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  1. I... keep a strict vegan diet engage in daily exercise sleep 8 hours
  2. Friday: Full lift routine, same weights I've been doing for a while. Sunday: Ran 26.6 miles. 4:10 give or take a couple minutes. Did 16.2 a week prior. And 40miles total each week for the last 3 weeks prior. Didn't really plan to do the marathon... but I guess I did. Not having a gf makes more time to run it looks like... Monday: Full lift routine, same weights, still pushin the 105s in each hand, alternating and together, 7 reps. Did some 100s for a few sets too. Wooha. Yeah buddy.
  3. I've tried the coconut milk and the hemp milk and found them to be ok on cereal but my favorite is usually ricemilk.
  4. Do you guys have awesome foodcarts up there like we do in portland? We've got a whole corner dedicated to 3am munchies and it's mostly got a ton of vegan options. Fries, crepes, stir fry, burritos, pies... Yum! And 24 hour vegan donuts @voodoo
  5. Welcome. Eating + sleeping seem to be the keys to bulking for me.
  6. 300 pages+? If I hadn't found this forum I might not have even been able to lift those Awesome work bro. I'll be interested to see what you've come up with for sure! -A
  7. Sweet. I'll have to come by and get a pic of the gun show with ya.
  8. My abs got skinnier (side to side) when I stopped doing ab work and cut fat. No reason to build muscle there if you're trying to thin the area out... Shoulder/lat work probably a good idea too -a
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nsh_JSX2pkY RC usually helps me out when I'm low on motivation...
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