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  1. I been away for quite some time. I'm glad so many people are contributing to my post. Thanks. I told you guys this was a sensitive issue and that I wasn't trying to take shots at anyone in particular. Call me old fashioned, call me an anarchist or whatever but I'm not all on board this "go green and organic" corporate ploy. I call bullshit. first of all I'm highly skeptical of anything on billboards, commercials and other marketing campaigns telling me to do stuff. I watched that movie FOOD Inc. the other day, great movie but It really annoyed me how that organic yogurt CEO guy was talking about how its good to sell to Wal-Mart and that it shouldn't matter what they "represent" he said something along the lines of "as long as you get your product of their shelves you are changing the world and the way people eat" or some B.S. crap like that. Meanwhile Im thinking, Wal-Mart doesn't allow their workers to join Unions and they have a horrid record with their employees pay, benefits and holidays. LAME
  2. I was watching a documentary on google videos about that. It also had some Canadian Farmers that got sued by some big seed company? It talked about corn subsidiaries? Does this Documentary ring a bell to anyone? I forgot the name =(
  3. Thanks for the comments and I identify with some of your experiences. I believe that Vegetarianism and Veganism has a better shot at curing the worlds hunger ills. But It's been hi-jacked as this snobby, wealthy diet/life style by most western civilization that it turns people away from it. How many lower class/working class people do you know that are a part of PETA for example? I feel that people who are better off financially have an inclination to feel more compassion for farm animals than for their less fortunate fellow human beings.
  4. Thank you. It's a travesty, shows you how backwards our society is. Lots of people in developing countries eat organic and fresh foods as long as free trade is not flooding their food chain or springing up Super Wal-Mart centers like it happened in my town in Mexico. Also remember that the U.S. subsidizes its 4 main GMO crops (Cotton, Soy Beans, Wheat and Corn) this destabilizes farming and the markets.
  5. This is a very broad and sensitive issue. Let me make this clear; I'm not implying that all Vegans and people on a healthy/organic diet are all upper class nor that I have animosity towards people who are better of financially. Now that I cleared that up let me tell you guys about my observations on a personal level. I never realized how fortunate I was to grow up in a farm community. from age 4 to age 12 We got all of our food from farmers markets or from our neighbors. It was a very natural thing to me to walk down the street and stand 20 mins watching "Mr. Garcia" milk me a half gallon of milk while I waited. Go to my backyard to get eggs from our hens. Walk a few yards and throw stones at the walnut trees and watch them fall down and eat them. On Sundays head down to the main street as locals would set up their different produce. My brother was the one who told me "you grew up eating organic and did you ever see a label or did they ever try to sell you status?" I was shocked. Because that's more than half of the people I see inside a whole foods. Pulling up in their Mercedes Benz patting themselves on the back for buying organic and "saving the planet" at the same time. People bringing their own bag, the bags even have logos and messages about "saving the earth" My grandma and mom have been bringing their own bags before it was "the hip thing to do." Everywhere you look in an upper middle class neighborhood there you have it, a Whole Foods to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside and an expensive sometimes even overpriced Vegan/organic restaurant is right down the street flush with high end stores. But I travel a few blocks down the street and I end up in the low income communities. Where there is no whole foods, no healthy restaurants or no one trying to make you "go green" these people have to settle for conventional, GMO packed cheap shit for food. They lack the resources and finances to spend a little extra for the organic/healthier foods. I'm looking at this and It's just unfair. I love my new health consciousness and vegan diet. I really do. But it seems that in America and maybe other 1st world countries organic produce and healthy food alternatives have been high jacked by corporate greed and reserved exclusively for those with the $$$ to get it and with that comes that new status of "conscious and green consumerism" Many claim that people should vote with their money and go for companies that are environmentally friendly and responsible but they fail to realize that the majority of us can't vote because our pockets are empty. Which leads me to this quote that I love: No matter how green we make our life styles, capitalism is not sustainable. Why 'consumer activism' will never work. you need money to vote, and those are the sectors with the least desire for real change.
  6. That exactly what I'm doing. My last 3 work outs were 30 mins to 40 mins and I did more weight than I usually do and less reps 8 to 10. As opposed of before doing 15 to 20 reps 4 sets. I'm also not running every work out. Every time I go to the gym I run 1-2 miles. I'm cutting that down to twice a week. I'm also eating a lot. Let's see how this goes 33 days to go! My goal is 10lbs in 35 days.
  7. Yup I do. I change it up all the time. Then you should really should just be getting tired of tortillas. But I want something that sticks together, holds all that food. that's not a bowl! haha
  8. I gotta admit. I've slacked for 3 weeks. I've only been to the gym 6 or 7 times and did half ass work outs. and I had a few beers one of those weekends. I've gone back to the gym this week, and picking up speed again. I'm gonna order the powder stuff from the website, Today my neighbor told me I looked too skinny and it pissed me off! That's it!!!! I'm gonna gain the muscle and weight.
  9. very interesting! you always seem to bail me out! thanks a bunch
  10. Hey guys! Thanks for your replies. The elbow the hurts a bit is left one. i feel a lil pain and numbness near my funny bone.
  11. Hey thanks for giving me your 2 cents on my situation. Im gonna go with the supplements. But I do think is more my life style like you pointed out.
  12. So I work on a computer I would say 8 to 12 hours a day, and if Im not on my computer doing my work and music I'm holding a bulky Canon 5d pro camera. (remember I said I had skinny wrist?) the last couple of weeks I've started to noticed a slight pain on my elbow and the numbness, that goes from there to my pinky finger and sometimes my ring, index and middle finger. From what I read on line it means I either have carpal tunnel syndrome or a Vitamin b12 deficiency, and being Vegan and all I can see that as a high probable cause. Any ideas? Suggestions? similar stories? thanks.
  13. I love tofu scramble, however Im guess Im looking for something that would stick food together like scramble eggs do.
  14. I don't know about making a smoothie out of left overs... Hmm I guess nothing beats a good ole' omelette.
  15. Ok! I do love Burritos! who doesn't? BUT! I'm becoming a bit bored with them. When I was a vegetarian and when I ate meat, omelettes were like a life saver, specially with left overs. I would just beat 2 or 3 eggs and voila! It's easy and its on the go type of meal. Now as a vegan I have to resort to burritos or tacos to make something fast. I was wondering if theres anything else out there that does not involved making a pita, taco, burrito or sandwich. Is there?
  16. this stuff feels great in my face! thanks so much! the scent reminds me of the tea we used to wash our eyes with in Mexico, when I was growing up. Do you recommend a good lotion for the face?
  17. thanks for the feedback everybody. I don't have anything severe nor acne. just get the 2 or 3 stubborn pimples every couple of weeks. I didn't have this problem before. I will look into drinking more water and try those products.
  18. I'm 27 years old and ever since I turned 20 or 21 I noticed that I my breakouts went down dramatically. I also started using this facial wash by Gillette in 2003 that worked the best for me. from 2003 to 2008 I rarely experience any breakouts. However Gillette discontinued the product in late 2007. All of 2008 I was a vegetarian and this year a Vegan so far I've noticed that the last 5 months I been breaking out more often than usual. I was wondering if you guys think is because of my vegan diet? Could it be? I am eating more peanuts, cashews, and avocados than usual. I hope I'm not coming off as ignorant, but all my life I heard that peanuts and other nuts make you break out. could this be it? Any ideas? or recommendations?
  19. Is good to hear so many stories similar to mine. I have to admit. I know very little about proper calorie intake. I honestly want to stay vegan. And this only encourages me more. thanks a lot. and I appreciate any more stories. thanks!
  20. how can I explain this? I am pretty thin. I want bulk up. But I still have some of my beer belly and love handles left over. everything else is proportioned. does that make sense?
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