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  1. As Mary Stella states there are plenty of good vegan (and vegetarian restaurants with vegan options) in the city. The Vegan Guide to NYC is a good book to get to start you on your way. In terms of the city layout and vegan options, the East Village in particular has the largest concentration of vegan options followed by the West Village. These options run the gamut from somewhat pricey to down-right cheap and delicious (check out NYC Dosa cart, run by Thiru Kumar, on Washington Square South. Amazing!) There's also 'snice, in the West Village, Caravan of Dreams and Quintessence in the East Village, and a host of others. You'll have no problem eating vegan here! And remember that there are plenty of vegetarian and macrobiotic restaurants that have plenty of vegan options. In terms of things to do? Well, it's NYC and there's no shortage of stuff to do! Life here is about being on the street. Literally. Aside from the usual things one would do in any place one is visiting (i.e. museums, tourist destinations, parks, historical sites, etc.) I would opt, if you have the time and inclination to check out Shorewalkers (they walk all over the city and even have a walk around the entire perimeter of Manhattan---it's awesome! NY Kayak----you can rent a kayak and take to the Hudson River for an hour or a day. And check out walking across some or all of the bridges in the city. Take a ferry to Governor's Island to see some great city views (probably the best views of Lower Manhattan along with the Brooklyn Promenade and riding the Staten Island Ferry). I'm getting little carried away here, sorry. But I love NYC and after living here for 20 years I can tell you there is no shortage of things to do. Feel free to contact me (or post here) for any specific information. Happy to help you out!
  2. Thanks Everyone! It's great to know there are others out there with similar experiences, goals, drives, and histories! I've been a vegetarian (in various forms--ovo-lacto, lacto, et al.) for 30 years and a (almost) vegan for one year---except for that pesky cheese thing I mentioned. I'm sure I can do without it when I put my mind to it. It's sort of the last food hurdle as it were. That said, I've never felt better than I have in this past year of being vegan! It's amazing and I continue to learn. Aside from the food aspects my next goal is to do something, even a little something, about my skinny butt of a body. As I mentioned, I don't have the desire to buff out. All I would like to work toward is a general toning and slight building-----for now. I kinda take these baby steps at first and then if I feel I can stand without teetering? Then I'm good to go for more! (Does that make sense?) Thanks again for your warm welcome and encouragements!!
  3. Were we separated at birth? Glad I'm not the only skinny middle-age guy here! Welcome! I look forward to tracking our progress together. With respect. Be well!
  4. Greetings Everyone! Like Woode, in the post below/previous, I too am a skinny middle-aged guy. Looking to add a bit of muscle and health to my life. I've been thin all of my life with a height of 5'10" and a weight at a pretty constant 130 lbs. I'm a vegetarian and almost a vegan (meaning, I don't eat any meat, eggs, or milk. But I do like cheese I have to admit. And I'm finding it difficult to cut that out of my diet. And vegan "cheese" is just horrible, imho. But this is a discussion for another forum.) It's odd (or maybe not) that virtually every site out there devoted to health and body building/toning, et al. is geared to those who are either overweight or those who are already involved in the building/toning world, as it were. Where are all of the people/sites that think about us skinny guys?! We're here too! My goal, at this time in my life, is about gaining some weight (around 10-15 lbs or so, give or take) and toning my body. I'm not interested in gaining mass (as in "bulking up") but simply to gain a few pounds, tone up my body, improve my physique and mental outlook, and do it vegan! I have a paunch due to my former life as an alcoholic (beer) but have been sober for one year to date. I'm trying and continue to try. It is a struggle to be sure but I am determined to stay sober and improve my life in both a physical and mental way. Thus far, I've had success in the mental emporium (I am devoted to my meditation practice, Vipassana/Insight Meditation) but my physical status? Well, let's just say that I'm ready. All in good time. And now is the time. I could go on and on but I will save you all from the tedium of my story. I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. And thank you all for your inspiration and any thoughts you might have to help me on my way. I am so happy that I have found this site! May you all be well.
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