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  1. So when we were all out in AZ at the competition, Jimi got some of this amazing "Black Bean Hummus" which I thought was really good. I ended up searching for recipes on the internet and was able to make some (but my camera's battery was dead, so no picture yet). The recipe is: 1 15 oz can black beans 3 tbsp natural creamy peanut butter 1 tbsp peanut or vegetable oil (I didn't have either. I would have used peanut oil if the jar of PB was new and would have just skimmed it off the top, so I had to use a few tsp's of water in the food processor when the mixture got dry.) Garlic, Fresh squeezed lime, cayenne, chili pepper, salt, pepper to taste. Then put in the peanut butter & oil and slowly add the beans until pureed (takes 1 - 2 minutes), then spice and enjoy.
  2. If you're trying to bulk, I wouldn't worry about putting some kind of limit on them because of the carbohydrates, beans are a great bulk food . Also, if you plan on eating that many nuts/seeds a day, I would space it between 2 meals, just to space out your fat intake a little more (I used to eat far too many nuts/seeds at a time, and I started feeling a lot better once I started spacing it out and cutting down my intake of them a bit).
  3. Does anyone remember VV07 when we hit up that Asian Market and had so many mangoes and young coconuts?
  4. I've never extensively read The Thrive Diet, but I've read his other books, and they're definitely great outlines for a diet. His energy pudding recipe is awesome too.
  5. I don't condone it, and even if it was legal (despite the fact that steroid usage is a Victimless Crime), I can't imagine it would change a lot in sports like BB'ing, since you already have Natural and Professional leagues.
  6. I like animals, but that's not the reason I originally went vegan. Realistically though, I find people are more likely to pay attention to you if you say you do it for health as opposed to animal welfare.
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    Welcome to the forums.
  8. Awesome pictures. L & G has all of mine, so I'm not sure if they've been added.
  9. You should eat some more fruit, and oatmeal, and rice with your beans.
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    Welcome to the forums.
  11. Blah.Blah.Blah."PRO-BAR!"...Blah.Blah.Blah.
  12. how could i forget about that?! playing ff8 right now. I just finished FF8 about a week ago for the first time. Sleeping Eating Swimming in the pool Going for walks Cleaning Roadtrips Rockband
  13. There's a phrase which seems to be common in Texas which sums it up perfectly. "I'm just sayin'..."
  14. What a 5(ish) mile walk in the muggy, swampy, so-hot-out-because-the-sun-and-humidity-joined-forces makes. Anyway, having the day off, I decided to go for a leisurely stroll (being that it was 75 or felt somewhere around there), and so I left my apartment around 3:30 and started walking on trails around town. The Woodlands (The actual town I live in, not Houston) has a lot of nice bike trails which I decided to hike on, however, to get to them from my apartment, you have to walk about 4 blocks of no-sidewalk, and there were school buses and lots of puddles because there was rain (and flooding) here a couple days ago. While I was out it started to get really hot/humid/muggy/whatever other weather related reason that keeps people away from Houston, and so I kept going ahead to a store to get some water, about 1.5 miles away. Once there it was pushing 5, and the sun was *REALLY* coming down, but I bought a gallon of water and took it with me, on the logic that carrying it is exercise, and if I need to "take some weight off", I can take off the cap and rehydrate, and that a gallon of water should be a safe amount to have for the 3 mile walk home (I took the long way). Got home, showered, and now I think I'm going to find some food. Great walk for me, and the bugs who had a field day eating my legs, whatever, I knew what I was getting into.
  15. Who doesn't love smoothies again?
  16. It's good to be back, and it was awesome traveling out there with Dave to go see you and everyone else out in AZ, can't wait until the next time I leave Houston to see more forum members.
  17. I found it at a store 2 miles from my apartment. I'm happy.
  18. 4/30/2009 So after 19 - 20 months of my previous blog not being updated (and the fact that I haven't lived in Pennsylvania for about 19 - 20 months), I've decided to start a new blog/training journal. While being a physically active person, I haven't done much in the way of strength training (outside of some pull ups, push-ups and dips) aside from carrying heavy things at work. I don't know exactly what kind of training I want to do (or even if I'll stick to one particular thing, as I love most forms of exercise), but I plan on taking a picture once a week to see what kind of changes my body goes through as the weeks go on. Whatever my plan ends up being, they all seem that they all start somewhere, a "Before" picture, so I attached one at the bottom. A picture of Me 4/30/2009
  19. When I still had meat cravings at first I ate spicy bean dishes, and the cravings vanished.
  20. I went veg in 10/04, and vegan 5/28/05 (My 4 year mark is less than a month away!), Veg at 19, Vegan at 20, it was primarily for health and environmental reasons, but I've come to encompass the other reasons also over time.
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