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  1. Kind of depends on how you define "taking responsibility" doesn't it?
  2. I thought it affected implantation... ? My bad?
  3. Jake La Botz - this ain't the way I came up
  4. I get to play soccer today and it'll be warm and sunny.
  5. coconut, mango, pineapple... juice, smoothie, whatev. also burritos from the burrito cart next to my house. or fajitas. or enchiladas or whatev. I need to stop talking about them before I go over there
  6. Once a week or so. And I never have a neg reaction. Usually people are curious what I eat if they notice it at all.
  7. If I have to pick the meat out I probably won't be eating it. But you gotta find your own boundaries, I'm sure mine wouldn't satisfy some folks. As long as you're not telling people you're vegan and eating a clearly non-vegan diet I wouldn't sweat ya.
  8. If you can't get meat at the store ya got to get it somewhere...
  9. Larry and luna's coconut base icecream is 5.99. Worth it cuz it's great but can be a little spendy. Maybe wealthy vegans just have more money for wine/liquor.
  10. If I can do 3x10 I go up in weight. Usually I shoot for around 7 or 8.
  11. Same. I do 3-4 sets of the presses (usually 2/1 or 2/2) 2x a week. I got some size in my chest. I've been doing some weighted dips lately too. Fun stuff. -a
  12. Nice work Rob. I'm hitting 5-8 on the 105's but I only do a few reps with 50s to warm up so you're probably a lil ahead of me still. I aim for parallel to the ground except the first rep which I push off my chest. Too deep tweaks out my shoulder.
  13. pick the multnomah county option on CL. Most other stuff is a little ways further out.
  14. Depends on how many and their 'catchability'. If they're hard to catch, or there's a lot, they probably won't be leaving the 'friendly' way.
  15. Aaron


    Looks like fun. Nice pics.
  16. "cleaning the cat box" word. i had that chore when I was a kid and it was def. my least favorite.
  17. You can't get tone of voice in text. I mean no offense by this and I don't mean it to come off as sneering or any way negative. Buying milk is the same as buying meat in our country. Is liking milk enough to cause animals that have the same feelings as a dog or cat to suffer, then be killed, and butchered for its meat? Does your preference for a taste outweigh another living things will to live and to live without pain? Try soy milk. It will be different at first, but you will get used to it and it is safe. I think the last of my worries is milk. You cant do everything to help animals. Im about to get semi-off topic now. Do you use paper, do you use anything that came from trees? Well if you do your killing millions of animals to. (rain forests destroyed for paper etc etc) FYI not ALL cows suffer. My uncles own a total of 30+ cows, and each time I visit they are treated very well. Ffs they hired a person to do nothing be take care of the cows. They werent cramped, and the area was clean. So the cows are pregnant to produce milk right? What happens to the baby cows... esp. the male ones...? -a
  18. Marcina, probably depends on your ethics. If you're going straight on animal suffering... well there's some math to do - how much cow/chicken/whatever is your cat going to eat in it's lifetime? If you throw some other considerations in then maybe the math goes the other way... -a
  19. Thanks rich. Real name: Aaron Current age: 28 Location: SE Portland (50th/division area) Vegan since: 2000ish Work: Teacher, Soccer Coach, Occasional odd jobs... Interests include: Lifting, dodgeball, soccer, dancing, getting a tan, kickball, football, electric longboards, glbtq rights, and waves in the ocean. Dislikes: I've got a few. Particular pet peeves: None off the top of my head.
  20. Dude awesome pics! You and rob and eke up at holocene was killer : )
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