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  1. Yep, we're looking at that, too. I know that food allergies can leach minerals and vitamins from the body (and even keep you from absorbing them in the first place). My husband has gluten sensitivities; it's possible our youngest has those tendencies as well. Believe me, I know that there are no easy answers. I'm just trying to put the puzzle together one piece at a time. Let's see...can I fit just one more cliche' into this post? -Christine
  2. I really wasn't offended. Really. Sometimes in typing what sounds witty in my head comes off as bitingly sarcastic...go figure ('cause I'm NEVER sarcastic in person). I have no problem taking my son to a medical doctor. Just ask my sons' pediatrician about the "are my son's toe nails growing funny" visit? Fortunately, we have very good insurance! I was just looking for some things that I could incorporate into his diet that would help him. -Christine
  3. Awesome! Thanks! No offense taken...hopefully none given. -Christine
  4. I mean that my tiny son was limping and obviously in pain. We took him to the doctor and his hip was out of place. That kind of thing has happened a couple of times since then with other places on his body. I realize that there are "doctors" out there who make up things to "fix" and there are people who fall for it, but my son actually has a condition where his ligments are loose and so his bones go out of place more easily than other people's bones do. I was hoping that someone one this forum would have some knoweldge to share of a non-animal-based/non-pill-popping/non-snake-oil solution to strengthen ligaments for a veg 3-year-old boy. Guess not...
  5. Thanks. I'll seek professional advice. He doesn't have a ligament or tendon injury, I'm mostly just looking for a supplement or some exercises or an addition to his veg diet that will nourish and support his growing ligaments and tendons. -Christine
  6. Okay, let me put this another way. Does anyone out there use anything to support ligament and tendon health? -Christine
  7. My 3-year-old veg son has loose ligaments and tendons and tends to get bones out of place (as do I). His chiropractor suggested that I try to find a veg alternative to collagen to build up/strengthen his ligaments and tendons. Anybody have any suggestions? -Christine
  8. Mountain Rose Herbs (http://www.mountainroseherbs.com/cgi-bin/Main.pl?AID=086829&BID=4095) sells chlorella and spirulina in powder form. I mix it with apple juice or Kombucha. Not exactly tasty, but it's worth it. -Christine
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