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  1. Glad you're interested in the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. Here's what I would do to this diet plan. I don't have the answers, so this is only my personal opinion. * Breakfast: Scrambled tofu with LOTS of veggies, orange, green tea * Snack: unsalted, preferably raw mixed nuts, pear * Lunch: beans/veggie meat, roman lettuce, olives, olive oil * Snack: vegan yogurt or peanut/almond butter with apple * Post workout: ground round, quinoa, spinach, banana * Dinner: seitan/tempeh/other veggie meat, spinach, baby carrots, peer * Pre-bed snack: hemp protein, berries, ground flax seeds, flax oil (add a banana and make it a smoothie?) I'd also recommend adding a vegan protein supplement. My all time favorite is Sun Warrior Rice Protein. It's great for post workout because it digests quickly. To keep your energy up, I'd definitely stay away from milk and other dairy products. They will make you lethargic and slow you down. If you're concerned about calcium, try sesame milk. Also, when in doubt add more veggies! They have sooo much energy in them, you really can't go wrong. I hope this forum is an inspiring place for you. We're here to help.
  2. It could totally happen. She just needs to be "exposed" to Robert and she'll definitely want him on!
  3. You have straps? Sweet! I actually have some that I never use. Now I have to start. Sweet back pictures by the way man. Looking pretty SWOL.
  4. I used to get roaches and ants when I was living in Los Angeles. Now that I'm in Portland, it's just fruit flies because my kitchen looks like a produce section vomited all over it.
  5. Right on! Congratulations on being raw! I was 100% for about a year, went off, and have now been back at 100% for the last 7 days! Keep it up!
  6. Yeah, the SLDLs definitely didn't help, but I'm still glad I did them! haha. Training with LnG was great yesterday! We went to West Coast Fitness (a small gym next to his house in the St. John's area of Portland) and it was really cool. It wasn't even that small. It was three stories and the gym was virtually deserted. The first thing we hit up was the "treadwall", a vertically scrolling rock wall. It was rad. After that we hit up biceps and triceps and took turns picking exercises. We did: French Press (LnG) for 3 sets Dips (me) for 3 sets Barbell Curls w/ wide, medium, & close grip (LnG) for 3 sets DB hammer curls (me) for 3 sets Superset of rope pushdowns and cable curls (3 sets) It was a great session and probably one of the best pumps I've had since I started training again! It was very cool to see my friend again too. I have 2 more visits left on my guest pass and have until halloween to use them, so hopefully I can make it out there again soon. I also got some radical spirulina from vegan proteins. It's awesome stuff and going to go have some right now.
  7. Thanks MaryStella! Quick video blog update. Heading out to train with LeanandGreen soon. Will post our workout later. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wstp1ZmKlGc
  8. Sweet! Can't wait to see your videos! Yeah, I don't know if I'll actually keep it up for ever. I think I'm only going to make the video blog daily for the first month. Then I'll just update when there's something interesting to share. There's kind of a funny reason that I did stiff legged deadlifts that day. A couple of weeks ago, I was working out at the the gym and going to do some deadlifts at the rack. There was weight on the bar, but no one had been around for a while so I started getting ready to lift. This kid came up right when I was getting ready to lift off and told me he was there, but I could work in. I said I was doing deadlifts. He said, "Oh cool, but I'm doing bent over rows for my hams". For you're hams? Really? I said "cool, we'll row together". I went first and did a brutal set of bent over rows. When I was done he was like "What were you doing?" and proceeded to do still legged dead lifts, calling them "bent over rows". So, I decided to throw in some SLDLs on my leg day cause I thought they were actually good for my hams. I haven't been keeping track of calories at all. At this point I'm definitely no bulking, but I wouldn't say I'm cutting either. Mainly I'm just making the transition. However, I am eating about 6-8 times a day and taking 45-60 grams of supplemental protein a day (sun warrior or manitoba hemp protein).
  9. Workout was good yesterday, but shorter than I would have liked. Spent too much time playing with video crap. Biceps and Shoulders: EZ Bar Curls @ around 50# Hammer Curls @ 15#, 17.5#, 17.5#, 20#, and 17.5# Barbell Shrugs (bar in front, then in back) @ 115#, 115#, and 135# Barbell Shoulder Press @ 30#, 40#, and 40# DB Curls @ 15# for 3 sets Lateral Raises, Front Raises, and Bend Over Raises with DBs @ 10#, 15#, and 15# Today is a rest day. I was thinking about running during my lunch break, but it's raining and I forgot my running shoes. Damn. Video update for this morning. Day 5 budday! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMVK5hnTltI
  10. Video update for yesterday. Will post workout details in a bit. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20_Q0VEH3Gw
  11. Don't check him out. nothing he says is credible, hell the guy ran off to Mexico with people's money to avoid immigration services or something like that. All his websites have been taken down as well. extremely dishonest person. anyone who calls themselves a "solartarian" shouldn't be given two seconds of consideration. LeanandGreen however is an excellent example of what can be done. That's funny. Blackman always struck me as a shady kinda guy. For some reason, those accusations don't surprise me. Guy's still in good shape though. So yeah, check out lean and green. Unfortunately, the pictures on his profile are nowhere near as awesome as when he was in competition shape.
  12. Damn, you're crazy! Pretty freakin' awesome. Do you ever feel like you wanna fight those ring-side bimbos?
  13. Word. Propagandhi and Strike Anywhere totally get me pumped for lifting. I also like my Trial, Seven Generations, Verse, and Have Heart.
  14. Nice lifts! I'll be following your log from now on.
  15. I'm not sure about the raw diet myself, but that's why I'm trying it. I was raw for a year and gained 15 pounds while training. Then I fell of the wagon for a bit both in terms of diet and training. I'm starting up again, so I'll be doing it with you. Good luck and make sure to check out Lean and Green: http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/?page=bio_jack and richard blackman: http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/?page=bio_blackman.
  16. Thanks! I'll try to keep putting them out. Didn't get a chance to put up this morning's workout, so here it is: Deeps Squats (butt nearly on the floor) @ 45#, then 65#, the 75#. 3 sets total. Walking Lunges with 20# DBs. Across the gym (short ways) and back for 3 sets. Standing Calf Raises @ 200# for 3 sets. Stiff Legged Dead Lifts @ 135#, 115#, 115#. 3 sets total. Really short workout, but I kept it really intense with little rest between sets, except for the lunges. I hate lunges. They are murder. I'll be working out at the 24 in Hollywood (Portland) tomorrow. Not sure if I'll do back and biceps, or shoulders and abs. There will be handstand pushups though.
  17. Alight, I'm going to start posting video blogs on YouTube. I think I might be getting in over my head here, but we'll see what happens. The good side is that it'll put a lot of accountability on me to stick with it. Here's the introduction. Don't have time to post the daily update right now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUA-fRAF8H0 I'll have to put up my gym session later. Gotta get to work! Thanks for the comments guys!
  18. Early gym session today (the best kind). It was the first after three days off, though I did get in some pushups and pull ups at work. Pull ups using the bathroom stall = gross? Maybe. At the gym, I did: Bench Press: 80lbs for 5 sets and a 1RM max of 105lbs (new Personal Best) Dips: 4 sets, some full reps, but mostly negatives (concentrating on full range of motion and form here) Incline Bench with DBs: 20lbs for 4 sets Skull crushers: 30lbs DB for 3 sets Decline Crunches with 10lbs plate Leg raises Bench Dips for 3 sets BD Pullover with 35lbs DB for 3 sets Floor wipers holding a 30lbs BB for 3 sets Oh, and I warmed up with 10 minutes of rowing on a Concept 2; burned 115 calories. Can definitely feel it. Very stoked. Filmed a video blog, but might be too embarrassed to post it online. Perhaps it'll surface sometime soon.
  19. The burpees were killer, especially at the end of the workout. I felt like a wimp!
  20. Training with you was definitely awesome. Like I said, it was great to be able to push past the point that I can safely do by myself. We did: Push-ups to Cable flys x 3 sets Flat bench press x 4 sets Incline dumbbell press x 4 sets Machine press x 3 sets Overhead press x 3 sets Lateral raises to Front raises to Posterior delt raises x 3 sets Felt pretty damn good. Haven't done a good shoulder workout since I re-started my training. This morning I was back at it at 6am doing Legs. Turkish Get Ups for warm up: 20lbs, then 25lbs, then 30lbs (barbells) Squats at 135lbs x 4 sets Calve Raises Knee Jumps: 10lbs plate, 2x10lbs plate, 45lbs bar x 3 sets, 2x10lbs plate, 10lbs plate, no weight. Finished off with 3 sets of Burpee to pullup. 10 minutes on the elliptical for cardio.
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