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  1. Steroids,or not,weightlifting gave him health. Actually overly muscular physiques, the juiced look, doesn't necessarily represent good health. Take for instance Ronnie coleman, all we know is the how he is on the outside, who knows what kinda meds he is on just to stay alive. There are many bodybuilders who have died or had organ failures and they looked awesome. It's not a good way of judginghow someone's inside looks like. Serge maybe on numerous meds for all we know. We don't know what these people are going through. I will say that some of the old timers that are still on juice appear to be healthier and most likely will live longer than the new group of bodybuilders, however, a person who has never used substances and is in good health with a slim body most definately has better organs and requires no medications to survive.
  2. Hahah...Sup Rain. Heard you guys had fun at Malcolm X park.
  3. This is bullshit, I don't even trust most of the studies done in the U.S. on Soy. It's corporate America, they tell you what makes them money, for years they have been telling us milk makes your bones stronger, well why the hell are so many many women getting diagnosed with osteoporosis. Why are so many women needing hip replacements now. Bullshit, look at the studies done in U.K at Oxford university. All the estrogen they pump into beef is what's giving so many boys bitch tits and making girls hit puberty at 9 or even 8. All nonsense. Soy will always be healthier than beef or milk or any other meat.
  4. Dude, Serge doesn't have any special DNA sequence gifted to him alone. He is on steroids and probably GH. You can't look like that even if you are 20. Testosterone can tranform anyone into the hulk. The old timers seem to know what they are doing in terms of juicing safely. If you took testosterone at any age you would look better than anyone natural. The average healthy male makes about 70 mgs of testosterone a week. These guys are taking 2000 or more mg's a week, which is why they look the Hulk. That's the secret.
  5. Thanks DC. It's good to be here.
  6. Hey bro, despite what your PT said, there's nothing magical in meat that's gonna pack on muscle. I have tried many things and it wasn't till I started eating oats, brown rice, potatoes and did compound lifts that I went from 177 to 217. Most of it was muscle, I did gain some fat but I was never overweight, always stayed in the average range for bodyfat. I don't eat that kinda quantity anymore. I have reduced my carbs by half and dropped badyfat. Check out my intro if you wanna take a look at what I am doing right now. Just cut the carbs by 30 percent if you think it's too much food for you. You have the capacity to build muscle, you just have to find what works for you. Good luck.
  7. You are in great shape bro. Very low bodyfat with good muscle density. Keep it up!
  8. Sorry man, forgot to check back into your intro thread. You've got solid rep strength there, if you're interested in maxing out it's good to do that more regularly but 1 rep maxes everytime would be pretty tough on the body. Probably best to mix it up a bit. I think mixing it up is really the trick. I did rep max for most of my muscles last week. I really hope this will break some of my plateaus. I am dying to increase my muscle mass and strength... lol. Gotta do it for Veganism
  9. Welcome friend, I am new here too. It's amazing what a difference this site has made, more animals are spared and more Vegans are born. Great job Robert and all others that built this site. Great way to send a message to the rest of the world.
  10. Thanks CollegeB. It's good to be here, among other Vegans.
  11. Well, I couldn't do exactly as I planned. I did, however, mix in your suggestions with my normal routine, which mixed things up pretty good. It turned out to be the best workout I've had in a while. I have also began trying to bulk-up, so adding calories/carbs before my workout also seemed to help. I feel that I may have been depriving myself of enough carbs to put on more muscle, but part of my goal was to shed a bunch of body fat- which I have. So now I can concentrate on bulking up a little while still maintaining a lower body fat percentage. That's great man. Glad you enjoyed it. If you are trying to loose bodyfat try walking every day. Walking is often underestimated. If you walk 45 mins to an hour every day you will get pretty lean while holding on to most of your muscles. Also, eat a medium sized potato 30 mins before you workout, you will be suprised how much energy you get from it. All the other garbage and pre workout supplements don't even come close to a good ole potato. Test it out bro. I am 1 rep max's everytime I workout, testing it out to see if I can add strength and some muscle. We are all in this, with virtually the same goals
  12. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea, your intensity level should be 85-90% of your 1 rep max on every single rep. Increase your reps every couple of weeks by 1. when you can do 2 reps more than what you started with, add a little more weight. 5 pounds is a good idea without hurting yourself. Go back to your old routine after 6 weeks for a couple of weeks, then switch back the 4 reps again.
  13. In that case, just lift hard and maybe lean out a bit.
  14. The opposite actually. 6-8 total sets per body part, consisting of whatever exercise you prefer but under 4 reps per set. You have to eat carbs to build muscle. Protein is highly overrated. Too much protein is bad for you. The right kinda carbs are very crucial, eat whole wheat, oatmeal, and brown rice. I only take about 120-140 grams of protien every day and I weigh 200 pounds. That is all the protein you need man. I am not a big fan of meal replacement shakes, the more whole foods you eat the better it is. Also warm up with pull ups. Do a couple of sets before you workout, I usually workout every other day and I like to do chest alone with pull ups, next time, entire upper body with 2 sets per body part, next workout legs and pull ups, the next workout bicep and tricep/pull ups, then the next workout Back and shoulders with 3 sets of deadlifts. You need to eat good carbs to build muscle, protein wont do squat without carbs. Protein is wasted when not eaten with carbs. you piss it out. you will see good results if you do this and you will get very strong. Just remember that an elephant is the strongest animal on land and doesn't eat 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight, this is some shit we humans have come up with, all of the strongest animals and the biggest ones are on a pure vegan diets, rhinos, bulls, horses, gorillas, none of them eat 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight, they eat carbs
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