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  1. This doesn't register with my brain at all? Must be a slice of Americana humour?
  2. Camping is great fun, especially when out in wilderness, very tempted to get tipi myself!
  3. Wednesday 30th March - Back & Triceps No feel good factor, did get a good nights sleep for the first time this week. Running treadmill 1 mile / 6:31 mins / 155 cals -- New pair of New Balance trainers, felt faster with them on Freestyle Mode 24 sets in total targeting Back & Triceps, plus Deads -- Highlight, ended the 24 sets with a 190kg deadlift, not bad considering I was exhausted Swimming 10 lengths -- was running late so cut back on swimming abit To Finish off 5 mins hydropool 10 mins in Sauna
  4. Saturday 26th/27th/28th March - Fun, Fun, Fun 3 Days in Brecon Beacons, the more I goto Wales the more I fall in love with the place... so much variety, Wales has pretty much everything! Did about 40miles of Cross Country tracks, lots of admiring of the welsh countryside... didn't take my digital camera though... only moby Used my new roof racking for bikes, worked a treat, had a chicken for company every morning at breakfast lol http://www.johnwoodward.info/misc/brecons_car_bikes.jpg http://www.johnwoodward.info/misc/brecons_car_rack.jpg http://www.johnwoodward.info/misc/brecons_beans.jpg http://www.johnwoodward.info/misc/brecons_terry.jpg http://www.johnwoodward.info/misc/brecons_chicken1.jpg http://www.johnwoodward.info/misc/brecons_chicken2.jpg
  5. Yeh Uefa Champions League, some fantastic football played in that league! Like watching Serie A too
  6. Must get me some of these, I need some magic in my life!
  7. +1 on the American Football... Do you remember shevchenko who played for chelsea when Abramovich come to chelsea? He was a world class striker and then he went to Chelsea and did nothing! Do you watch the Champions League? That is the best football you can watch!
  8. Friday 25th March - Chest, Arms and the dreaded Abs No running on the beach today but did go down to the seafront for an stroll and watched the sunset before the gym... holding my own hand it was really romantic lol Walking On The Beach - For Euphoria 30 minutes Weights Freestyle lifting, 28 sets over over 10 exercises... -- Highlight- Barbell curls 70kg/7reps To finish off 5 minutes in hydropool 10 minutes in sauna Off to Brecon Beacons in glorious Wales, early tomorrow morning, back monday afternoon, camping, mountain biking, walking, and weather looks decent too http://www.johnwoodward.info/misc/brecon_beacons.jpg
  9. He's been awful, but he was playing awful at Liverpool for some time. Not too keen on Andy Carroll @ £35 million, unproved, big big gamble! You obviously watch Premier League football in US then!
  10. We're both mandarin addicts lol I've just scoffed my 5th of the day, I stop myself at 5 in one day or it just gets plain mandarin crazy
  11. Looking through your log and you seem to train 7 days a week!!! you must be uberfit!!! mmm i'm hungry now!
  12. Welcome back I can relate to your words above, all the best for your new training, hope things are less stressful for you...
  13. Ah so your doing crossfit WODS then Rob... how long do you give yourself between parts?
  14. Lots of PR's dotted around your log! Awesome work! I'm so addicted to these! Been eating 3/5 a day since christmas
  15. TrilliumFortnight: your right, it did feel mild, but suffered next day, ice skating, ouch, they wrecked my ankles lobsteriffic: didn't take those pics, they we're scavenged from the web Rob PMFF: Whooo Steady on.... I'm from Liverpool and hence a Liverpool Fan.... Just visited Manchester for skiing, made extra sure no manchester united rubbed off on me lol... Yeh Been meaning to look at this crossfit thing, just been busy last couple of weeks... Can't you do crossfit by yourself then? Mary says she does?
  16. Wednesday 23rd March - Back & Triceps No running, feet still sore from skiing... Freestyle Mode 23 sets in total targeting Back & Triceps, plus Deads -- highlights - Machine Barbell rows 105kg/12reps, Deadlift 180kg at end of workout Swimming 18 lengths -- to makeup for no cardio at start To Finish off 15 mins in Sauna
  17. Tuesday 22nd March - feel good factor Abdominal Crunches 90 Push Ups 57 --Push ups we're tough this morning
  18. Monday 21st March - shoulders & Legs No warm up on treadmill today, feet butchered from ski boots on the weekend... also two bald patches on my hairy legs which looks weird Freestyle Mode 26 sets in total targeting shoulders and legs Swimming 16 lengths -- A few extra lengths to make up for no running To Finish off 5 mins hydropool 10 mins in Sauna
  19. Monday 21st March - feel good factor Abdominal Crunches 82 Push Ups 55 --My resolution to do these in the morning monday to friday went a bit tits up, gonna try again
  20. I was surprised how much exercise skiing actually is, I was aching all over the next day
  21. Don't think the occasional crazy bouncing around this forum would make me leave this forum, a lack of atmosphere and social dynamics would though.
  22. Saturday 19th March - Fun, Fun, Fun Skiing today at CHill Factore in Manchester, amazing place, great way to spend a saturday. It's not as easy as it looks, struggled towards the end to do turns across the piste, body feels exhausted and surprisingly in -2 I was sweating http://www.johnwoodward.info/misc/chillfactore_1.jpg http://www.johnwoodward.info/misc/chillfactore_2.jpg http://www.johnwoodward.info/misc/chillfactore_3.jpg http://www.johnwoodward.info/misc/chillfactore_4.jpg
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