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  1. You two should make a TV show about being roommates, bodybuilders, and fighting crime.
  2. Pre workout: Trance (anything, from anyone) Post workout: New-age, Sounds of Nature type music.
  3. I'm like that, except I never eat fast food (I worked at a Wendy's for 5 years, can you blame me?), and when I was down at Wildwood over the summer I ate banana's from a Wawa while my friend's ate fast food (Topher, missing the East Coast yet? )
  4. Right now I just finished a period of "Bulking up", and put on about 10 pounds in about the past 7 weeks. I just started to cut my calories today, and jogged (at a pretty strenuous pace) 2 miles. I'm only around 1,800 calories for the day, and I'm pretty much done eating, but I was wondering what a good range to stick to is? At the time of this writing I'm 175 pounds (post-bulking), and today I managed to get about...120 grams of protein, I'm just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a good number to try to aim for each day? Thanks, Ed
  5. I train in my basement, where I have 3 Olympic bars that are between 45 - 55 lbs each, about 900 pounds of weights, and I can do dips and incline pushups on a thing my father got me (Anyone familiar with "The Rack"?). I can train at the college gym too, which is free, but a lot of people use it, terrible music, none of my friends want to lift, as they always have to do schoolwork, etc. etc.
  6. I'm not big enough for people to think I'm on steroids (after 2 months of training, I've gone from 165 to 175 though, but I'm yet to "cut" and define it, so it'll drop again), but I hate the idea of them. Seriously, if bodybuilding is a hobby for you, what is the point of taking a pill/needle/whatever then? If it's the natural food and lifting weights and drinking a protein shake, why wouldn't you just do that? That's what I do, anyway...
  7. I know how you feel, I'm up at 4:45 am for work, which takes away from my time. It doesn't allow me to sleep as much as I'd like (since I want to aim for about 7 hours with my weight training). School and work have to be the biggest obstacles in my training, as I'm sure they can be for almost anyone else who does both and lifts. I don't even think it's the number of hours I work and attend school, I just think it's the worst hours of the day to sit still at a desk. I love working out in the late morning/early morning, and I hate having to carry more food than books in my backpack.
  8. Mine is my user name as well, Odidnetne, feel free to message me, but like stated before, just let me know that you're from here. I often get too many messages from people who refuse to identify themselves, and normally block them.
  9. The funny part Topher, is that where I live (60 miles from where you used to live?), I'm right on the border for NY & NJ, so I could go to NY & do it, yeah, I wish Pennsylvania would do that though, I'd love to see more enviornment care here....
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