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  1. http://www.ezyhealthfood.com/ They have Sun Warrior Protein, yum! (Grr, can't believe you guys can't have hemp protein here, and don't get me started on the price of bananas! There goes my nutrition plan!)
  2. I have 2 tubs of Vega whole food health optimizer and about 2.5 lbs of spirulina I can't take with me. I'm selling them for $50 each. Please contact me if interested, I'll ship anywhere!
  3. I think the problem is the high fiber, too. Try a smaller serving of the food you're talking about, and add more protein-specific powder if needed.
  4. It's nothing special, but I posted just a regular arms-length pic for my profile, and I'll get a good flex pic or something later! Anything to help you out! I'll also be ordering more books soon for the people at my gym!
  5. How much protein are you getting from food, normally? What is are body weight, goals, and workout like? This information will help us guide you appropriately.
  6. I'm bad and use my good ol' running shoes for running, biking, sports, and lifting. The exception is hiking, for which I have some sturdy boots.
  7. I say there's no harm in taking some extra omega 3 and DHA, so you might as well. Also, 3 years is a really short time for your diet to have effects that severe. I wouldn't worry, but take a supplement just in case. Good luck!
  8. Yogajournal.com is a personal favorite of mine.
  9. There's a product out there called Mimicreme, it's soy free and pretty good if you're willing to shell out like $6 per carton.
  10. On my legs and shoulder days (I combine them), it's squats, deadlifts, lunges, overhead shoulder press, pulling the weighted bar up (don't know what that's called), and finishing with shrugs. The way my personal trainer explained it is that you start with the biggest/most muscle groups, then work your way down to fewer/smaller groups. Shrugs are pretty small compared to deadlifts, so, according to this reasoning, after is better.
  11. I was on 1000-1300 for a year and nothing happened, I was just EXHAUSTED and fat. Now that I'm up to 1800 I have to work extra hard to maintain my weight, but I have plenty of energy, generally. I've been on 1800 for about 4 months now. My trainer says the way I time my proteins is important so I want to get this right.
  12. I use Iron-Tek, which I found at Super Supplements, I don't know if you guys have that where you are. It's a vegan tablet.
  13. I love food too, but supplements are pretty important for me. I can only have 1,800 calories even on my heaviest training days, so in order to get enough protein I really need to focus on supplements, unfortunately. (I have a metabolic condition that is not yet under control.)
  14. What about Vega vibrancy bars? They're easy and pretty calorically dense. Peanut/almond/sunbutter is pretty good, as are nuts and trail mixes. Hope this helps! I like clif builder bars, but they have a lot of sat. fat and soy.
  15. I can't find this anywhere, so if it's been posted before I'm sorry. My trainer keeps emphasizing the "speed" of proteins, saying I need a fast protein like whey at certain times and a slow protein like casein at other times. What are the vegan equivalents? I can't find this info anywhere. Thanks for any help!
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