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  1. Dynamic Effort Upper Body

    Future Method Bench (red bands)


    9 x 3 x 70 kg

    In 5 minutes.


    Wide Grip Bench

    3 x 8 x 90 kg

    Rather short breaks.


    Band Tricep Extension


    4 x 10 x blue band

    Very short breaks.


    Bent Over DB Rear Delts

    5 x 10 x 7,5 kg

    5 breaths between sets.


    Narrow Grip Pendlay Row

    3 x 6 x 90 kg


    Time: 48 minutes

    What a pump session! Haven't trained this aggressively in a long time. Feeling like a cloud now, a cloud drenched in sweat.

    Meanwhile, outside the world is coming to an end. Sounds like the twilight of the thunder god:

  2. Thursday:

    Max Effort Upper Body

    Future Method Bench (red bands)


    3 x 130 kg

    2 x 135 kg

    Almost back to old numbers (best = 1 x 140 kg).


    Seated Klokov Press


    6 x 60 kg

    3 x 12 x 40 kg



    BB Shrug


    3 x 10 x 170 kg

    Fucking heavy.


    Band Tricep Extension

    3 x 30 x red band

    Messed up by forgetting to do some heavy tricep work earlier. So I did this to just do something, at least.

  3. Tuesday

    GPP @ AC Soest

    Back Attack


    3 x 10 x 100 kg

    10 breaths or so between sets.


    Machine Leg Curl


    5 or 6 x 30 kg ?

    3 x 10 x 20 kg ?

    Don't remember. But short breaks.


    Wide Parallel Grip Lat Pulldown


    3 x 8 x 70 kg ?

    Or so I believe.


    Cable Tricep Extension

    3 x 15 x 30 kg

    Very short breaks. This is actually the full stack on that cable tower


    Ab Wheel (on toes)

    3 x 5

    Again, short breaks.


    Time: 40 minutes or so

  4. Won't log the filler trainings, just don't have the time.

    Started the new cycle on monday:

    Max Effort Lower Body

    Sumo Concentric GM


    1 x 120 kg

    1 x 130 kg

    1 x 135 kg equal PB

    1 x 140 kg PB

    1 x 142,5 kg PB


    Good Morning


    3 x 6 x 120 kg


    Weighted Glute Ham Sit Up


    5 x 10 x 35 kg


    Weighted Glute Ham Raise


    3 x 8 x 5 kg


    Stretching after this. It was awful, just excruciating. I hope this stuff works.

  5. Conventional Deadlift


    1 x 170 kg

    1 x 200 kg

    1 x 210 kg

    On the one hand, just 5 kg below my PB. On the other, I lifted this like a warm up and without warm up 2 months ago like nothing. I may have been able to pull 220 kg this way or even 230. But still, this is not as bad as the other lifts went.


    Hips with Doubled Bands

    3 x 5 x 2 red bands



    Inverse Curl

    3 x 6 x bw


    Side Plank

    3 x 1 minute per side

    Nonstop. Swimming in sweat.


    First of a set of filler trainings. In about 8 days, I'll start the new/old routine.

    Just in time for that, this sweet baby will be released (aaaaaw yeaaaaah!)

  6. The Plan for july & august

    Monday - ME Lower Body

    1) 1-3RM squat/deadlift/good morning variation

    2) Good Morning variation

    3) Hamstrings

    4) Straight abs

    5) Glutes, if possible

    6) Inner thighs (optional)


    Tuesday - GPP @ Soest

    1) Back Attack

    2) Hamstrings

    3) Lats

    4) Tris

    5) Abs

    6) Quads (optional. don't wanna kick it out to still train then a bit but it's now the lowest priority)

    A lot of stuff to do, will have to train faster. Should help my crap conditioning though.


    Thursday - ME Upper Body

    1) 1-3RM pressing movement

    2) Heavy tris

    3) Shoulder (focus: front delts)

    4) Lats

    5) Prehab


    Friday - DE Lower Body

    1) DE squat variation

    2) DE deadlift variation

    3) Hamstrings

    4) Erectors

    5) Side abs

    6) Hips


    Freitag - GPP @ Soest

    1) Lats

    2) Tris

    3) Hamstrings

    4) Back Attack

    5) Abs

    6) Quads (optional)

    Just switched up the order a bit, to have more focus on upper body on one day and lower body the other day.


    Sonntag - DE Upper Body

    1) DE bench variation

    2) Heavy chest

    3) Tris

    4) Shoulder (focussing on posterior delts)

    5) Traps

    6) Prehab



    Additionally, the friendly physio from my group of crazy powerlifters has recommended this

    Thrice a day, 3 sets per side, 30 seconds each time. Equals 45 minutes of stretching. Believe you me, I have never done any kind of stretching more painful than this.

  7. So I maxed out on monday and it was fucking awful.


    In short:

    170 kg squat, then 185 kg fail

    125 kg bench, then 132,5 kg fail (this was actually as expected, so it's okay)

    210 kg deadlift fail, then 210 kg deadlift, then 230 kg deadlift fail


    This went so entirely and most of all unexpectedly bad that I was in actual psychological shock for a few hours after the session. I just could not believe it. My training was going well and I made some kind of progress, so I expected to at least be as strong as I was 2 months ago.


    While bad atmosphere when training, mindfuck during maxing out, nutrition and just exhaustion from the festival on the weekend before may be minor factors, I have ruled them out as major factors, simply because my bench actually went up. The most important mistakes must have been made during programming. In short, I focussed on my inner thighs, hips and quads like hell and made them a priority but had to neglect back and hamstring work because of it. In consequence my legs may look better than ever before, in fact, I think I look quite massive but I fail to even lift my warm up weights. Conclusion: back to the roots, posterior chain = main priority


    (needless to say, I was DEVASTATED for some time because of this. it was just so unexpected. usually when I lose strength, there is an obvious reason and I know I won't perform before I even try. this just baffled me)

  8. Repetition Effort Whole Body

    Wide Grip Bench

    3 x 10 x 90 kg


    Band Tricep Extension


    3 x 10 x green band

    + dropsets: 10 x blue band, 10 x red band


    Band Face Pull

    3 x 12 x red band


    Barbell Shrug


    3 x 10 x 160 kg


    Hips with Bands

    5 x 10 x blue band


    Short on time, so supersetting here and there.

    Left out 3 movements, so I could eat before I had to leave.


    Technical Death Metal meets Opeth meets Allan Holdsworth. Best part (second song) after 9:10 <3


  9. GPP @ AC Soest

    Back Attack


    3 x 10 x 100 kg


    Close Grip Lat Pull


    3 x 15 x 80 kg


    Overhead DB Tricep Extension

    5 x 20 x 10 kg


    Leg Extension Machine


    2 x 8 x 120 kg PB

    10 x 120 kg PB


    Weighted Plank


    60 sec x 50 kg


    Max Effort Lower Body (continued)

    Sumo Bent Over Good Morning


    5 x 10 x 145 kg


    Adductors with Bands

    5 x 20 x green band & blue band


    Glute Ham Raise

    4 x 15 x bw


    Weighted Glute Ham Sit Up


    5 x 10 x 25 kg

  10. So I wanted to gain mass and just get strong no matter how fat I would get.

    No dietary restrictions, just eat whenever hungry etc.

    Well, just had a few very hard lower body sessions and it seems like the 4-6 pack is back.

    Not really complaining but this was unexpected



  11. Dynamic Effort Upper Body

    Speed Bench


    9 x 3 x 75 kg



    Wide Grip Bench

    2 x 10 x 90 kg

    4 x 90 kg + dropset 3 x 80 kg

    Just shy of failure. Short breaks.


    Band Tricep Extension


    3 x 8 x green band

    + dropsets: 8 x blue band, 8 x red band

    Just shy of failure. Short breaks.


    Band Face Pull

    3 x 10 x red band


    Barbell Shrug


    3 x 8 x 160 kg

    + dropsets: 10 x 110 kg, 10 x 60 kg

    Short breaks.


    Time: <60 minutes

  12. DE Lower Body

    Paused Front Squat + red bands


    9 x 2 x 65 kg


    Sumo Speed Pull


    10 x 1 x 130 kg

    20-30 sec between sets.


    Hips with Bands

    5 x 10 x red band

    Starting again with low tension. Then using more every week to see how far I can go. Would really love to do something else but since I got no abductor/hip machine, I'll just have to make do.


    Inverse Curl (6 plates ~ 30° incline)

    3 x 5 x bw


    Side Plank

    2 x 1 minute per side



    Forgot to isolate the ass

  13. Stretching

    3 minute hamstring stretch

    6 minute groin stretching

    2 minute hip flexor stretch per side


    Max Effort Upper Body

    6 cm Board Press


    3 x 120 kg

    3 x 125 kg

    3 x 130 kg

    1 x 135 kg PB

    Could all be PBs, i have no idea.


    Close Grip 24 cm Board Press


    5 x 10 x 110 kg

    Short breaks. Too big a board. With normal grip there would have been no ROM

    Still killed my triceps and pecs good.


    Bottom Half ROM Shoulder Press


    5 x 10 x 60 kg

    Short breaks.


    Underhand Grip Barbell Row


    3 x 10 x 80 kg

    Quite strict. Short breaks.


    Time: 82 minutes

  14. Max Effort Lower Body (continued)

    Sumo Bent Over Good Morning


    5 x 10 x 140 kg in 10 minutes

    Damn! Dat be hard! On the system and the erectors.


    Adductors with Bands

    5 x 20 x green band

    10 sec between sets. Wanted to start again light, so I could get in more volume without cheating.


    Weighted Glute Ham Sit Up


    5 x 10 x 20 kg

    10 sec between sets. Quad-failure xD


    Glute Ham Raise

    3 x 15 x bw

    15 sec between sets. Madness!



    Time: 43 minutes

  15. Max Effort Lower Body

    Sumo Block Pull (6,5 cm)


    1 x 230 kg

    1 x 235 kg

    1 x 240 kg

    1 x 245 kg

    1 x 240 kg miscalculated, shoulda been 250

    1 x 245 kg and this shoulda been 255

    1 x 250 kg equal PB

    255 kg fail

    Result was disappointing. Was hoping to do 260. However, I usually don't do nearly as many sets, so I could imagine that leading to this result. 7 sets at 90% and above is a lot. At least this was good volume.


    Had already trained 90 minutes at that point and it was 10pm, which meant I had to stop anyway (stupid neighbour...), so I pushed the rest back to today.


    And finally, a few videos. Speed work from monday and then all the deadlift working sets:

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