stay near L.A.? You guys should try this amazing Vegan restaurant called "Pure Luck" Whoa! I had the best "carnitas" made out of jack fruit!
  21. It's been a WHILE since I posted on this forums. I think maybe around 7 months or so? I've been on a roller coaster ride. I got laid off July 2009 and ever since then I haven't quite found full time work. It's been very very stressful. I stopped working out completely. It's sad to just admit it. I am however still very Vegan =). It's hard for me to get back in the gym and follow my diet and work out routine if I'm not working or have some sort of routine. Most days I wake up wondering how am I gonna make that weeks money. I can't complaint though.. everyone was sick and I haven't gotten sick and I'm in good spirits. I have not given up! I'm not really sure who here remembers me. Either way I wanted to say hello and let u guys know I will try to make my way back into discussions.
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