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  1. Not necessarily a source, but if you do the presentation and you're in good shape, that helps too, that always helped me out whenever I did a veganism related speech/presentation. Good luck kind sir.
  2. You can also eat that salad later too . One of the greatest advantages to green smoothies (for me anyway) is that I can only eat so much salad, but I can keep drinking it, so it helps for variety.
  3. You did awesome man. I'd tell you in real life, but you're watching a video on your PC.
  4. Oh no he didn't (As I hand Robert an orange): Here you go Rob, a gift, a peace offering. Robert: Awesome, I love peace offerings. Oh no he didn't: Hell yeah, especially when the peace offering is high in Vitamin-C.
  5. Probably no pictures tonight, but they did awesome.
  6. Welcome to the forums, it's nice to have you here.
  7. Anytime I meet another vegan, period. It's been said that "Western Culture is not veg friendly", and to meet another person like me removes some of that alienation that can come with being vegan in non-vegan places.
  8. Judge Judy has had that coming for so many years now.
  9. Odidnetne


    I haven't been to Belmar or Wilkes Barre in a couple years since I moved away from PA, but if I'm ever up there I'll have to hit you up. Welcome to the forums.
  10. I've been listening to a lot of Rush & Phish and other similar Jam/Progressive type stuff, even while working out, despite the fact that it's not "aggresive".
  11. Welcome to the forums, where in NJ do you live? I used to live in PA, but worked/schooled in Newton (Sussex County).
  12. Vitamin B-12 is a good one to take, you can find "vegetarian" friendly capsules at most grocery stores also, other than that, I typically recommend to just follow a nutrition plan most appropriate to your sport/favored type of exercise.
  13. If you see the bottles, give them a try. I used to use the bars, but haven't bought one since I got the liquid soap.
  14. Do you use the bars or the bottle of wash? The bottle of wash lasts me about 2 months and I normally shower twice a day.
  15. Hola. I live in the Houston area too.
  16. This previous year was horrible for a lot of foods, but broccoli has a flavor that you might just need to cover up, I'd suggest almond or peanut butter (seriously).
  17. Dr. Bronner's organic soaps. They're Vegan and lather better than any soap I've ever used in my life.
  18. Most gyms I've worked out at ask for about 30$/month.
  19. I wonder how common a Vit-D deficiency is in the Pacific Northwest due to the rain all the time. Wouldn't that hinder the body's ability to take it in naturally also?
  20. Someone has to get me an I apple local farmers shirt!
  21. ::Sigh:: I leave for one month and the operation falls to shambles, plus a new layout I have to get used to.
  22. It's pretty much all over every website, but he was my favorite comedian, and a lot of things he said had a very positive influence on me in my teen years in terms of questioning authority and thinking for yourself. I'm glad I got to see him in concert 4 years ago, but regret not being able to see him 2 months ago when he was in town. Anybody else sad about this?
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