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  1. Wow...just...wow...as though getting your stuff and walking for the door doesn't insinuate guilt?
  2. Welcome to the forums. Nice to have you here.
  3. I've made post workout shakes with soymilk, frozen berries, bananas, spoonful of PB, handful of rolled oats, and some hemp protein. Works out really well and tastes great.
  4. Ugh, but to stop at a Taco Bell for your last burrito before becoming someone's girlfriend? What a shame, so many better places.
  5. I remember reading that avocados have even more potassium than bananas. I now fear that my overeating of guacamole makes me suffer symptoms like smoother muscle contractions after a workout and a more normal, stable blood pressure. I should get some cookies to balance that out.
  6. I text most of the time anyway, and I don't hold it particularly close to my head when doing so. Interesting though.
  7. Can you still walk well? You could always just walk more places and be able to take in extra calories that way too if you feel the need. I suggest it just because I notice if I'm strict with my diet, it can take some time before I can start really packing away the calories again to bulk (ie I lose my appetite).
  8. I like how that site makes a claim with no source/logic/reason, just a claim.
  9. Did it help your headache at all this time?
  10. Hi Christina, welcome to the forums.
  11. Welcome. Nice to have you here.
  12. You could always try asking Robert *REALLY* nicely...
  13. I just recently met a guy from the military who met Chuck Norris when he took a surprise trip out to Iraq. He said that "He wasn't impressed, primarily because Chuck Norris appears 5'7 in real life, and is 69 years old now." It made me laugh, also because they were told not to grip his hand too hard when shaking his hand.
  14. Oatmeal is great any time of the day, and you can put in a lot of stuff in it for a great extra meal.
  15. 5/12/2009 (Had he still been alive, today would be George Carlin's 72nd birthday) So I'm gaining weight, and it's mostly been muscle. I bought some dumbbells and have been doing chest presses on a makeshift (but safe) bench, curls and some dips. I'm going to post another picture soon, as soon as I'm not on the clock and can go to a store with batteries. :-/ I'm definitely buying rechargeables, my camera eats batteries like I eat clif bars, and this has gotten out of hand. I'm eating a lot more cooked food than when I was back out in AZ, and the first couple of days back, but I'm still feeling really good, and making sure to always eat some form of salad everyday. I want to get out of Texas once my lease is up at the end of year, and move to Portland, this should be fun. I'm saving up for this already, and things are looking okay.
  16. Even if it is getting more "Depressed" in Oregon, I'm still planning on getting out there by November/December. I'd rather be poor in Oregon than poor in Texas still. As for work, I can transfer with my current job, which may be of great help.
  17. Don't you have a boyfriend? I'm just saying... Anyway, breathing exercises are great, simply because you can use them to de-stress anywhere, just breathe deeper, more slowly, through your nose. I've noticed that deep breathing alone is stress reducing, and it does make pain a tad more bearable (In my opinion).
  18. Looking good. Good luck with the tournament and the future bulking.
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