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  1. I love good old hemp protein (but not specifically hemp protein that's old), vega smoothie infusion or just plain vega. Oh, and Sunwarrior (any flavor).
  2. I hate this question and usually when I'm asked it, I accuse them of "wasting my time". Oral sex does not hurt animals, the environment, cause slave labor in the 3rd world, etc. etc. It's just as stupid as asking me "Are animal crackers vegan?"
  3. Maybe it's all the cholesterol that holds our guts in.
  4. I didn't even know there were Catholic virgins like that. Like taking it up the ass isn't going to make God even madder?
  5. At a BBQ a few years ago someone said to me "I know vegetarians who eat chicken" My reply was "No you don't."
  6. That's too bad. He was one of my favorite actors. I watched both Volumes of Kill Bill the day before he died.
  7. Well, with logic like that, I'm sold.
  8. They make organic bagged beans, but it's usually much cheaper to buy from a decent bulk section.
  9. Welcome to the forums. I'm from SEPA (Philadelphia), but now I live near Houston.
  10. Welcome to the forums, it's great to have you here.
  11. Forget the carob, I have Protein and PB, and bananas....and I'm hungry....I'll be back in a little bit.
  12. I was going to say, tempeh isn't plentiful enough for me here in Houston. Welcome to the forums.
  13. One of the articles that I remember reading which demonized Soy was feature on a Far Right website, and blamed the obesity epidemic on tofu and soymilk (because the bean isn't fermented, but it is fermented in tempeh). Meanwhile, back in reality, Tofu, Tempeh and Soymilk will never kill you (unless you're deathly allergic to soy), but I think a combination other beans and grains serve as a better base or staple for the vegan diet. As for protein powders, I prefer organic hemp or sunwarrior, if you can find organic soy protein powder and want it, go for it.
  14. My fault, I didn't know you had a workout log going. You could also add beans (Black, Red Kidney, or Pinto) to that cup of brown rice that you have listed at 9.00 am.
  15. What are you eating outside of supplements? You should post a sample menu of what you have, and we can probably help you if something's "missing" from there (which it might be). How much do you sleep also?
  16. I'm not sure you can find an actual answer to that question. Companies only have to put the amount physically present in the food, but everyone counts calories based on that system, and there are plenty of people here who bulk with a lot of beans, so you can't lose *that* much protein, right?
  17. The only difference in blood types is the combination of antigens (Blood Type O has anti-A and anti-B antigens, which is why O type can't receive anything but O (Type A has B antigens, B has A antigens), and the +/- part deals with proteins (people who are negative lack said proteins), and so people with (Type) Positive can receive positive or negative blood, where as people with Negative types will reject the proteins on positive blood. Blood Types De-mystified, Laughable Diet Debunked.
  18. Indeed, tortillas have that magic property of being able to roll many great things into one. Tortillas are a physical representation of when people want to "combine" and or "Roll it all into one".
  19. I'm coming home to PA next month, and I talked to chrisjs about meeting up in NJ when I'm home, and we agreed getting some sort of meet up going would be really cool. I'm not getting back to PA until approx. June 21st or 22nd, so this gives us a little less than a month to plan something, and I figure with enough notice we have plenty of time to get something good going, all I need is community interest. Who's in?
  20. Send me a private message and I'll give you my number. I live in The Woodlands, 15 miles North of Houston on I-45.
  21. A good food to throw in the mix for you would be any kind of hot cereal also. They're cheap, easy to prepare, and are really satisfying.
  22. Because hunger is triggered by your body seeking nutrients. People who are overweight usually have a diet consisting of food of little nutritional value, which is why things like Chinese food have so many calories, but you're hungry again in an hour.
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