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  1. from the complex equation 2011 - 2097 = -86 Actually 2097 i'm curious about your username too, any significance in 2097?
  2. If Jupiter is just "gas" like you say...why is the Sun holding jupiter in its orbit? We are energy just like everything in the universe and everything affects us like we affect everyone. Most people are bound by "time" which limits the the internal energy they have. Systems like astrology, human system, etc... all measure energy but energy does not need to be measured but simply used and recharged. In reality we are simply complex batteries in which our capacity for energy increases and decreases based on how active we are. The more energy we use; the more our energy's capacity increases. The less energy we use; the more our energy's capacity decreases. Your quite amusing actually, again weaving in and out of logical thought like a yoyo! If you want to learn about jupiter there is a website to help you with that www.google.co.uk even better go straight to this website http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jupiter get back to me and let me know if human wisdom is derived from the wisdom of Jupiter. I'd like to know how old you are? just curious
  3. I've not read your other posts, but you seem to weave in and out of logical thought like a yoyo... last time I checked Jupiter was a big ball of gas...
  4. Training and diet is a completely subjective thing, how I eat and train suits me and I stick to it, but for someone else it may not be suitable. This doesn't mean I should keep my training and diet methods to myself, someone could actually benefit from my methods. As for misinformation that would get people sick, any reasonable person of sane mind wouldn't go off advice from one person on a forum when others are countering the advice, unless they genuinely believe what is being said and then who are we to stop people following this path. Like the breatharians, that is such crazy movement, but lots of like minded people are getting together and following this movement, no matter how much you tell them it's crazy. Don't remember saying that I said Fallen horse had said ban people?
  5. I would say no to increased moderation. If someone posts something you disagree with you can either challenge that something or ignore, really is that simple. Just because someone posts some misinformation is not a reason to start banning people. Personal opinions that differ from your own are also not a reason to ban people. Forums need people to exist, healthy debate brings people to forums in my opinion... This seems to revolve around 2097 who is outspoken and has his/her own strong views, which from angles may look crazy. But shouldn't he/she have the right to express them? One note to 2097, people are not born with wisdom, but some people are not wise to realise this.
  6. Some great pics on here, well done all! This is my current body situation, i'd like to get more definition over the next few months but not lose size. http://www.johnwoodward.info/misc/bodypic_oct10.jpg
  7. "The God Delusion," by Richard Dawkins.... is certainly one of my most influential books, Dawkins writes with a lucid realism, for life free from the shackles of religious dogma. Clue is in the title of the book
  8. Just done that buddy, let me know you get that ok
  9. Would be happy to buy it direct from you and add it to my book collection. I've got a paypal account, haven't used it for a while, so just send $28.95 to [email protected] and you will get it ok?
  10. Monday 21st February - cognitive exercise http://www.johnwoodward.info/misc/thegranddesign.jpg Decided to read Stephen Hawkings new book which has been sitting on my bookshelf for a few months. Actually started it last week, but wanted to finish off "Consolations of philosophy". Wasn't really sure what to expect of this book. I think I imagined an attempt at describing a General Unifying Theory of everything, which he does to a point. Hawkings is quite philosophical in his new book, reflecting on humanity past and present. I especially appreciated his outlook on religion "Ignorance of nature's ways led people in ancient times to invent gods to lord it over every aspect of human life. There were gods of love and war; of the sun, earth and sky; of the oceans and rivers; of rain and thunderstorms... the effect of cause and effect in nature was invisible to their eyes" highlighting that pre-religion as we know it today, humans saw the forces nature as god itself, sacrificing to it for mercy. Which really does question why humanity has complicated, intellectualised and render other worldly the debt humanity has to nature. Hawkings talks about Epicurus, Aristotle and The Ionian theories of the period, showing his great admiration for their theorising of a world made from atoms and that the universe is not human centered. Considering the time frame of crica 300BC these are massive leaps of intellectual theorising. Quite enjoyed his chapter about realism and whether we humans can actually experience reality for what it is? Do our perceptions, out conscious and subconscious minds hinder us from direct experience? Are we really just looking at the world through the lense of a human brain with all it's inherent subjectivity? Can we really know truth? After the philosophical dabbling which was nice to see mr hawkings considering, I suppose in a more holistic outlook on our reality. He talks about new theoretical ideas being explored by eminent scientists. Mtheory, which is as close as we're going to get to a single unified theory except it's not a single unified theory but a network of theories working together. Which makes alot of sense when you think about it. Won't go on anymore... Lots of other interesting topics covered.... buy it if an holistic view of reality is your bag...
  11. Monday 21st February - shoulders & Legs Running treadmill 1 mile / 6:45 mins / 155 cals -- Casual speed, didn't think I was in the mood for pushing myself Freestyle Mode 27 sets in total targeting shoulders and legs Swimming 12 lengths To Finish off 5 mins hydropool 10 mins in Sauna QUite enjoyed freestyle mode, bit more care free and relaxed, gonna play it by ear, will knock it on the head if i don't feel benefits.
  12. Where can I get your book in the UK? I've been on Amazon.co.uk and it says not available till may this year?
  13. Sunday 20th February - Fitness Taken over a week off from training, not by choice, come down with a vomiting & Diarrhea bug... so rest rest rest for me... Decided over the next couple of months to try free style training in the gym, probably in the vain of circuit training, mainly to get good muscle definition for the summer
  14. It's worth read Robert, Alain De Botton is a realist thinker and highlights the thoughts of some obscure thinkers.
  15. Saturday 19th February - Cognitive Exercise Been meaning to read this for a while, finally got round to it. http://www.johnwoodward.info/misc/consolations.jpg I enjoyed the piece about Socrates and how his thinking went against societies norms, highlighting that common held beliefs don't make those beliefs true. Obviously these beliefs cost him, his life, but look now revered the legacy of Socrates has been over the centuries! Also How we should really think for ourselves and not be force fed ways of thinking about the world around us. I enjoyed the Chapters that dealt with Schopenhauer, the darkest of philosophical thinkers, never heard of him before this book. His latent misanthropic tendencies was quite amusing to read, obviously a manifestation of severe depression expressed in his very bleak outlook. His misanthropy bringing him close to non human animals in his poodles and his active involvement in animal rights brought a smile to my face. Also Schopenhauer's reflections on relationships, how the person we desire through our subconscious evolutionary self, is a function of our overriding urge to produce healthy children and negates any consideration for a life of happiness with this person. Really makes you think about the power struggle between the subconscious and conscious mind and whether we are truly free to choose? I also enjoyed the Chapter about Montaigne, highlighting the futility of Philosophy that doesn't have a positive impact on every day living. That Philosophy should be an aid to life not just complex rhetoric that has no relevance to it. Also Nietsche, the idea of positive and negative, the interplay of both experiences throughout life creating a fulfilled life. Redirecting and learning from the negative in life.
  16. Thanks for posting richard, Food looks delicious, always nice to eat vegan junk food now and again! Will have to look up Loving Hut when in London or Brighton next
  17. Wednesday 9th February - Back, Hips & Triceps Running treadmill - warm up the body 1 mile / 6:25 mins / 154 cals -- FInally got a PB on my running Cable underhand pulldown - 3 sets 105kg/15reps 105kg/13reps 105kg/11reps Chinups - 3 sets 16 14 11 -- Felt tough after going pulldowns Machine barbell cable rows - 3 sets 75kg/18reps 75kg/17reps 75kg/15reps -- Really liking these, good alternative to barbell rows Machine pullovers - 3 sets 97.5kg/20reps 97.5kg/16reps 97.5kg/14reps -- up weight when I do these again Barbell shrugs - 3 sets 120kg/18reps 120kg/17reps 120kg/15reps -- 130 next week Seated ezbar tricep extension - 3 sets 45kg/17reps 45kg/14reps 45kg/12reps Dumbell tricep extensions - 2 sets 17.5kg/14reps 17.5kg/12reps Deadlifts - 2 sets 120kg/12reps 120kg/9reps Swimming 10 lengths To Finish 5 mins in Hydropool 10 mins in Sauna
  18. Monday 7th February - shoulders & Legs Feeling really lethargic, didn't sleep well last night, real struggle to motivate myself, opted for machine work mostly. Running treadmill 1 mile / 6:28 mins / 155 cals -- So closer to my PB of 6:26 Machine shoulder press - 3 sets 105kg/19reps 105kg/15reps 105kg/11reps Barbell front raise - 2 sets 40kg/15reps 40kg/13reps Machine lateral raise - 1 arm - 3 sets 30kg/16reps 30kg/15reps 30kg/14reps -- Haven't done these for ages, felt hard Machine rear delts - 3 sets 40kg/19reps 40kg/16reps 40kg/15reps Cable upright rows - 3 sets 67.5kg/19reps 67.5kg/16reps 67.5kg/14reps Squats - 3 sets 100kg/15reps 100kg/13reps 100kg/11reps -- Feels good doing these for reps Reverse leg curls - 2 sets 52.5kg/20reps 52.5kg/17reps Donkey calf raise - 3 sets 112.5kg/18reps 112.5kg/16reps 112.5kg/14reps Swimming 10 lengths To Finish off 5 mins hydropool 10 mins in Sauna
  19. You not got something similar in Indiana?
  20. Saturday 5th February - Fun Fun Fun exercise Had my first go at climbing at http://www.awesomewalls.co.uk/Liverpool.html Stayed a smidge under 4 hours, my fingers are red raw and forearms pumped, really good fun. I'm scared of heights so making inroads to overcoming my fear. Will be back again soon. http://www.awesomewalls.co.uk/images/Gallery/pic_54.jpg
  21. Friday 4th February - Chest, Arms and the dreaded Abs Running Treadmill - Warm up the body 1 mile / 6:36 mins / 154 cals Bench press - 3 sets 90kg/11reps 90kg/9reps 90kg/8reps Barbell incline press - 3 sets 70kg/11reps 70kg/10reps 70kg/9reps Pec dec - 3 sets 65kg/19reps 65kg/16reps 65kg/14reps -- Nice pump Dumbell curls - 3 sets 25kg/15reps 25kg/13reps 25kg/11reps -- Arms we're on fire after these Dumbell preacher curls - 3 sets 30kg/15reps 30kg/13reps 30kg/11reps -- Arms and forearms bursting Reverse cable curls - 3 sets 52.5kg/16reps 52.5kg/13reps 52.5kg/11reps Cable kneeling crunches - 3 sets 90kg/30reps 90kg/30reps 90kg/30reps Dumbell side bend - 3 sets 30kg/30reps 30kg/30reps 30kg/27reps Machine crunches - 3 sets 72.5/30reps 72.5/28reps 72.5/25reps To finish off 5 minutes in hydropool 15 minutes in sauna
  22. Thanks Man, feel like I should be doing more for some reason
  23. Liking the log Robert, Nice pics working out and some yummy grub
  24. Wednesday 2nd February - Cognitive exercise http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51XVUQtusBL._SL500_AA300_.jpg Finished reading this today, really heart warming book, telling Penny's experiences, as a soldier in Afghanistan and how he befriended the stray dogs in Nozad in Hellmand. The attitude of the local Afghan people towards dogs is sickening but thankfully Penny has made some positive steps towards changing this, setting up a charity to help the dogs in Afghanistan. http://www.nowzad.com/ http://www.amazon.co.uk/One-Dog-Time-Helmand-Inspiring/dp/0091928818/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1296690134&sr=1-1
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