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  1. I use an organic, non-GMO soy protein isolate. On the side of the labeling, it says that because it contains phyoestrogens, it is recommended that no more than two servings (2 servings is 4 tbsp, 48g and 50g protein). It was my understanding that isolate contained no estrogen. Am I being paranoid or should I make a switch to a new protein?
  2. What is the link between ejaculation and testosterone levels? I've heard this before and have not found it really convincing.
  3. I had never heard this. That is really interesting. What I had always assumed was that it was simply an animal by-product, i.e. not vegan.
  4. When I attempt to do pullovers, it really bothers my shoulders. Not the movement itself or its impact, but the way the shoulders roll on the bench just really bothers me. I do them anyway, but is this a way to avoid this? Another things with the pullovers is that I feel a good amount of resistance in my chest and I am sure that is a result of me trying to get the weight over, but I'd like to avoid this, too. Also, I took the tips you guys suggests with the rows! Awesome! Thanks for the help.
  5. I Love VegLife. That is where I get my calcium and b12.
  6. I have been trying to work on my lats for the past couple of months, but I have not seen much results and during my work outs, I don't feel much resistance. Currently, I am too over-weight and my lats are too under-developed to actually do a decent amount of pull ups, so I mainly stick with dumb-bell rows and bar-bells rows. The problem is with these exercises, I feel as if most of the resistance is being put on my arms. I may not be doing the exercises right (which is very well possible), but I think I am. Any help or suggests?
  7. You can make your own sheesh. http://www.ehow.com/how_2053821_make-raw-almond-cheese.html My friends make their own Raw sheesh--its really good. But it might be a taste thing. I have never tried to make it and I have not have any store bought brands, so I don't know.
  8. So apparently, Vega is also a brand of motorcycle helmets. I work at a coffee shop and in a woman's car I noticed a cardboard box with "Vega" written on the outside of it. It was plain and I could not see the actual Vega logo (either one), so I started to talk to her about veganism and body building. She said something like, "I don't really work-out that much but I try to stay in shape." I thought it was really odd that she had the Vega, then. She seemed really put off by it and wondered why in the world I was talking to her. She eventually told me it was a motorcycle helmet for her husband.
  9. I would not eat because of my disposition against the technological society.
  10. True. As the church became more and more centralized, the reading of extra-Biblical texts seemed almost non-existent (other things probably added to this: lack of printing press, illiteracy, etc.). But even as late as Aquinas, philosophical texts were allowed to be read by the church and even "allowed" to influence opinion in the church (hence, transubstantiation). But the texts of Aristotle come to us through Muslim hands and then through the Roman church, and there is no gripe that they are fabricated or the product of redaction even. Now, whether or not these scientists were "devout" or were nominally Christian, is not the point; the argument is that it is because of these (Christian) scientists that certain theories were brought to light. Granted, some (if not the majority) of these theories were initially suspect. I am unfamiliar with non-Western religions and so many of my examples will be Western, so I do apologize for that. There are atheistic religions of the world, too. So religion is not essentially belief in a FSM or an Invisible Pink Pony. Josh, I meant with regard to causal sciences. I'm not too sure where Newageisms come into play, but I am sure that I am no Newager.
  11. iBien venido, Socrates! Me llamo Alejandro.
  12. To say that religion is non-scientific is sloppy and misguided. For example, in the past, Christians were some of the best scientists in the world at the time (with regard to the Middle Ages). And so on. re: Science Quantum physics has much to say with regard to modernistic notions of "science."
  13. Admittedly, I am not Catholic, but I'd have to agree with Josh. Benedict is honestly very conservative for my taste (if you want a good liberal Catholic: Hans Kung and Gustavo Gutierrez come to mind). The Catholic theology regarding sex is, again admittedly, dated and somewhat odd to a non-Catholic (especially in the face of an epidemic). But I don't think you should take this instance (or any instance for that matter) and superimpose it onto any given religion. "What things?" Science, mathematics, philosophy, history, art, etc.
  14. I kind of expected that, I think. More or less, I thought it was cool that it was completely online.
  15. I am no expert by a long shot. To be upfront and quite honest, I have no idea how the macros break down. I suppose in ignorance more than anything, I tried to limit my food intake (as in not snacking as much, etc.) and I am guessing this limited my carbs and my calories. I'd be interested to see a sample meal plan if anyone has one available or willing to share. I am only beginning to weight lift (little over a year; and three months seriously). Thanks for the help.
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