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  1. Monday 7th March - shoulders & Legs Finally got me a pair of headphones again, listening to Carl Cox Black Rock album gave me that little bit extra. Running treadmill 1 mile / 6:29 mins / 155 cals Freestyle Mode 26 sets in total targeting shoulders and legs -- Deltoids we're seriously pumped today. Swimming 14 lengths -- more than my usual 10 lengths, freestyle mode seems to be quicker than my old routine. To Finish off 5 mins hydropool 10 mins in Sauna
  2. You could also argue that humans have stopped using genes as the primary method for passing evolutionary traits to descendants and are instead using the passing of high-level information to propagate human evolution. That was discussed during the program, culture running parallel with nature in the evolutionary process. Culture augmenting natural evolution, vegans are a prime example of how culture is augmenting natural evolution. I'm a bit advocate of cultural evolution over natural evolution for a better world.
  3. I would suggest more cardio, some more cardio and a little more cardio and then some ab work. Obviously you should be expending more than your consume on a daily basis and that belly flab should go!
  4. Your lifting looks good to me, keep up the solid progess
  5. Your meals look great! When I look at your log I come away hungry
  6. Ah very good! Goddag! Training looking solid
  7. That's a shame, no other gym you can goto? I love my hydro and sauna at the end of the workout, really relaxes your muscles after a good session!
  8. Friday 4th March - Chest, Arms and the dreaded Abs Running Treadmill - Warm up the body 1 mile Weights Freestyle lifting with my bro, 28 sets over over 10 exercises... -- Highlight- Dumbbell preacher curls 32.5kg/9reps heaviest i've attempted as couldn't find 30kg dumbbell To finish off 5 minutes in hydropool 20 minutes in sauna Protein shake with soya, water and liquid amino Multivitamin and herbal happy pill 2 bananas 2 soya yoghurts 1 tangerine 1 Tin spicy lentil soup 2 slices bread 2 Noodles 1 cup soy mince 1/2 onion Protein shake with soya, water and liquid amino 1 Hummus and salad sandwich
  9. Ah your lifting in KG's, you in europe then?
  10. Ah a fellow vegan atheist I love broccoli so much... I had hummus with baked beans and vegan sausages the other day, sounds gross but surprisingly yummy!
  11. Wednesday 2nd March - Back & Triceps F*ing march already! Running treadmill 1 mile / 6:39 mins / 155 cals Freestyle Mode 27 sets in total targeting Back & Triceps, plus deads -- Did first low rep deads today for over a year since my back injury, managed 200kg, back felt good, felt bloody heavy though. Swimming 10 lengths To Finish off 5 mins hydropool 10 mins in Sauna Diet: Multi vitamin and happy herbal pill Protein shake with soy, water and liquid amino 2 Bananas 2 Tangerines 1 Soya Yoghurt 1 Tin Baked Beans 180grams pasta dried weight 1 Cup Soy mince Half onion 1 Hummus and salad sandwich Protein shake with soy, water and liquid amino
  12. Bikes are a win win situation
  13. Both beautiful and horrific... if you watch it watch it completely... the love shines through the cats actions http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p50e2_DDKUo
  14. Got your book buddy, fantastic work! look forward to reading it
  15. Interesting article about horizon program which is on BB2 tonight... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-12535647 Some snippets from article below Horizon: Are We Still Evolving? BBC Two at 2100 on Tuesday 1 March 2011 On Milk Consumption "The most obvious example of this is lactose, the sugar in milk. Some 10,000 years ago, before humans started farming, no one could digest this beyond a few years of age." "But today, the rate of lactose tolerance in different parts of the world is a clue to the different histories of farming across the globe. While 99% of Irish people are lactose tolerant, in South East Asia, where there is very little tradition of farming, the figure is less than 5%." Procreation In the developed world today, almost everyone lives long enough to pass on their genes, but many of us choose not to. Some people have three children, and some people have none, so natural selection may be working in a different way. The realisation that people in the developed world are in effect choosing to prevent their genes from surviving beyond them has led evolutionary biologist Stephen Stearns to look at evolution in the current generations in a radical way. Culture & Evolution "We see rapid evolution when there's rapid environmental change and the biggest part of our environment is culture, and culture is exploding," says Prof Stearns.
  16. I'm intrigued, I love all those things, how did you combine them in a meal?
  17. Monday 28th February - shoulders & Legs Running treadmill 1 mile / 6:40 mins / 155 cals -- Not really pushing myself at the minute. Freestyle Mode 28 sets in total targeting shoulders and legs -- Only thing I remember is squatting 100kg/17reps Swimming 10 lengths To Finish off 5 mins hydropool 10 mins in Sauna Felt good, not sure I will bother logging while i'm doing freestyle routine... Think I need to get some earphones so I can listen to some music to get me psyched at gym... March tomorrow, disillusioned, need to make things happen, try new things, learn new things, might goto manchester and try indoor skiing this weekend... Headspace: Thoughts of mortality persist...
  18. Strong lifting on your log chewy and good luck with your comp!
  19. Saturday 26th February - Chest, Arms and the dreaded Abs Finished my first week of freestyle lifting, not sure whether its a sticker, just trying to add variety and spontaneity to fitness. Running Treadmill - Warm up the body 1 mile Weights Freestyle lifting with my bro, 29 sets over over 10 exercises, was tired after it all. To finish off Mega wind down session 15 minutes in hydropool 25 minutes in sauna
  20. A bike for every occasion Not that i've done that much biking lately
  21. Put off gym today so I can go tomorrow with my bro... Got me a pole today http://www.johnwoodward.info/misc/bikes_on_pole.jpg
  22. Wednesday 23rd February - Back & Triceps Running treadmill 1 mile / 6:42 mins / 155 cals -- Casual speed Freestyle Mode 24 sets in total targeting Back & Triceps Swimming 10 lengths To Finish off 5 mins hydropool 10 mins in Sauna
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