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  1. Ah, I remember when I used to update my training journal. Bench: 65x8 95x6 x3 sets 85x6 Decline crunches: w/ 10lbs weight x 3 sets Decline DB Flies: 20lbs x 10 x 3 sets Leg Raises: 15 reps x 3 sets Incline DB Press: 20x8 25x8 30x6 Side Bends: w/ 10lbs weight x 3 sets DB Pullovers: 35lbsx10 x 3 sets That's it. I've been hitting the gym pretty irregularly and was pretty pissed last night when I realized how lame my triceps were looking. So, I'm going to get my diet back on track and hit the gym regularly. I'm also going to start doing more cardio than my usual 5 minutes a week routine. I'd like to get by Body Fat down to where it used to be (3-4%) because recently it's been 8-9% and that looks like a lot on my frame and it seems like at least 6% is smothering my abs. BLah. Lot of work to do.
  2. http://mikkei.com/upload/VBBF/Mikkei-Tricep-Small.jpg I almost didn't enter because I'm not very happy with my progress, but nonetheless, here is my "Pac Man after he gets tagged by a ghost" tricep.
  3. Don't close it yet! I need to take my pix today! I've been off the forum this past week and didn't even realize it had started!
  4. I wasn't gonna say anything, but I got the better of myself. I've talked to a handful of IFBB dudes in the last two years and they always say muscle isn't build in the gym, you build it in the kitchen. Hitting the gym simply stimulates your muscles to tell them to grow. Feeding them is what actually "builds" the muscle.
  5. Seriously? Google Adsense is hilarious. http://mikkei.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/fit-300x205.jpg I don't know what else to say.
  6. BUMP! Seriously. Robert talked to me about this the other day and I seriously thing it's an amazingly effective idea. We all need to check this story out again and spread it around. Check out my run-down on my website if you need some clarification on how you can help get Robert back in the Willamette Week: http://mikkei.com/robert-cheeke-willamette-week
  7. Found out how to check the results. 11%, 205 Votes. Looking good!
  8. We could totally dominate it if everyone voted. But I'm not even sure how long voting is going to be open on it. Gotta get some more votes. I just put it up on my Facebook.
  9. Good call! I always forget about Facebook. I don't think there's a way to check the percentage to see how we're doing if you've already voted. If you read this and vote, post the percentage!
  10. Great job! You guys rule! I hope the votes keep coming.
  11. On June 22nd, the "voice of Google" Matt Cutts opened up voting on what he will give up for the next in a series of 30-day challenges he's been doing. On the list is "no meat for 30 days". Yeah, it'd be a whole lot cooler if it was "no animal products whatsoever for 30-days", but I'll take what I can get. If we can vote up his poll for "no meat" we may be able to get him to take the challenge (It's only at 9% right now). This guy is huge one the internet, so I believe it could actually influence a lot of people and at least put the idea of giving up meat into their heads. Find out more and vote here!
  12. Only a couple hours till it's official. DC Ninja rocked it! Good job dude! So much fun. Can't wait for triceps. Worked them out at the gym today.
  13. mikkei


    Hi! Welcome to the forum! I think you'll find a lot of useful info here. Hope to see you around!
  14. Yeah, Ryan Wilson is gigantic! Octo is huge too!
  15. Thanks for the "Happy B-Day". I'm all about a birthday workout. Sounds awesome!
  16. Welcome to the forum! Looks like you have an awesome frame to work with! I bet you'll get some amazing results. No leg workouts?
  17. 36,070 + 100 for the last two days. None today because I overdid yesterday's back workout and am taking it easy. I'll put in 100 tomorrow. Anyway... 36,170 Running Total
  18. Recently I've been listening to: Strike Anywhere Trial New Direction Propagandhi The Killing Flame Bane 108
  19. Damn, this is some amazing competition. I'm so honored to be a part of this!
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