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  1. Morning! I had such a nice dream last night: I was talking to this really nice guy from work and all of a sudden I jumped up and started doing chins from the top of the door frame, just hanging by my finger tips! Was gutted to wake up and find that it was only a dream, mind Anyway, went to the gym, looked at the weights and decided that I was going to up them and see what would happen: 10 mins warm up on rower 1,2x8 squats, Bar + 20, 25kgs (!! woohoo, happy with that! ) 3x8 calf press @ 59 kgs 1,2x8 lat pulldown @ 27.3, 25kgs - wasn't happy with form during that first set so brought down again 3x8 seated row @ 25kgs 1,2x8 chins @ 45, 41 kgs - def inspired by last night's dream! 3x8 obliques @ 8kgs 2x1 min plank/30 secs superman 2x10 rotator cuff @ 1 kgs
  2. Whooaaa, a few rather generalising comments on women who fight! Having been thai boxing for a couple of years myself, I know that I personally lack speed and strength (although apparently I can do a nice backfist! ), but I lack that, as well as coordination, anyway, not just in fighting. I've seen and trained with a good few women who definitely did not lack in either though!
  3. 2+ mile run with Sparky - not entirely sure how long it was exactly, but we were away for about half an hour and we had to slow down/stop a few times. There aren't any really quiet places to run where we live (unless we go there first by car), so today was another city run. Sparky is getting better at listening to me while all sorts of "scary" people and sounds are surrounding him, but still it is a rather unnerving experience for the little man at times, bless him. He's had his dinner and has taken himself off to bed to recover from the adventure. Kiera, meanwhile, is patiently waiting until it is time for us to go to agility - more short distance sprinting for me!
  4. Thanks for your replies! I've started DL'ing during my last workout; doing DL's and upper body while keeping the squats for my lower body workout day - and yup, they do hit my hamstrings! HumanJHawkins - appreciate the advice man! A 6 min plank is WELL impressive! I just really really REALLY hate lunges! And I'm lifting primarily to shape up and increase strength, so to be honest I don't care too much about what I'm doing, as long as it's effective and I enjoy it. If doing a handstand for an hour would be effective and I'd enjoy standing upside down for an hour I'd do that instead (we all know that handstands are useful for many a thing, but for developing quads/hamstrings they ain't ). I'm also very particular when it comes to form, I know what you mean, and I make sure I'm DL'ing with good form. I might still be lifting a bit on the light side, just because I'd rather have close to perfect form than lifting a few lbs more
  5. Yay, nice one lobsterrific! I couldn't do it after having swum and cycled first tho - I'm by no means triathlon-fit Okay, slightly new routine, I'm still faffing about till I find something that I feel totally happy with. Order of exercises was completely upside down, the place might be open 24/7, but that doesn't stop everyone wanting to workout between 4-7 tho! Any case, today was: 6 minutes warm up, rower. Was gonna do 10 but got bored. 3x8 DL (! first in 3 years or so!), Bar + 20 kgs 1x6 Mil Press @ 15 kgs - failed 2x8 Mil Press @ 10 kgs - good form 3x8 upright row @ 10 kgs 3x8 DB flyes @ 5 kgs DB's - no chance of grabbing the squat cage at that time, as well as a bench, so did these instead 3x8 decline sit-ups + 5 kgs plate b- improvement! 1 min plank/ 1x10 rotator cuff/ 30secs superman - 2 sets of. Was suitably knackered after that, but quite enjoyed it. Will enjoy it more when it's quieter tho and I can actually grab hold of the cage and a bench!
  6. Oops! A whole week of exercising and nothing logged 31/1 10 mins warm up rowing machine 2x10 Bench bar + 5 kgs 1,1x10 Chins + 41, 45 kgs - don't seem to be making any progress with those 2x10 mil press @ 10 kgs BB 2x10 rotator cuffs @ 1 kgs DB 2x10 decline sit ups + 2.5 kgs plate 2x workout at home: 1 min plank/30 secs superman/1x10 rotator cuff - 2 sets of. Pretty pleased that I actually motivated myself to do at least something at home. Had a really busy, really horrid week and I just couldn't bring myself to go to the gym and do a full workout. 5/2 5 min warm up rower 1,2x8 Squats @ Bar + 15, 20 kgs - slow progress there, but it felt fine! 1,2x8 Lat pull down @ 25, 27.3 kgs (the little weight that you can add weighs 5 lbs) 3x8 Seated row @ 25 kgs 1,1,1x8 calf raise @ 45, 52,59 kgs 3x8 chins @ 45 kgs 3x8 obliques @ 8 kgs 2x10 decline sit ups + 2.5 kgs plate. Order of exercises appears a bit random, but it was heaving so I just grabbed whatever was available. So switched to a 3x8 routine, will see what that does. Also figured that it might pay off to look at my training log before I start a workout 7/2 3 miles in 30 minutes!!! It might be that I'm now moving towards doing a 10 minute mile, at least for 3 miles, on a regular basis. Will have to start increasing distance again soon
  7. Total dog person here!!! Tell us more about him! What's his name, how old is he, what's he like - wanna know it all!! I've been feeding my dogs a vegan diet for over 7 years now and have been cooking for them for the last 5 1/2. My dogs are healthy and happy, they love their fod and they are fine with keeping up a pretty active life style: I'm doing agility with one of them and I've just started running with the other one, with a view to start CaniX events later this year. They do get vegan kibble in the morning, with a dollop of soya yoghurt, and in the evening I cook us all a meal. I just adhere to some basic guidelines, i.e. low fat and no added salt. I might use some stock powder every now and then or Marmite, as it's also a source of B12. Dogs cannot have onions, raisins and other vine fruits, the green bits and roots on potatoes, chocolate, alcohol and caffeine, so none of those is ever featured in anything they might eat. For protein we have, like vegan humans, a variety of soya, beans and lentils. Over the years my dogs have been checked over regularly by their vet, who is happy with their physical condition and behaviour and knows all about their diet. Another vet was dead against it in the beginning, but after having been in close contact with one of my dogs (who sadly died of cancer last year), admitted that she had completely changed her mind. Apparently keeping Malcolm happy and going strong for so long after his diagnosis was something that she had never expected! I can go on for ever and ever about feeding dogs a vegan diet, if you want to know more about food and supplements, by all means send me a PM! As for "imposing one's own practices on pets", even if you do feed them meat, you are still the one deciding what brand, what flavour and how much thereof your animal friends will get, so you are still making those decisions for them. Given the chance, my dogs would choose tinned food, with a lot of unhealthy additives in it and little nutritional value, manufactured, on top of that, by a VERY unethical brand. They would love their food even more, but would become obese, unhealthy and in all likelihood develop behavioural issues. I love my dogs as well as other creatures too much to leave that decision up to them.
  8. Hi Kisha Welcome to the board and congrats on wanting to go vegan - the world needs more of us! I've been vegan for about 15 years now, and for the last few months I've been working on losing weight, because I didn't fit into my clothes any more and was very quickly turning into a lazy couch potato! You can be vegan and not skinny you know, is dead easy! Anyway, just have a browse round the site, there are plenty not-skinny, but very fit and healthy vegan women on here - wouldn't count myself as mega-fit just yet, but it's work in progress! Check the health and nutrition section, there's loads of info on there. Maybe start a food and exercise diary; it might well be that you think you eat loads, but that it actually doesn't amount to much compared to the energy you use up on a daily basis. Without knowing what you eat and do it is hard to give any nutrition advice. Any case, hope you enjoy it here, this vegan work-in-progress should now shoot off to the gym for a much needed workout!
  9. As a matter of fact I once pinged my back lifting and handing over a crate of oranges to someone who was stood too far back, and once trying to lift my dog off a low wall that he couldn't jump off himself: I started to lift, dog moved away. I'd hope that neither of these situations will apply to a barbell I know what you mean though, and I try to always be very much aware of my form. I'm just slightly insecure about lifting weights where my back is involved, because I know I'll suffer for it for a week when I make a mistake. Will take it very easy on the weight first time I do DL's (today! ), just to get a feel for it again. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for your feedback guys, much appreciated! Lobsterrific - I've tried doing static lunges, but they don't feel right either I shall now replace lunges with DL's much more satisfying I reckon! I need to limit my gym sessions to 2 a week, so I'm doing a split of legs and back on day 1 and rest of upper body on day 2. I'd imagine that if I'd fit rows or lat pulldowns in between the squats and DL's, my legs will get enough of a break to reasonably recover between the 2. On the other hand I can add DL's to my upper body workout, seeing as that won't have an effect on the rest of my work out. I'll faff around a bit (again!) and see how it goes. Thanks again, much appreciated!
  11. I've been working out for a few months again now, not getting nearly half as much work in as I want, but making do with the time I've got. Anyway, I've been steadily training legs by doing squats and lunges. Squats with barbells, lunges with dumbbells. Any case, the problem is, I hate lunges! Can't get them right, don't like my form and my balance is far from great. Besides, you're training one leg at the time, and after 1 set of 1 leg each I'm well fed up. Now I'm not too great a fan of DL's either, if anything because I've 'pinged' my back a couple of times and I'm now quite worried about doing something like that again, but I would prefer them to lunges. Now how would DL's relate to lunges for working legs and would you want to do them during the same workout as squats? I realise I might be comparing apples to pears and make no sense, but I would really appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks!
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