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  1. deadlift 190kg/7reps Apologies Bud, didn't realise you we're a vegan beast!!! that's some impressive lifting! I presumed you being american weights we're in lbs! barbell curl - 95x6, 6, 5 -- thats some strong barbell curls! you always do heavy and low reps on these? Gonna keep an eye on your log for tips
  2. 5:30 am can't remember the last time I saw 5:30 am! I also find it hard to goto bed early... i'm suffering terribly with lack of quality sleep too, ruining my days at the minute
  3. Thursday 7th April - Back & Triceps Sooo fooking tired tonight, moved this routine to thursday so I could watch champions league... I'm waking up more tired than when I went to sleep, maybe i've got sleep apnea, think I need to lose a few kilo and see if that fixs it... Running treadmill 1 mile / 6:45 mins / 155 cals -- Really sluggish Freestyle Mode 24 sets in total targeting Back & Triceps, plus Deads -- No highlights really, subpar session, fook it Swimming 12 lengths -- got some new goggles, glad to get 12 lengths our considering To Finish off 5 mins hydropool 10 mins in Sauna
  4. I do one set of as many as I can do on both, but give myself a minute between crunches and pushups. Aiming to get upto 100 of each every morning
  5. I was a bad boy this morning though
  6. Thanks trying to get back into squats! Pushups! Personally from my experience, they haven't interfered with my benching, but obviously if you do hundreds of them before benching you chest will be tired. I do pushups early in the morning and bench around 8pm at night so a big window for recovery. Everyone's bodies are different. Just suck it and see, it might be a coincidence that day you had a sub par session, we all have em. Your glycogen levels might have been low hence poor session! Try it for a few weeks, see how you feel!
  7. Looking very fit shiva! Biceps I've found that preacher curls are by far the best way to increase bicep size along with barbell curls, any curls will make your arms grow... abs Personally, crunches will make it happen, but also throughout the day, try tensing and relaxing your stomach muscles, gives them a little workout
  8. Wednesday 6th April - feel good factor Yep, I'm a good girl again, sleepy but managed something Abdominal Crunches 87 Push Ups 62
  9. Being a lady boy I like to keep my private life a mystery
  10. And their was me thinking that is the biggest vegan mofo i've ever seen
  11. Now I'm just confused! haha, my british humour! I sometimes refer to myself as a female! I am a boy!
  12. Doh! Sorry about that! put you on a bum steer! Its tomorrow night! your right the two games you mentioned are on tonight!
  13. Champions league Chelsea vs Man Utd on tonight bud!
  14. Tuesday 5th April - feel good factor Was a good girl this morning and did my feel good factor, was tired from last night session though. Abdominal Crunches 85 Push Ups 60
  15. Your plans obviously working! Looking big and strong! how long you been training?
  16. Monday 4th April - shoulders & Legs Determined to blast my deltoids tonight and get back in the game... Running treadmill - warm up/cardio 1 mile / 6:38mins / 155cals Chin Ups - narrow underhand grip 20 Freestyle Mode 24 sets in total targeting shoulders and legs -- highlights -- single arm lat raise 30kg/16reps -- dumbell delt front raise 22.5kg/16reps -- squats 100kg/16reps 120kg/11reps 140kg/6reps Swimming - warm down/cardio 10 lengths -- only 10 lengths as goggles letting in water and getting on my tit To Finish off - relaxation 5 mins hydropool 10 mins in Sauna
  17. Mine's not that exciting... an ex girlfriend called me johnboy one day and I looked at her strangely, she said the waltons, he wears glasses and reads and it kinda stuck... 10 years ago now...
  18. I find the same with back squats! I use two finger grip on back squats.
  19. I've been meaning to ask, what's with the medal in your avatar? for being super?
  20. Monday 4th April - feel good factor Not been a good boy keeping these up, determined to do these every morning Monday-Friday. Abdominal Crunches 80 Push Ups 60
  21. Yeh looking forward to the warmer weather, biking, hiking and camping Just cant believe the year is going so fast!
  22. Friday 1st April - Chest, Arms and the dreaded Abs Shit, it's April, where is the year going Running Treadmill - Warm Up 1 mile Weights Freestyle lifting, 28 sets over over 10 exercises... -- Highlight- Barbell curls 60kg/20reps -arms pumped to the max, think I should cool it with the arms and work harder on bench To finish off 5 minutes in hydropool 10 minutes in sauna
  23. It was early in the morning so little foggy, turned out to be a lovely sunny day by lunch time Woman who owned the land had a couple of chickens just milling around, very sweet to see them really...
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