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  1. Dang shoulder. Have fun getting your certification. Is it so you can be a crossfit trainer?
  2. Too bad! I'll have to take that time to work on my grip (which sucks)! Can't wait.
  3. I'll definitely throw in some burpees! That'll be cool and will also get my heart rate up.
  4. Looks like you're getting some good workouts. Sucks about the knee and not being able to deadlift though. I just got into that. I'm with you on trying to get a six pack. I just have to stick with it and do more cardio. Sweet Propagandhi shirt, by the way.
  5. I was at the gym at 6am today. Seems like that's the only time I can rely on being able to get there. I warmed up (which is new for me) with 1,000 meters of rowing in 5 minutes. The moved on to biceps and triceps: Parallel Bar Dips: four sets, last was mostly negatives. Alternating Dumbbell curls: 12.5lbs, 15lbs, 17.5lbs, and finally 20lbs. Rope Cable Pushdown: 30lbs, 40lbs, 30lbs. Rope Cable Hammer Curl: 30lbs, 40lbs, 40lbs. DB Kickbacks: 12lbs for three sets. Barbell Curls: 25lbs for three sets. This is my first real bodypart-specific training session since getting back into it. I've been sticking to mostly full body exercises, but my calves are still wrecked from Thursday, so I had to lay off legs. I noticed that my arm strength has diminished a lot since I took all that time off, but I feel confident that it will come back fast and build even faster (up until a point). Looking forward to busting out some Turkish get ups tomorrow and maybe trying some overhead squats again. I'll also need something random that I'm not expecting, so throw something at me! Also, I just looked back at my old logs and complied my personal bests for the important exercises. Deadlift: 205# Squat: 135# Bench: 100# Pullups: 15 reps Maybe not much, but my bodyweight's only 128# right now. The squat and bench are not 1 RM max or anything, just the heaviest I used to do for reps before I took my break. I'm eager to see what my 1 RM actually is.
  6. Oh hey! I just realized that you were a "crossfitter". I starting reading about crossfit about a month ago and never made the connection to your training, even thought your training log says CrossFit right on it!
  7. Wicked workout buddy. I'm always amazed at how many different exercises you hit for each body part. Keep it up!
  8. Didn't workout out much yesterday, just did some push ups, chair dips, and crunches at work. Today I hit up the gym at 6am and did: Pull ups and negatives Good Mornings Decline Bench Press (New 1RM Personal Best at 100lbs) Deadlift (New 1RM Personal Best at 205lbs, almost made 225lbs) Side crunches with 10lbs and 25lbs Decline crunches with 10lbs plate Push Up to DB Row Good workout. Now time for work.
  9. Forgot to update my last workout. I actually did my "Friday" workout on Thursday night, since I knew it'd be really busy all Friday. I did: Overhead Squats (Very light, but deep) Dumbbell Swings @ 25lbs (No kettlebells available) Leg lifts and hip thrusts DB Shrugs w/ 60lbs each. Stiff-legged Dead Lifts Cable Rows Tricep Rope Pushdown Standing Calf Raises holding a 25lbs plate. Good short workout. I was pretty beat from doing one in the morning, but I'm glad I went. Saw Robert and Julia, so that was rad. I tried overhead squats for the first time and I had to do it light so that I could work on form. It's no Sunday and my legs are still sore. Calves are especially sore, which is surprising since I didn't use that much weight on my calf raises. I guess it's just been a while. Looking forward to hitting it up tomorrow, but not sure if I'll have time. Tuesday for sure though. Thanks for the suggestions Mary Stella! I tried two, but am not sure what a wall ball is. I'll have to look it up.
  10. Sun warriors is the most delicious protein powder in the world! Veganprotiens.com budday!
  11. I'd totally be down to hit it up on a Saturday morning. Did you guys already go?
  12. Damn, that's a lot of leg work there! I did leg stuff the last two days, and looking at this makes me cringe. haha. Keep up the good work!
  13. I love that you're back in the gym man. Makes me more motivated to get off my ass and go too. Bummed that I missed the corn dog fest last night. haha. I'll make it out one of these days. I'll be in Portland area from 6:30 till 8:30ish, gonna be working out?
  14. And one quick note... I'm trying to keep all my workouts fresh and new, both to not get bored and to keep my body guessing so it doesn't get used to anything. I can think of a lot of different exercises to do, but it would be cool to incorporate things that don't even come from me directly. Suggest any exercises and I'll try to put at least three of the suggestions in my workout tomorrow!
  15. Thanks! The new job is good. I might be making that one full-time soon so I'm not so spread out. It'll definitely let me get more consistent at the gym. Hit up the gym at 6am today. Had another short, high-intensity workout. 4 sets of dips, doing as many as I could for full range of motion and then switching to negatives. 4 sets of barbell rows with 80lbs. barbell squats, going deep with 65lbs. Clean and Jerk with 50lbs. leg raises. bicep DB curl with 20lbs. with 40lbs barbell. 500 meters of rowing on a Concept 2. Good workout. My quads were killing from the knee jumps I did yesterday, so the squats were brutal. This makes 2 days in the gym in a row my record for the past couple months. If I can get in tomorrow, I'll be happy and take a rest day Saturday.
  16. Yeah, I know that 3-3.5% sounds pretty low and it's not just something I picked arbitrarily. I noticed that when I was completely raw, had the most energy, and felt the most physically fit I was around 3% body fat. Also, the only place the only place (other than my organs) that accumulates fat is my gut, so at 7% I have no visible abs. Turkish get ups are one of my new favorites. I love full body exercises like that because it's something I never did much of before. They totally kill me and I can only do it with a 25lbs DB max.
  17. Well, I've still been pretty inconsistent, but I got a good quick workout in today. I did: Turkish Get Ups (20lbs DB) paired with Knee Jumps (40lbs BB) for 3 sets. Bench Press, high reps with 70lbs, for 5 sets. Deadlifts with 135 (just above bodyweight) for 5 sets. Decline pushups with 10lbs DB for 3 sets. 400 meters of rowing The workout was quick, but high intensity. I'm hoping to getting small workouts in 5 days a week and progress to longer after I get it back into my routine.
  18. 1. Thanks for sharing your story! I've definitely felt that PDX is "Vegan Junk Food Heaven" too. ;-p 2. Shauna and I should come hang out with you guys one of these Mondays or Tuesdays. 3. I might be able to fix your bass jack. Sometimes it's really easy, unless one of the wires is disconnected.
  19. Yeah, these forums were my addiction when I first started! Without it I would have barely met anyone after I moved to Portland, OR. I wouldn't say I'm going for either bodybuilding or strength training. I'm hoping for a ripped physique as a result of increased fitness and strength.
  20. Hey everyone. I've been off the forum for some time now and the simple reason is that I haven't been training. I took some (maybe a lot) of time to sort out my professional life, and landed a (potentially) well-paying steady job that I can commit to instead of working 3 jobs a week and still trying to cram in freelance work just to pay the bills. I really haven't been on my game and today I'm getting back on it. Or maybe I'm getting on an all new game. New month, new game. Anyway, I love (and always have loved) this forum because it makes people (specifically me) accountable. Sharing everything in a public place keeps you honest, so in the interest of being honest and accountable, I have some confessions and goals I need to lay out. Confessions: 1. I have had more than a couple of days where I totally fell off the raw diet. I can clearly feel the effects of it and it sucks. 2. I've neglected my training, but I've already said that haven't I? Goals: 1. Get a visible six-pack. 2. Bench press my bodyweight. Last time I was at the gym I lifted 90lbs. I have a good ways to go. 3. Increase relative strength. 4. Get bodyfat between 3% and 3.5% 5. Make fitness a way of life, and not just a goal. 6. Serve as an example of what you can do on a raw vegan diet. I'm not sure what my training plan is going to be like. All I know is that I'm doing it raw vegan with intensity, dedication, and accountability. I'm going to be calorie counting online, more to keep track of the foods I eat than to restrict myself. I'm using livestrong.com now, but would love to hear suggestions about others. I've also been drawing inspiration from gymjones.com. They have a slogan that reads "There's a fine line between salvation and drinking poison in the jungle." I figure when I've reached my goal, I'll get what it means. If there's anyone in the Beaverton area that is interested in an EARLY morning workout partner at 24 fitness, please hit me up. I'm also down to be a virtual training partner to give mutual motivation to anyone who's interested in a similar program. I'll call you at 4am everyday and ask you why you're not at the gym yet!! Anyway, I started the day with a glass of cayenne pepper, lemon juice and water, followed by a couple glasses of pure water. Going to the gym at 6am.
  21. Yeah, I only ever look at "active topics" and the stickies don't show up there. I didn't even realize that the voting had started. DC Ninja is looking pretty damn awesome.
  22. I haven't but I always saw people on rawfoodtalk.com doing it. I actually think I'm going to try it tonight or tomorrow, because I can't see what I have to lose. I'll let you know how it goes.
  23. 1 week! Congratulations! I think you can stick with this man! Don't give up!
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