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  1. Thanks man. Sure: When I see food, I eat it. I don't count calories anymore but my intake should range from 2500 to 4000. I eat when I'm hungry and don't when I'm not. Very little fruit and greens because I cannot afford those (as a uni student in Germany I actually have less money than people living off the state ^^ ), mostly pasta, muesli, peanuts and one or two cheat meals per day. I'm a lazy bastard and can't be bothered to do anything creative in the kitchen. Other than that I'll have the occasional protein shake just to be sure. In short: food when hungry. Simple stuff with enough calories. 1 shake a day. 1 or 2 cheat meals per day.
  2. DE Lower Body Paused Front Squat + red bands warmup 9 x 2 x 60 kg Sumo Speed Pull warmup 14 x 1 x 120 kg in 6 minutes Very good practise. Opening up those hips really well. Picturing Belyaev's lifting in my head while doing it. I like this technique.
  3. I was on German TV, recently. It's pretty much in German. So those not speaking it can only enjoy the images. And maybe get an impression what German sounds like, if you don't yell NAZI SCHNITZEL, SCHMETTERLING!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f22zYoxgwQM
  4. Thanks. I am not really satisfied, last meet's results were far below my best but I'm working to make that right at my next max out session. Today: Max Effort Upper Body Bench + red bands warmup 3 x 90 kg 3 x 100 kg 2 x 105 kg Not yet at my best, but getting there, I think.
  5. Benni's 1015/461 kg is respected as THE deadlift WR among powerlifters pretty much everywhere. With those millions of federations, non-affiliated comps etc out there you just have to count whatever people do that gets passed in those meets. Otherwise you'll end up having a lot of huge numbers not being accepted as WR despite being totally legit.
  6. Okay, there will be one update: 200 kg squat with wraps a week ago
  7. Screw updating, will take too much time with 5 training logs! I'll just go ahead and re-start from today. Just got sick, so I skipped 2 training sessions. Just did this, today. ME Lower Body High Bar Box Squat + wraps & belt warmup 1 x 160 kg PB 1 x 180 kg PB 190 kg fail Result is okay, considering I did high bar for the second time in a number of years and considering that I am still sick. Listened to that voice in my head that said "oh, the wraps hurt so much. Don't do a triple, just try more weight", though. And ended up with barely any training volume. Shit happens. Hm,... what else? Did 10 wraps with my 2,5m grippers, which made wrapping painful again. Can't go any harder without help. Oh and low bar technique is not as good as high bar yet. Knees did cave in and butt did shoot up. As mentioned, still sick, so just the main movements, for the time being. Anything with more volume would just make me pass out, now.
  8. thanks, man! trained at Silberrücken again and couldn't resist posing a bit. the lighting there is just too perfect!
  9. And planning on keeping it that way Vegan Strength founding member got married this past saturday. Had vegan buffet bulk of the gods. Seems like my stomach was full, so the extra carbs went into those muscles. This was after half a day of binge eating just before sleep: http://i57.servimg.com/u/f57/15/14/40/78/610.jpg why is my head this huge? http://i57.servimg.com/u/f57/15/14/40/78/710.jpg
  10. State Championship Powerlifting NRW Was okay prepared for this comp. Could have trained a bit harder but overall, it was okay. Abs were unexpectedly still sore on comp day but that was less a hindrance than an inconvenience. Weighed in at 81,9 kg. Felt good, so far. Squat 1st attempt: 180 kg No lift (got called on depth). 2nd attempt: 180 kg Good lift 2:1. Went down to absolute rock bottom, almost injured my hip because of it. Right leg hurt a lot after this. 3rd attempt: 195 kg No lift (depth again). I feel betrayed Bench 1st attempt: 110 kg Good lift. 2nd attempt: 115 kg Good lift. 3rd attempt: 120 kg No lift. Couldn't lift it. Dunno what happened here. Perfect technique, fair pause. Either I lost strength or this was just a very bad day. Videos: Deadlift 1st attempt: 230 kg No lift. I overextended, lost balance a bit and then came forward a tiny bit. I was still in lockout position after that but they didn't give it to me. I can understand that and you can judge like this by the rules but I just don't think that it's right. I mean come on, I clearly had the strength, I was in lockout position the entire time this happened and it would not have changed a fucking thing but me having one more attempt. Also this was a state meet, so it doesn't even fucking matter for anything. 2nd attempt: 230 kg Good lift. 3rd attempt: 250 kg No lift. SOOOOO CLOSE. Usually, when the bar leaves the floor by more than 2 inches, I lift it. This one went up to the knees. So you can imagine how close this must have been. I claim I would have done this without the extra squat and deadlift (which exhausted me A LOT). Videos: Placing: 1st in my weight class and 2nd overall. Conclusions concerning strength: I am strong enough to squat 200 for some federations and I think I could deadlift 250 on a good day, if there isn't bullshit judging like this. So training those two lifts went rather well. I only need a bit more volume, intensity and consistency but other than that, it should be fine. I will add some quad isolation work on tuesdays though, just to be sure (because I will have access to a machine on that day, anyway). My bench was a surprise. Either my arms and shoulders suffered major atrophy or the pause took 15+ kg from my bench, which I just cannot believe. Or I had a bad day. I will have to figure this one out. Other than that I was shocked by the poor quality of judging on that weekend. Some other lifters had it way worse. One old lady, for example, did squat to depth three times, got called each time, nevertheless and thus bombed out of her first meet ever. Come on! Another masters lifter locked out an awesome gutty fight deadlift but then the bar would whip (is that the right word for it?) a bit at the top. He didn't move, it was just the bar looking rather elastic and shaking a bit. He didn't get the lift. And there were so many more similar cases... Also, the general mood on that comp was awful, once again. No music, total silence, sometimes no reactions to the lifts, little information for the lifters about the weights the others took or even when they had to lift, just overall shitty communication and an awful warmup room (the floor was the most slippery floor I ever had to lift on). Just typical IPF stuff. Lots of bureaucracy, very strict rules, up-tight behaviour and no passion, no heart, no soul. So what did I take away from this? Pretty simple, I will leave the IPF for good. It has been a long time since I had real fun competing there. Things ALWAYS go wrong and I never have a good meet in the IPF. Plus the attitude there. There is so much hate going on, the national team hates on everyone, accuses people of drug use, in secrecy, while some of them are taking massive dosages themselves, they force you to do their training plans, if you want to join the team or they'll kick you out etc pp. I just don't want to be a part of this any longer. I am a member of the iron brotherhood and not some wannabe police state. Because the latter is what it feels like to be there. I may compete in the nationals one last time to say goodbye to some friends and fellow lifters but after that, at the very latest, I will leave this federation and focus on breaking records, nothing else. That and actually having fun competing in comps like Bembel Man, IRP stuff or Insanity Meet (which you will here more about, soon).
  11. Ah damnit, I forgot to update that There is a big thing going down in september. You'll have to stay tuned to find out For now I'll be off to a comp nearby. Just a state championship, so it's just all about PB or not PB. Going for 200/135/250 (441/287/551), ideally. Or something similar. But in the end, it is the PBs that count, I don't care about the actual total. I wonder if they'll finally drug test me, if I obliterate national records in a state meet Only problem: abs are painfully sore since tuesday. It wont affect strength but may affect concentration. I'll treat that with a good dose of brutality and stop being a pussy, I guess.
  12. Dynamic Effort Upper Body Future Method Bench warmup 9 x 3 x 80 kg Sets 1 and 7-9 were good. The rest was shit and slow. 30 sec between three sets, then a longer break to let my training partners do something and so on. Shoulder Rehab whatever Wide Grip Bench warmup 9 x 100 kg come on... 12 x 100 kg equal PB Same result as last week but had to pause for like 20 sec before the very last rep. So I should change the movement but there is no other movement for the pecs that I can do at home without hurting my shoulders and elbow any further. Maybe another set x rep x weight scheme? Band Tricep Extensions warmup 3 x 8 x 2 blue bands & red band + dropsets 10 x 2 blue bands, 20 x blue band, 20 x red band Wide Grip Pull Up 11 + 1, 5 Trying to go easy on my shoulder, so I just did a random movement as controlled and clean as humanly possible and didn't look for any number of sets or reps. I just did a bit and then called it a day. Time: 60-75 minutes Went okay, apart from the shoulder being kinda injured atm part.
  13. Just noticed, I forgot these two: Friday: DE Lower Body Paused Squat with Wraps (6 wraps around knee) warmup 2 x 2 x 80 kg 2 x 90 kg 2 x 100 kg 1 x 120 kg 1 x 140 kg PB Had to make do. I was totally fucked up because I had barely slept the days before (fucking exams). I knew I wouldn't put up a good dynamic effort, so I decided to work up a bit, instead. Ended up with a PB by 10 kg (not a max effort), so either I got 10+ kg out of my wraps or I got that much stronger in a short time. Either would be good (so far I was never able to squat more with wraps, always less). Future Method Conventional Speed Pull warmup 6 x 1 x 160 kg Not fast enough. Glute Ham Hold 70 sec x bw PB The lack of sleep finally took its toll. I could just about get a new personal best but that's all the work I would get in that day. Also, I felt some stinging pain in my left hamstring, so I figured it would be smart to stop before something happens. Max Effort Bench Bench warmup 1 x 110 kg 1 x 120 kg Only 2 hours of sleep between friday and this. This was at FIBO in a T-Shirt contest or so. Figured why the hell not enter, if you're gonna bench anyway. Would have been happy with 3-6 reps but with that little sleep and a shitty bench (rack was way high, so my grip was too narrow) I just couldn't. There had to be a first week without a PB this year at some point, I guess. Later, at home: DB Bench + bands warmup 3 x 10 x 27,5 kg + red band & blue band PB + 20 flyes with blue band & red band + 25 flyes with blue band Going well. Gotta explain though: I only use a very small ROM to keep the focus on the pecs. Plate Lateral Raise 3 x 25 x 2,5 kg per hand Just rehabbing my fucked up shoulder. That was all for the day on saturday. And then I did my daily GHR and a number of sets of one arm band tricep extensions (7 x 10 x red band per arm) for GPP yesterday. The last two to three weeks were suboptimal when it comes to training because of exams and chemistry laboratory apprenticeship but that should be enough constant sleep deprivation for the rest of the year Onwards!
  14. Thanks Sometimes, sticking to the rules is a good idea. Maximal Effort Lower Body Safety Bar Box Squat warmup 3 x 125 kg 3 x 135 kg 3 x 145 kg PB? 1 x 155 kg PB! YEAH! Technique a thousand times better than before. SSB Good Morning warmup 5 x 95 kg full ROM PB 15 x 95 kg small ROM Tried to avoid back pain on the second set with the smaller ROM. Still hurt a bit but I hit the erectors well! Side Plank 4 x 30 sec per side Nonstop. Right shoulder gave out in the end but still managed to improve and hit the abs. Adductors with Bands warmup 2 x 10 x green band & 2 blue bands & 3 red bands PB + dropsets: 5 x green band & 2 blue bands & red band, 10 x green band & blue band 20 x green band Hard. Weighted GHR warmup 5 x 5 x 10 kg PB On paper, I have done more weight in the past. But honestly, now I am using the best technique I can to make it as hard as possible and hit the hamstrings and glutes the way I should. So I call PB on this one. Time: around 90 minutes Awesome! Best session of the year, so far. Now I just need to repeat this all the time and I won't have to worry about a thing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHQjevrU1Xg
  15. Only read the sub-headings and a bit of the text but mostly I agree. Though I have some simpler advice for people who are struggling to get better. 1) Pick a good program. One that has passed the test of time. One that top athletes use. 2) Do not stray from it. Work hard. I mean HARD. Now HARDER! Every movement that is meant to make you stronger should be challenging. (if it isn't hard, then it should either help mobility or rehab. if not, don't do it, it's a waste of time) 3) Individualize the program, if you stall. 4) Do not take days off. Do not use excuses. Admit failure, feel ashamed for it as you should and don't fail again. 5) Work harder. Repeat this for a couple of years and you should become obscenely strong. People start out with little effort and bad programs. They have beginner gains, then they stall and get one or two PRs per year. And they accept it, thinking it is normal. I was the same, then I stopped accepting it, I fought it and I started busting my ass all the time while sticking to a good system. Or at least I am trying to. And suddenly I progress faster as time goes by, instead of more slowly. And so can you. In fact, so should everyone! The most important thing, simply put, is just to never accept defeat. Once you believe that you can achieve great things, you just won't stop. You will fail and then you'll try again and try harder. All the time.
  16. Btw I got some new PBs in the meantime. Here they are: Was going for 200/120/240 (and did expect 250 to be possible) and got no new squat/130/240. Well, at least the total is where I wanted it to be So I am kinda on track for my goals but I got those PBs a few weeks late. Getting 205/130/250 (multiply by 2.205 to get the weight in lbs) in the comp at the end of april will be a tough one. Anyway, the most important thing now is to stick to the plan, whatever may come. I.e.: 4 main sessions per week (two of these will include squat practise with wraps), 4 gpp sessions, GHR every day, mobility work 3 times a week. And working hard in every of those. Every movement must be very challenging and hard to complete. Just doing something and slacking off on half the movements just won't cut it. On the other hand, if I do pull through and strictly execute the plan, I will make amazing progress, I just know I will. Onwards!
  17. Let's see, if I can keep this updated this time. Tuesday: Max Effort Lower Body Squat with light Wraps warmup 3 x 140 kg 3 x 160 kg So with only 6 wraps around the knee I can kinda still get down there. Maybe I'll add one wrap per week or so. (i've started training with wraps to practise for my world record attempt, next year. can't really use them yet, I squat less with them than without them. but I'll get the hang of it eventually) Conventional Deadlift warmup 1 x 190 kg 1 x 200 kg 1 x 215 kg PB 1 x 150 kg double overhand GHR 3 x 10 Just my daily GHRs. Intended to do the assistance work yesterday, so I could go on studying (had an exam yesterday) and because I was already training for hours (again with 6 people in my flat). But eventually I just slept and didn't do a lot after the exam, which is inexcusable! Anyway, now I have to deal with it. I am still so very sore and will have a squat session tomorrow, so I decided to do just lots and lots of rehab and stretching today (in between studying... another exam tomorrow...). Weekend will be awesome, though. Lifting buddy is visiting for the squat session and on saturday we're gonna visit the FIBO to see some of the world's strongest men compete.
  18. Thanks About the shirts: I think we are mostly out (you mean the gorilla ones, right?) but I'll ask. We will get new ones at some point but we didn't yet decide when that'll be. Haven't got a progress pic atm but I can tell you, I feel so fat! xD Probably still got the same bw but neglected abs for some time and may have lost some leg size that went into chesticle and powerbelly weight Rethought my plans. I now think that I'll bulk slowly until the end of the year and then cut a bit, so I'll not outgrow my weight class. This year's halloween won't have the best posing pics though, btw. BF and me agreed to go as Khal Drogo and Khalessi. Let's just say that I am not the one wearing the beard
  19. Max Effort Upper Body Future Method Bench warmup 3 x 120 kg (265 lbs) 3 x 130 kg (287 lbs) PB 2 x 135 kg (298 lbs) PB DB Bench + band warmup 4 x 10 x 27,5 kg (61 lbs) + blue band 15 x 27,5 kg (61 lbs) + blue band Skullcrusher Just warming up, then dropping the exercise because my left elbow/tricep region was bugging me again. Dunno what it is but I don't really care. It's not exactly like my triceps need a lot of work, so fuck it. Rather staying safe than overdeveloping a muscle group ahead of time for no reason. Random Shoulder Work name says it all Weighted Pull Up 2 x 8 x 20 kg (44 lbs) 4 (?) x 20 kg (44 lbs) + dropset countless reps x bw Training partners taking revenge for my usual not letting them stop a set and making them bang out countless more reps. Lying External DB Rotation 40 x 5 kg (11 lbs) per side Time: I do not even have an idea Well, seems like being fat does have its advantages. +5 kg (and 1 rep) on a bench ME lift and + 5 kg (and lower blocks) on a deadlift ME lift. Looking good. Also there was some GPP but it's barely worth mentioning.
  20. Almost lost my grip on the right hand due to friction but held on to it on the last lift.
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