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  1. Soccer and dodgeball have got to be my two favorite sports ever. Football's close. Lifting too if that counts. Hell anything with a ball or some weights and a team
  2. Did we make it all the way through this thread without anyone saying themselves?
  3. Nice thread. Ty for taking the time to punch all this out
  4. I'm going to second the protein question.
  5. Congrats on the fit change! I've had to new wardrobe once and I'll probably need to again soon. I'm still adjusting to getting size small stuff for my now much more trim waist instead of XL or L. *sigh* I miss working at a gym... The best stories are always about clothes fit.
  6. So I've had two workouts at the new gym. Everything is pretty good with the exception of the pullup bar. Slick, slick, slick. Well and the mirrors are too high for a bent row but I've worked without mirrors before... Or I'll grab an aerobics step... The pull up bar is my main concern now though. It's seen way too much use. I'm getting a great workout on my fingers and forearms trying to grip the thing but not much lat action. Anyone have any thoughts on manipulations to the setup? A glove suggestion maybe? I'm thinking about trying to grab an attachment off the cable machine that's used for rows and using that... Or maybe the tricep extension rope... if I throw those over the bar? Thanks for the welcome everyone
  7. Hi! I like the picture/tag line. Two thoughts. Weight versus shape- The scale numbers can change. And that can be good or bad depending on your goals and what way the scale goes... but it sounds like to me what you want is to be in better shape. Literally the shape of your body. If that's true I'd suggest ditching the scale and watching your clothes. If they start fitting a little looser then you've got something, no matter what the weight you're at. I'll have more later, I need to finish some more homework... Also I don't want to be offtrack if I'm wrong about what you want.
  8. Mass vs. Flexibility can be a tough one. I'm going to go with you either have to give your body time to suck up the extra or gain some mass to fill it back out. Which would be lifting. : /
  9. Thanks Rob and Will Will, like I said my gym closed, which sucks because I totally could've hooked all you guys up and the equipment was primo.... everything brand new top of the line... but they went belly up from mismanagement... It does provide a great opportunity for me to check out my university gym. They've got the basics and it's free for me so I think I'm going to try to hold out there as long as I can. I just wish it had windows I've actually got this secret fantasy of opening a gym of my own sometime. No supplement pushing contract forcing 24 hour style thing but more like a credit union or food co-op but with equipment. I think I need to finish my masters program and probably save up a little money before I start looking at that seriously though Heh. A vegan fitness squad. That'd be sweet.
  10. I'd rather be at the gym at this exact moment but I need one more day to recover. I've been vegan for 4-5 years. Used to be 238 or so and 36" waist. I went vegan and that peeled some weight off then started getting serious about being active and that dropped me down to about 168. I'm now up to about 185 and have kept a 30" waist or so with 14% bodyfat. I lift 2x a week, play soccer, football, dodgeball, and try to run sometimes. I'm 25 and working on a masters degree in education so I can teach social studies. Will turned me on to this forum. I think it'll be good for me to have some inspiration since I'm changing gyms tomorrow. My old one close up shop on friday. I've got poor gym habits but I'm regular. I don't keep a card with weights. I don't really track weights or reps well. I think it's more about just being sure to get in and push some heavy weight around for me. Monday or Tuesday and Friday are my lift days. I tend to go late in the evening so I don't have to share equipment. I used to work at a YMCA through high school and I developed a habit of working out after hours with the gym to myself... never really shook it. Being vegan and being active are two of the best parts of my life. Or best decisions I've made. Or something to that extent. My most immediate lifting goal is finding a way to get my recovery time down so I can lift 3x a week instead of 2. I love lifting -Aaron
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