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  1. Welcome! This place is great for motivation! Hope to see you around.
  2. I love watching your blogs. It's been a great source of inspiration the last couple of days. Hey, it's cool that you talked to Ed. I trained legs with him the other day and I'm still sore. He's a good dude.
  3. I'm down to help if you think you can use me. Good luck with the project.
  4. This is for yesterday, 3/12/09. 3 sets of 30 and 3 sets of 20 = 150. Running total = 21,445
  5. Are you going out to exercise at 6am without eating anything? In my own experience and in conversations with personal trainers I found that it's always a good idea to eat something first thing in the morning, just to get your energy up and get your metabolic fire going. Some people don't react well to heavy meals that early in the day though. I usually do a smoothie or juice to get me started.
  6. I'd recommend adding more raw and unprocessed foods to your diet. I went off the deep end and became 100% raw last April and my energy and mental focus went through the roof. If you're interested in adding more raw foods, I think green smoothies would do the trick. I can explain it more if you're interested.
  7. Thanks! I'm definitely going to have to start going out to Hollywood and Pearl since that's where all the vegan action is. I can't believe how many raw vegans there are on here. It's cool!
  8. Cool man! I can train at any 24 as well, except Tualatin for some reason. We should definitely meet up sometime. I could always use some vegan bodybuilding inspiration.
  9. That's something I could only dream about before I moved up here. I didn't know any vegans who were into training back in California. I'm down whenever. I can always make it out to Hollywood or Pearl.
  10. You know, I actually got a really good deal on my apartment and it ended up being much more affordable than Portland proper. It is nice here, and it's not too far from the city. Thanks for the warm welcome!
  11. I just hit up the pdx blossoming lotus today. It was great as usual. I love supporting them.
  12. Welcome and GO HEMP Protein!! Also good luck on the up and coming triathlon. How far away is it? Yeah, I love the hemp protein. I'm thinking about giving sun warrior rice protein a try though. Gotta save up cause it's expensive. The triathlon I'm shooting for is the Blue Lake Triathlon in June. I just did my first 1.5 Kilometer practice swim today, so I'm stoked. The swim is definitely going to be my limiter if I don't prepare for it a lot.
  13. Hi everyone. My name is Mike and I've been vegan since 2002. I've also been raw for the past year or so. I've been recently got into fitness and have been bodybuilding for the past four or five months. I'm also training for a triathlon. I'm 5'10' and started out at 118. I'm now 130 and am shooting for 140 eventually. For training I usually mix it up from week to week, but a typical week would look like chest/triceps one day, legs the next, back/biceps after that, shoulders/abs the next, and hit whatever area needs extra love on the fifth day. I'll put two off days in there, but never do them back to back. Sometimes I'll do some long distace cardio on those days. For protein I drink a lot of green smoothies and have one with raw hemp protein powder after workouts. I used to live in Los Angeles and train with IFFB pro Jamo Nezzar (I was also the editor for his fitness website), but am now on my own. I live in Beaverton and train at the 24-hour fitness on Watson. If anyone is near there and wants to train with someone a couple days of week, hit me up. Guess that's it.
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