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  1. again, wow. i'm bad with keeping this stuff up! i'll get more into it next week, as i start a full blown routine. then it'll be much easier to keep consistent. awesome!
  2. well most trainers will tell you to warm up with cardio, do weights, and warm down with cardio... in my experience (as a high school competitive swimmer), i feel like doing a swim workout and then weights gets me better results. how much would you be swimming? cause a full competitive workout after weights would be really draining.
  3. wow... i'm really bad with keeping up with this kinda stuff! well it's the last week of school so i've been studying. freshmen year in high school... anyways. swim practice was awesome today!!! 2 and a half hours, and the extra calories definitely help. thanks to joininvegaz for the tip about eating more, it's working out great. diet was pretty consistent, i've been eating more fruit, i'll post stuff later. if i get to it!
  4. thanks lobsteriffic! it does get intense at times. especially with summer right around the corner, things are going to get intense with me swimming 6 days a week. but it's gonna be good! i'll post what i did later on after my last meal.
  5. Thanks vegangirl2006! it means a lot. so i only swam two hours today, we had to get out because of lightning?? crazy weather here in california. yesterday, i did the same training regimen, same weights. I'll upgrade on the weight later. diet today! 7AM 1 and a half cups of kashi go lean, 2 and a half cups soymilk, banana 9AM builder's bar 12PM 2 slices ezekiel bread (toasted) with peanut butter and strawberries 3PM odwalla protein bar, 1/2 a cup of oatmeal, with 1 apple shredded into it, raisins, and some truvia. yummo. 7PM protein shake, and an apricot and plum 9PM (hasn't happened yet, but will) lotsa lettuce, onion, avacado, seitan, arugula the extra oatmeal and cereal really helped, so i'm going to continue that.
  6. so i didn't end up adding a burrito to my dinner, but i did add an extra bowl of oatmeal and more cereal. it definitely gave me the energy to finish those workouts! yesterday i swam for 2 and a half hours. today i'll be going to the gym again. i haven't been sore in awhile! did i mention my band won the battle of the band comp? pretty sweet. and 150 bucks to go along with it. anyways. i can't remember how many yards i swam yesterday. it was breastroke day. always nice! i'll post my diet and gym stuff later.
  7. I'm thinking i'm going to bump my calories from 2311 up to 3001. is that good? am i getting there? i'd be adding more carbs, oatmeal, more to my breakfast, and adding a burrito to my dinner/last meal. any thoughts? all help is appreciated. thanks!
  8. so i've heard that at a minimum, swimmers can burn up to 500 calories an hour. I'll be swimming 3 and a half hours... so that's like 1750 calories. i need some help on what to do to increase my diet healthily. more carbs? protein? and also when. thanks!
  9. swimming wasn't too good yesterday.... but this morning was much better. i didn't swim for 2 and a half hours like i planned this morning, but the set was hard. i'm still a little sick so hopefully i'll be able to train full on monday. so far, i've eaten some oatmeal and cereal and a banana, really was hungry after last night. felt great working out today, maybe i'll continue this, maybe not. i'm going to work today, and i have a battle of the bands in some rural area. i'm the singer/guitarist/frontrunner, so we'll see what happens. maybe i'll post a video of me singing for ya guys. we have an awesome chance of winning, so that's always nice. i'll keep posting hopefully as the day goes on.
  10. Thanks lohungfung! Yeah, all the stuff i do will hopefully translate into more power in the pool. we'll see what happens! I'm just going to post what i'm eating today and what i'll be doing exercise wise today. I'm currently sick, so no morning practice. I might practice this afternoon, but i'm going to watch a friend's soccer game, so it'll be shorter. Again, i'm sick, and normally i don't like skipping out on swimming or any exercise, but i'm definitely doing less so i can recover a bit. not an excuse, just something that has to be done. bowl of kashi go lean cereal (1 cup) orange, 2 cups soymilk Odwalla bar with a pear (it was so juicy!!!) big bowl of oatmeal with some peanut butter and strawberries mixed in cliff builder's bar protein shake veggies and tofu/seitan We'll see what happens when i swim, i'll just wulf down on food between watching the game and such. I really try to dedicate myself to my workouts and stuff, and i press for it even when i'm sick.
  11. oh yeah. i've been vegan for over a year now, and it's been great. yeah i've always struggled with how many caloriesi need to eat, and whether i can actually eat that much. for now, i'm just going to trial and experiment. if it doesn't look like i'm improving, or if i can't make it through a day, of course i'll eat more, bump up the calories. carbs after workout? i'll see what i can do. i'll be swimming in yard pool over summer, possibly anywhere from 7000 yards a day to 10000 yards a day, along with weights on tuesday, thursday, and sunday.
  12. Today's thursday, and today i didn't swim. Just started the weights. I forgot to mention up there that i do lots of core work, about 400 crunches. I won't go through all the exercises. I do that workout twice a day, once during workout, and once before i sleep. Core body muscles are vital, strong core=good flipturns, stable stroke, etc. Incline Hammer Strength Chest Press 3x12 (no weight yet, just the 14pounds) Standing Pull Downs 3x12 40 pounds Narrow Grip Seated Row 3x12 40 pounds Seated Shoulder Raises 3x12 20 pounds Standing Tricep Press 3x12 15 pounds Seated One Arm Curls 3x12 15 pounds Wide Grip Lat Pull Downs 3x12 55 pounds Step Ups 3x12 not weighted Seated Quad Extensions 3x12 55 pounds Hamstring Curls 3x12 30 pounds Seated Leg Press 3x12 (no weight yet, just tried to get a feel for it) Abs 400 crunches Now i know what you're thinking... High reps trying to get gains??? Well for the first week, i have to start with high reps to get my endurance up, and then i'll decrease the reps and up the weight. I know this sounds all really weak too, but i gotta start somewhere! Don't worry, i'll be a monster when i'm older. As for the diet, i cut out all refined sugar a couple months ago, except for odwalla protein bars and builders bars, which my parents say they want me to continue eating. i follow the eat every 2-3 hours thing to regulate metabolism and help my body become anabolic, etc. i eat between classes and such. I'll post the protein content of everything. Here we go! 7am kashi go lean cereal and 2 cups soymilk, orange (i know kashi go lean has honey, my parents still make me eat it) 28 g 10am odwalla protein bar with fruit, usually pear 15g 12:30pm 2 slices ezekiel bread with peanut butter with fruit on top, 18g 3:30pm builder bar (cliff) 20g 5:30pm super awesome almond banana shake post workout (almond butter, one banana, 4 scoops rice protein, glutamine, {i love glutamine} truvia, almond milk, ice) tastes so good! and some fruit to boot, 56g 8:30pm all my vegetables! 5-6 servings of salad, onions, tomato, avacado for fat, peppers, it really kinda varies, and then some tofu or seitan. 20g That gets me up to about 157g of protein, so that's pretty good. and that's all about 2100 to 2200 calories, which gets me through my day. I'll cheat and eat more fruit or veggies, i eat peanut butter and almond butter and avacado, and olive oil for fat, cereal for carbs to start my day for morning workout swimming of 2 and a half hours, then i eat protein a protein bar right after, rest a bit, and on a training day, i'll go to weights, so i eat another bar right before, switching my 3pm meal with my 12pm one. after proteining it up before weights, after, i'll drink my shake, go to work, ( i lifeguard, did i mention i live in california? ) swim, then eat my sandwich, then rest like no other, eat my last veggie meal, then usually go to bed to do it all again the next day, minus the weights. It took me months to think this through, with no dietician help, just all the help of you guys on the forum! So i can't thank this site enough for helping me achieve my goals at 15 years old. I'll keep this up, maybe post some pics soon.
  13. Here's some explanations. Incline Hammer Strength Chest Press Chest exercises are definitely important for swimming, and breastroke is one of my faster events, so developing the chest is key. My coach has seen way too many injuries from traditional benching as well. Standing Pull Downs Not only is training the back important, but this exercise increases the power of the underwater pulldown after a dive in breastroke, a super important first step that can make or break a race. Narrow Grip Seated Row My main event is backstroke, so it's another one to train up those muscles. BACK ATTACK! Seated Shoulder Raises Shoulders are one of those in between groups. They're important for swimming, but not as important as others. Still, it's great to train in order to get a well rounded physique. Standing Tricep Press This also emphasizes the pulldown, and trains the biggest part of the arm. Seated One Arm Curls Bicep curls... pretty standard. not much to say there. Wide Grip Lat Pull Downs yet another to train that back! these ones are seated, and almost mimics the first part of the butterfly stroke. while butterfly is one of my weakest strokes, (one i only swim in the individual medley, where you swim one lap of each stroke) if you keep a consistent and fast pace, since it is the first lap, it won't take a toll on my race, and i can come back with the other strokes. Step Ups Not weighted, just to warm up my legs for the next set of exercises. Seated Quad Extensions Quadriceps aren't as important in the long axis strokes like freestyle and backstroke, but in the asymmetrical stokes, butterfly and breastroke, they are the most vital. In the dolphin kick, for streamlines (applying to freestyle and backstroke) and butterfly, the kick is initiated here. You're fastest off the wall in a streamline and off the blocks into a streamline, so dolphin kick is crucial, and you have to develp quads. Quads are the main muscle group for the breastroke kick as well. Hamstring Curls Good hamstrings make better legs. Straight forward and simple. Seated Leg Press All turns, whether open, or flipturns, require you to be powerful off the wall. Leg pressing is almost identical to pushing off the wall after doing a turn, so it's a well rounded exercise. I hope this provided a little more insight why i'm not doing the traditional exercises like most other people on the forum. I'll give you guys a look on the swimmer lifestyle if ya want. again, open to any advice. Official food log and training log is next!
  14. Hey all, it's graham. i'm a 15 year old vegan and it's time to add some muscle mass! I've been on this site awhile now, and i want to thank all of you for support, motivation, and i've been loading up on facts and everything. this site is a wealth of knowledge, and i hope that after everything i've read, that i'm finally doing it right. I'm a competitive swimmer. I started out three months ago at 125 and 5"10. Pretty lean, good stuff. I'm now 5''11 and 135. In three months i gained 10 pounds of all muscle without doing weights at all. So one point i want to hit on is swimming is definitely awesome at keeping you lean. I'm still growing though, so i doubt that most people will get the same result (gaining 10 pounds with almost no visible fat, almost a decrease!). Anyways, my coach decided that i should start adding muscle mass not only to increase strength, power, and get a better physique, but to enhance my performance in the pool. All the exercises that we came up with (with the help of jason lezak, olympic swimmer) translate into the pool. We do lots of back exercises since my main stroke is backstroke, core work, chest for my next best stroke, breastroke, and of course other exercises for individual medley. I gotta be versatile. I'll explain all of them below. Now you might notice a lot of it isn't pumping iron (like the vegan brothers in iron ) but machine work. This is because the chance of injury doing traditional mass gaining exercises outweighs the gains, in terms of pool work. Besides, i need to still stay lean, just add enough muscle mass to get me faster. It's not about the physique for me, more about my times. But again, the traditional mass gaining exercises, like squats, deadlifts, and cleans, all put too much stress on the key joints for swimming, so we avoid these. But i'm doing other stuff too! All the cardio i'm doing will keep me lean, and the weights will get me muscley too. I train for about 3 and a half hours every day (morning practice is 2 and a half hours, afternoon is 1 hour) and weights every other day. I'll post my eating log and training log below, with explanations of each exercise. Feel free to post any advice, etc. I'm only 15, so i'm always open to something new. Thanks so much VBBF!
  15. Most of them are machines, that's true, but my coach said that the major muscle building exercises put a little too much stress on the knees and back, i.e. squats, deadlifts, and cleans. While good for bulking up, they can cause injury. Translate that into the pool, and you get slower, which is not my goal. Thanks for the advice though! i'm starting as soon as may hits, so we'll see what happens!
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