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  1. I became vegan in May of 2005 after working at a Fast Food Restaurant for several years, and becoming very disgusted with what I saw. There have been numerous changes in my life after almost 7 years of veganism, and I've had lots more energy than I've had in the past. - I lost weight around my mid section, and had a 6 pack for the first time in my life by the end of the Summer, 2005. - I've gotten very much into gardening, food production, and trying to make better produce more readily available at lower costs. - While I've always loved fruits and vegetables, being vegan opened my eyes to so many fruits and veggies I've never really tried or appreciated. - I've gained a major appreciation for food, everything from cooking to raw foods, seasonal and local. - I've gained the Superhero ability of inspiring people around me to eat more fruits and vegetables. (okay, not Superhero, but it's still cool) - Most importantly, I've made friends in all corners of the world, and have networked with so many amazing people doing so many incredible things.
  2. You might want to try splitting up your muscle groups to allow more recovery time. I usually will do something like a "push" workout (Triceps, chest, shoulders, mostly bench work and dips), a "pull" workout (more biceps and back, curls/pullups, bent over rows, etc), and a leg workout. That way you can pound on each muscle group more and give them more time for recovery. It works REALLY well for me because I typically schedule a leg workout before a day off, so that if I'm too sore to walk around a do a lot, it's not that big a deal. Good luck.
  3. I think I heard about one a few years ago, but I'm not entirely sure. Lentils are always good on their own though too.
  4. I would suggest adding any kind cardio to your workout routine, and upping your calories a bit if you feel you need to. At my height I was never the biggest guy, but I was always really cut by keeping active, and never had to really monitor my calories at all (which works for me because I have a near-legendary appetite). Good luck to you.
  5. You can definitely find some online for a fair price, but I find total calories and protein from foods tend to be a lot cheaper anyway. You could always drink water, then a smoothie (with or without protein) after a workout to get hydrated and your glycogen levels back up, then eat a meal afterwards as well.
  6. That looks pretty solid. The first time I read through I misread "filler" for "fiber" and thought "What's the matter with fiber?"
  7. Welcome to the forums, Didi! The amount of food you might be eating (in addition to what you're eating) could be part of the bloating problem too.
  8. Welcome! It's nice to have you here.
  9. I pressure cook all of my beans except for lentils (I find they don't seem to save that much time in the PC, but that's just me). As for them destroying proteins, I don't really know about that. I can't really imagine it altering them anymore than straight boiling would, as it's not that much higher of a temperature, and because you're still only using water (as opposed to vegetable oils, coal/some other charring method), I can't really imagine undesirable compounds forming while they cook. I say keep pressure cooking.
  10. Sure is, but that's cool by me. 9/3/2011 South Carolina was great and it was great to see my family again. I started lifting weights with my little brother and kept at it when I got back to Texas, my everything is sore right about now. I haven't been running much, but started riding my roommate's bike around the neighborhood instead. It's a sporadic schedule, and like I said, I'm still doing cardio, so I don't have a set goal really, and I'm looking to either find a gym or throw down with my roommates on more exercise equipment, but I can already tell I'm adding weight back on, and that's cool with me. I've also been giving one of my roommates some simple massages and my forearms and starting to look like Mini-Robert's. My diet has been consisting of tons of homemade burritos (consisting of a wide variety of vegetables including carrots, potatoes, onions, eggplant, peppers, spinach, kale, pinto/black/garbanzo beans, and topped with salsa or homemade hummus...mmm...hummus), some whole wheat pasta (can't wait for my tomatoes to come in so I can start making my own sauce), lots of bananas and plums, lots of water and kombucha, but I really need to start growing wheat grass again to get back on the "juice" (get it? ).
  11. I was born there and lived there until 1995 (about 10 years pre-vegan). I know there's a LOT of vegan friendly places around the city (We Philadelphians love our food), but I've been there for maybe a day since going vegan. If I'm ever there though I'll have to look you up.
  12. I invested $40 in a pressure cooker about 3 years ago (mostly for beans, but it does other stuff pretty well), and that thing has paid for itself so many times over. I cook a large batch, drain them in a colander, then put them in a tupperware in the freezer. When I want to eat them, simply pop open the top, pour some warm water in and they break apart and reboil in a couple minutes.
  13. Philadelphia - Born Pike County - Northeast PA (The only county PA that's a suburb of NYC) North Houston - All Suburbs, about 10 miles from the city Austin - Currently residing, living in the city.
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