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  1. Howdy Good to have more Portlanders around the forum. I'm intrigued about the houseboat living... How'd you get into that? Any good stories to share? One of my buddies in high school lived on the river for several months with his uncle. It always seemed a little treacherous to me walking around on their 'sidewalk' in the dark but then again my sea legs were never great.
  2. I get it. But I'd miss the crazy pumped feeling I get from lifting weights at the gym.
  3. PResent. And sorry I didn't make it out last night. Kickball ran way later than it was supposed to. oh and good show on tonight at the someday lounge. Hip hop/latin/soul + dance w/djs etc. Should be no cover. Starts at 9pm. I think someday is a happycows supporter too. Or at least I think they're listed there.
  4. Fucking cool! Reminds me of the Tarahumara Indians, the "running indians" who swept in and won some ultramarathon events with their simple "shoes" which were just flat slabs of old tires - they were actually given fancy nike's or whatever, but they quickly switched back to their own shoes. There is a great article about it online somewhere. On a diet of corn liquor, corn and beans, they play a traditional kickball like game which can last for days and go for hundreds of miles! True ambassadors of the power of plant nutrition. I may have to pick up a pair, looks like they are about $80. Thanks a lot! Article
  5. For sure bro. I go out at least 1x a week if not 2-3. Especially in the summer when I've got more time off. It'll happen again soon.
  6. I think there may be some horizontal stretch in that pic But dude! Good to see you all last night. Fun times
  7. Did you got to rockbox? I go to that show pretty regularly. I'll probably head to the Fix tonight at someday lounge. It's a similar crew.
  8. I once got suckered into watching "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton." sigh. -A
  9. You guys should've stopped at the burrito cart. The grub is fantastic
  10. Welcome aboard. We've got a pretty solid number of pdx folks.
  11. Food's good. Portions are decent. Prices are ok. It's no burrito cart but it's still not a bad deal.
  12. Just got off the phone. Nice guy. We talked about dodgeball and general fitness. Hope the article turns out well : )
  13. Good abs are made in the kitchen. And in the weightroom or on the track or the exercycle or whatever else. Meanwhile - good choice of young snake instead of old snake, that spandex thing he's sporting in the new version is a lil rough on my eyes.
  14. I eat about the same as I do here. I dig up a can of beans at a store, toss it onto some mixed greens (pre-washed kind from the store... sorry DV) throw in whatever random veggies I can get my hands on. Maybe an apple and some peanut butter. If I can get cereal I do, otherwise toast for bfast. -A
  15. I've been by that nutri taco a bunch of times and never even looked cuz I figured they'd not have anything. Awesome to know
  16. Dude I work on like 84th and foster. That's fantastic!!! I wonder if it's an offshoot of the cart on 50th. I heard them saying they had a second cart they were going to start operating once they got the construction done.
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