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  1. Yup I do. I change it up all the time. Then you should really should just be getting tired of tortillas.
  2. Do you prefer carob? I think it's okay, but whoever suggested that stuff as a replacement for chocolate was smoking something.... Not really, but I do have bananas, carob powder, a freezer and a food processor, so I *could* make similar ice cream without leaving my apartment.
  3. Lucky you for having the right combination of antigens, antibodies and proteins on your blood to be veg. For the record though, I'm O+ too.
  4. I don't have cocoa powder handy, but I *DO* have some carob powder....
  5. Welcome to the forums. You should post a sample menu of what you're currently eating, you might have hit a metaphorical brick wall in terms of your calorie consumption, it would explain a plateau. Welcome again.
  6. PROTEIN! Being vegan I don't get enough. In all seriousness though, B-12 is really nice (that's the only vitamin (in pill form)) that I really take, but I suppose a good vegan complex would be okay too.
  7. Funny you should mention that. Dave and I were talking about the movie earlier today. He said it's worth a rent, so maybe when it's available I'll find it.
  8. The entire theory is ridiculous, most people have O type blood (myself included) and I've been running fine for 4 years on a vegan diet. The lack of antigens (The tiny "receptors" on blood which tells it whether or not it's a match or a reject) have nothing to do with breaking down food or nutrients, so you're safe on a vegan diet. By the way, welcome to the site.
  9. Rob should take a video of himself saying "I can't believe it's not Earth Balance." before that hair goes away.
  10. Welcome to the forums.
  11. Do you make your own burritos though? Changing up what you wrap in the tortilla can help your boredom too.
  12. 5/27/2009 Worked for about 2 hours, then came down to Tomball, TX to hang out with my Vegan partner in crime Dave B (aka Dave Vs. Robzilla), ate some good food and I'm having a really enjoyable day after getting over that stomach virus which seemed to last about a week in my system, things have definitely been looking up. Tomorrow marks my 4th Veganniversary too, yay!
  13. Nope, they REALLY put cocaine in the original recipe lol. They used to use coca cola as a remedy for headaches and stuff. I wasn't entirely sure, though it makes sense as I believe cocaine prohibition didn't begin until the 20th century.
  14. I stopped lifting for a while also, but I decided that I like being thinner anyway and prefer sticking to the cardio and things like that. How have you been though, Gorilla?
  15. I usually stick to a high raw diet, though after the stomach virus I just dealt with I had to eat a lot of rice cakes/toast/oatmeal to keep the food down, but I had a banana for breakfast this morning.
  16. Oh how I love camera affects. Sunwarrior does make a difference with photoshopping skills though.
  17. Welcome to the forums.
  18. This is just like the 3 parts per billion THC found in hemp protein. Interestingly enough, coca-cola used to have cocaine in it originally (I think in the 19th century, or perhaps it wasn't cocaine, and was this non-psychoactive alkaloid they were referring to).
  19. How tall are you, by the way? Looking good, I definitely noticed some size difference in the second set of pictures. Keep up the good work.
  20. I was downloading the episodes as they came out for a while (no cable), but I haven't been as of recently. I've seen every episode up until the end of 4 and then about the first 5 episodes of season 5.
  21. 5/22 I'm feeling a lot better today. I was able to get the night off last night and was able to eat about 7 pieces of toast (the only thing that would stay down), but now that all that food stayed down, I'm thinking I'll be completely normal by tomorrow. The big test today will be to see if I can hold down some salad and fruit. My biggest problem has been that I can't hold down food. If I can't eat I can't really nourish myself (outside of sips of water and rest), so I really needed for my appetite to come back first.
  22. 5/21 Ugh, I've had a stomach virus for the past 3 days now, and it's impossible to keep down much food. I haven't been working out with weights, and have just been walking as much as necessary. This is the 4th stomach virus I've had too since I moved to Texas, I'm starting to think the water quality might not be as good as back home...
  23. When John Robbins was releasing "Healthy at 100", I found a 90 minute talk he gave to an audience at a Veg Fest (I think?), I'd say at least 75% of it was about plant based diets and the effect food has on society. Not technically a movie, but I really liked it.
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