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  1. This is being updated again? Cool. Squatted 353, benched 232 and deadlifted 458 weighing in at 164 at this year's IRP RAW world championships. Missed out on winning the deadlift by like 5 pounds.
  2. Wow, I need to get back to westside...or just hard training? Damn impressive!
  3. He actually said somewhere that he was vegan now in mid-december or so. Btw. he is planning on setting a new world record in the loglift with 215 kg (and thus surpass Zydrunas Savickas) on a vegan diet. Edit: Depending on what you consider huge, we´ve got some pretty big naturals in our team, too http://veganstrength.de/5.html We even have someone who deadlifts 300 kg (~660 lbs), which is the second biggest vegan deadlift that I know and the biggest natural deadlift that I do not doubt to be natural at all.
  4. Damn, missed it. Could have been interesting because I´m intending to drop ~25 pounds and set a new national record. Anyway, will still read about it in the forum and try to achieve my own goals nevertheless.
  5. Oleksandr Kutcher, awesome front, freakish back. Set some powerlifting world records I think. Will never look like him though. http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg210/scaled.php?server=210&filename=76200438.jpg&res=medium http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRezFCO6kPZlyCtHBanKOMWLCWlszyA508W01Z5UZj3FjHGdJ8NLcZ6Mw Here´s a great natural physique btw: (Brian Whitacre) http://www.brianwhitacre.net/Pictures/Thumbnails/Model%20Pics/09Pic3.JPG http://www.brianwhitacre.net/Pictures/Thumbnails/Model%20Pics/Triceps.jpg
  6. Floey (Devil´s Plaything) wrote an article on the low carb diet as a vegan and used it quite well in preparation for last years natural bodybuilding nationals. If you´re interested here´s the google translated version of it: http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&ie=UTF8&prev=_t&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=de&tl=en&twu=1&u=http://veganstrength.users-board.com/diat-und-definition-f11/sinn-und-unsinn-von-proteinreicher-ernahrung-im-bodybuilding-t24.htm And that´s what he looked like: http://vsfloey.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/cimg0303.jpghttp://vsfloey.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/sdc12011.jpg I´d say it worked
  7. Shouldn´t be to hard to just say "hey, could you gimme a spot?" But if you don´t want to you just don´t need to train to muscle failure. Get to know the feeling you have directly before muscle failure and then you´ll learn to stop 1-2 reps before that. And since you didn´t ask that same question for the squat: squat!
  8. If you want to lose weight the best way to work out would be the way of bodybuilding. You can simply use compound movements and do like 2-4 sets of 8-12 reps of each. Workout whenever you feel all recovered. The rest is all nutrition. Don´t try the high rep crap, it won´t work. You could add a little cardio but that really isn´t necessary. Take a look at some natural bodybuilders (know some of them german ones, fortunately). Their training doesn´t alter at all when losing weight. Also they don´t gain muscle during fat loss. But they lose fat fast as hell! So the best thing to do is to copy their training principles. Have fun reaching your aims!
  9. finally managed to log back in here, so here are my final records for the past year squat 316 bench 222 deadlift 421 bodyweight is at 180 now
  10. a´ight so we got a 210 bench, 311 squat, 377 dead and a bw of 172
  11. Didn´t update for a while So... Bench 211 Squat 310 Deadlift 377 Bodyweight 173
  12. Ok, finally managed to use the school computer to log in. (at home i´m logged out instantly for whatever reason) squat 288 yesterday bench 200 weeks ago dead 344 monthx ago bw is exactly 173 now greets Mellon
  13. in my eyes it´s ok if people want to take roids, politics should legalize it like they should legalize weed because nobody is harmed by taking this stuff there are only two things grinding my gears about that 1 people with 240 bodyweight (ripped) at 6' say they´re natural, wtf? if you know about it you know that this is just impossible, it´s only confusing people and encouraging people to do weird stuff and then taking drugs when they reckognize that they don´t grow that big in like a year or so 2 it´s bad for my own achievements, i mean, how HUGE would guys like us look, if there were no roids? and even if there are "natural" bodybuilding federations and so on, as already mentioned, it´s easy to be tested negative by being off for short time, so how could i even be a champion of any sport without cheating? i can just say that it´s my attitude that you have to accept anyone´s behaviour as long as it doesn´t offend you if you want to be accepted, too. so there´s nothing we can do about it without being disrespectful
  14. Hey guys, i´m so sorry for almost forgetting about this but here it comes First of all I´ll translate his article for the basics of DC training, after that a bit of nutritional info on DC and the reasons for extreme stretching. Doggcrapp-Training means extrem weights and extreme intensity: With this system you part your training into two units which look like the following: 1: chest, shoulder, tricep, back 2: bicep, forearms, legs You train 3 times a week unit 1 as well as unit 2 each have 3 routines which rotate in use. ok, most likely no one still understands me so: monday: 1a wednesday: 2a friday: 1b monday: 2b wednesday: 1c friday: 2c monday: 1a .............. each exercise will only be done with 1 set which is expanded by (does anybody know what ruhepausensätze is in english? ..let´s just call them rs/they´re explained in the following lines) and extreme stretching. rs: you lift a weight as often as you can, let´s say 8 times. then you take a break for exactly 12 deep breaths. after these 12 breaths you once again lift the weight for max reps before you pause for 12 deep breaths. a last time you try to get the last quantum of strength out of your muscle. Done. directly after doing the full rs you start the extreme stretching for a whole minute. extreme stretching: using the weights you go into the max stretching position of the exercise and try to hold this for 1 minute. hell. (i´ll post some examples later) after the stretching you´ll not stress the trained muscle any further. structure of the routine: you only train DC with basic exercises (with few exceptions) whether with free weights or machines. example for the upper body: routine 1a: 1: incline bench press at the machine 11-15 rp 2: Dumbbell Incline Shoulder Raise 11-15 rp 3: bench press close grip 11-15 rp 4: lat pulldown wide grip 15-20 rp 5: deadlift 1x3-6 1x 8-10 normal routine 1b: 1: chest press (don´t know the exercise, so maybe the transation is wrong) 11-15 rp 2: dumbbell press sitting 20-30 rp 3: dips 11-15 rp 4: lat pulldown close grip 15-20 rp 5: Bent Over Two-Arm Long Bar Row 1x12 normal routine 1c: 1: hammer strenght incline 11-15 rp 2: military press 11-15 rp 3: reverse benchpress 11-15 rp 4: upright rows 15-20 rp 5: rack deads 1x3-6 1x8-10 normal routine 2a: 1: dumbbell-curls 15-20 rp 2: hammercurls 1x15 normal 3: Calf Press On The Leg Press Machine 1x12 ( explanation lateron ) 4: lying leg curls 11-15 rp 5: squats 1x4-6 1x 20 ( explanation lateron ) routine 2b: 1: scottcurls 15-20 rp 2: reverse curls 1x15 normal 3: Barbell Seated Calf Raise 1x12 4: Stiff-Legged Barbell Deadlift 1x12 normal 5: leg press 45 1x4-6 1x 20 routine 2c: 1: cable curls 15-20 rp 2: wrist curls 1x15 normal 3: standing calf raise 1x12 4: leg curls seated 11-15 rp 5: barbell hack squat 1x4-6 1x 20 so, now the explanations for this plan rp= reps of sets with breaks in between. so when it says 11-15 rp, it means the following: let´s say you do incline bench press. you should do 8-10 reps at once with your weight. let´s say you would have done 100kg for 8 reps. take a break, 12 times deep breathing and press again, let´s say you´d now have done 3 reps, break 12 rimes breathing and for the last time press as often as you can, let´s say 1 rep. in total: 8+3+1=12 rp as soon as you reach the upper border of the rp you raise the weight by 2,5kg. (rather take small steps) all the exercises are documented in a workout diary. if you don´t do at least 2 more reps with an exercise of 1 of the routines or put more weight on each tim you take the exercise out of your routine and replace it with an alternative exercise. some rp numbers are higher. reasons. 1: at all dumbbell exercises the rp number is increased to 20-30(except for the bicep). the reason is the following. if you did 3 mini sets you wouldn´t be able to get into the starting position with the dumbbells. 2: bizep and lat are trained better with a slightly higher rep number. 3:calves: when working the calves you do 1 set with 12 reps buuuuuut: positive movement 1 second, negative movement 5 seconds, when you´re done with 1 rep 15 seconds of stretching while holding the weight, then repeat. from the 7th rep on it will hurt as hell but you´re just allowed to stop when you did the 12, some kind of a mind thing. 4: deadlifts: while doing deadlifts and free weight rows you don´t do rs because the danger of being hurt would be to high. just do 2 normal sets when deadlifting as already mentioned. 1 set with 12 reps will be enough for all free weight row exercises. 5:quads: the first set of all quad exercises is for improving your strength and is therefore done with 4-6 reps. the second is done with 20 reps. 20 reps: you take a weight that you can only lift 10 times. don´t take a break now but hold it, take some deep breaths and do 1-2 reps again. repeat until you did 20 reps. increase weight by 2,5 kg every time. works like a miracle!!! reps speed: positive phase explosive, negative phase controlled, so you could stop the exercise at any time, if you had to. so, i think now you know all the basics of DC but really just the basics. extremely heavy weights don´t mean that you can´t move the weights properly. take a weight that makes it possible to have a clean movement with the mentioned rep number. for doggcrapp periodisation is very important, that´s called cruise and blast. blast is a time where you give everything and normally lasts for 8-10 weeks. when you notice that you cannot improve any longer it´s time to take a break. the break is called cruise which is 7-10 days of no workout at all. also to be said, the DC style is nothing for beginners. you should have reached a certain level and especially experience. So that´s the first part folks, stretching, nutrition and so on will follow later.
  15. sorry, wanted to answer earlier but my pc didn´t want to log me on over here....weird...got a new one now and will post some translated articles this or next week i guess
  16. hm atm i´m interested pretty much in this stuff so i might just read what he wrote and then when i got time tell you guys about it in a shorter article
  17. well i never tried it really but in a german bodybuilding forum there´s a guy who at least calls himself an expert in dc training, he learned it from the inventor of this kind of training himself and did it for 4 years now with (as he says) awesome results...he weighs about 183 lbs (10% body fat) at 5'8''...he wrote some very interesting articles about it, if you want to i could translate them and put them into this forum
  18. an der ruhr, kreis unna (tor zum sauerland^^) hm is 30 km von dortmund
  19. hab n neues pb aufgestellt aber joa war ganz nett und haben uns zum design der seite einige gedanken gemacht
  20. the strongest man of germany is called tobias too
  21. hm in pounds let´s see... 220 squat, 160 bench, 330 dead, bodyweight 152 ah yeah and gender is male
  22. Hey guys, so to introduce myself I´m Tobias, 16 years old, coming from western Germany and new to the forum. Maybe I´m hoping to compete in some events this/next year, so I could do some good advertisement for being vegan but anyway, nice to be here to talk to some other vegan guys who´re as addicted to these sports as I am greetings Mellon
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