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  1. You been sledding yet rob? There's got to be some good hills over there.
  2. Nice. I like fast, cheap, and easy : )
  3. Code46, man on fire, the last castle, sleeping dogs... There's lots of good movies in the world, watching running man now. I don't know that i've got a favorite but I've got a few i really enjoy. : ) The princess bride is another one... It's got some great lines/clips. I used skills from the negotiator in a snowball fight last week... I like movies where the good guy wins. Or at least fights till the end.
  4. I come back to this one a lot You Will Know by Black Men United. -a edit to add: this one is good too lately...
  5. Looks good. Thanks for sharing it : )
  6. Pesticides protect our food against pests. Self-defense... Maybe? -a
  7. Thanks guys. Meanwhile I put on a pair of 31" pants today and they were a little loose in the waist. Time to start buying some new jeans and dress pants again I guess.
  8. Better late than never right. Just saw my name in this... Yeah I was in HI for a good chunk of a summer, no I don't have any poi. Sorry. Next time I'm back I'll work on hooking you up with some.
  9. Awesome. *hoping for candlelight* Losing kalga sucked for me : / Hopefully this place is sharp. -a
  10. Some top numbers lately 105s flat x 9, 8, 4 105s incline x 4 (97's x 9 i think) 82s press x 8, 6 (or 6, 8 maybe) 82s standing pulls x 8ea 52s front raise x 8 ea dip+70 x 10 pulls +50 x 8 chins +50 x 10 100s bench rows x 8 (used to be able to hit this to ten, if i slept more on the weekends and started eating more I bet it could go back up) 50s curls x 8ea 82s soccer press as always, form isn't my strong point good lifting music helps me by 20% or more I'm now the owner of a Loprinzis shirt I play indoor soccer go me. -a edit to add: yeah buddy.
  11. Perfect. I've been thinking I should expand my kitchen repertoire, this looks like a good place to start : ) Thanks for sharing. -A
  12. "You should have a notebook, when you're at the gym. It's the most important tool you can have in a gym." Pink I think what HCP said can be true but if the notebook doesn't work for you don't sweat it. I've found I get more down on myself sometimes when I'm trying to track every last thing in a notebook or log because I expect faster progress than I'm making. When I focus on just making sure I go and workout even if I'm not matching as many reps as I did the time previous I do a lot better. Sounds like you're making progress in terms of getting the workouts going - I'm glad to hear that. It took me a while to get on the fitness train after my late teen/early 20 years... But the results of doing it sure are worth it. Keep on trucking. -a
  13. DV you just scared me into going to pop some vit. d tabs right now. -a
  14. 1.5 hours. Two 45 minute sessions. 30 minutes if i'm in a rush/sore. I only hit two hours if i'm lazy between sets. Maybe I'm not a serious lifter though. -Aaron
  15. Just about right where I live. Although can I get some maui beaches right across the street?
  16. Bummer i cancelled my Ymca membership. They have squash and raquetball courts... (not that I'm any good)... Fez can be fun. Bar XV (fifteen) is fun too. Different crowds at both. The vegan pizza at Bar xv is really good. They've got a pretty vegan friendly menu overall. One of my fav. happy hour spots. The Crystal is fun for 80s nights (I like it better than fez for that, but Fez has Bhangra and comedy sometimes so it's chill too)
  17. I used to have a friend who always suggested that "Buddha provides." I was just wondering what to do with the potatoes next to my microwave. Your recipe was perfectly timed. And I may have enough to try DV's too. Thanks to both of you for sharing, -A
  18. Hypothetical: I hit a (insert raw fruit/vegetable) while doing 60 down the highway. Do you eat the (raw fruit/vegetable)? -a
  19. Really? Never seems to encompass a whole lot of time. Even pre-Christianity maybe Roman/Greek era? Maybe in 'non-western' traditions? Why don't you just come right out with it: "You don't like me" I can get over it. It was just a question(s). -a
  20. Really? Never seems to encompass a whole lot of time. Even pre-Christianity maybe Roman/Greek era? Maybe in 'non-western' traditions?
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