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  1. I heard it on the radio, was well chuffed! Just THE best song to be an Xmas nr 1 too!!
  2. On Saturday nights people usually have other things to do that involve going out etc. I'm not one of them so I hit the gym instead, after a rather treacherous trek on foot over slippery grey mush - I like the look of fresh snow, but I hate the slippery side effects! Found that my foot is still quite tender, must have caused myself a hairline fracture or summat, and kinda twisted the knee on the same leg while negotiating the mush. This week has not been good for legs! So after trying a set of lunges I decided that nothing decent would come of it, so did upper body instead: 10 mins rower 2x10 bench press @ bar + 5 kgs (about 20 kgs/ 44 lbs) (really chuffd with the added 5 kgs! ) 2x10 chins @ 45 kgs/99 lbs 2x10 lat pull down @ 25 kgs/55lbs 2x10 seated row @ 18 kgs/ 40lbs 2x10 mil press @ 10 kgs/ 22lbs (no fail this time! ) 2x10 rotator cuff @ 1 kgs/2.2lbs 1 min plank 2x10 decline sit ups It's too slippery ouside at the moment to go for a decent run anyway, so I might just see what my gammy foot and knee make of the treadmill next time I'm in the gym. I'm getting old ....
  3. Sunday turned out a bit different than planned: while playing football with Kiera I managed to hit the floor with my toe with all my strength - ouch!!! Sunday night it hurt so much that I tought I'd broken it, so bandaged it up and hobbled round on it on Monday, hoping that it would heal on its own accord. Tell you what: homoeopathic arnica is amazing! 3 of those little pills and my foot only plays up a little bit every now and then - what a relief. I'm taking it easy on the running for this week tho, don't fancy being halfway and finding out that it hurts too much to continue and then having to walk back in the freezing cold. Today was a bit of a pants day: some of you might maybe remember Malcolm (the first half of my nick). He was my best mate for 7.5 years before he sadly died of cancer in May of this year. I still miss him every day, and today would have been his 8th anniversary with me. Felt rotten all day thinking about him... Did go to the gym tho, tweaked my workout a bit, changing upper/lower body to chest/shoulders/abs one day and legs/back/abs the other day. Reason being that I wanted to balance things out a bit better and while working my legs is my least favourite, working my back is my most favourite, so by combining those I'll have something to look forward to, if that makes sense. Today: chest/shoulders/abs: 10 mins rower 2x10 tri dips @ 110 lbs - scandalous I know, I've got no strength in that part of my body at all! 2x10 DB flyes @ 5 kgs DBs - bench press was heavily in use, so figured I'd do these instead 2x10 upright row @ 10 kgs BB 1x10, 1x8 mil press @ 10 kgs BB - failed at 8 reps 2x10 rotator cuffs @ 1 kgs DB 2x10 decline sit ups, no weights - I've barely recovered from the weighed ones last week!
  4. Yikes! Excuse early morning typing - and let's hope that lunch time break typing is better! I would split as: DAY 1: lower body/back: squats - use barbell or dumbells lunges - use dumbells wide grip pull ups/ lat pull down seated row/bent over row push ups (with planks or planks after) DAY 2: chest and shoulders: bench press/dumbell flyes triceps dips military press upright rows crunches Check the exrx.net exercise directory if you want to know more about these exercises or you want pointers as to how to do them - I've always found this site really helpful And I'd stay well away from Smith machines (before anyone hits me, my personal preference only!), because you just don't get a full range of movement. You could, instead of lunges, also find yourself a step aerobics kind of step, if it has several settings put it on highest and step up and down (stepping onto the platform with both feet) while holding dumbells. Before starting either workout I'd do a 10 minute warm-up on a treadmill, Xtrainer or rower. You're not training for endurance then, just to give your muscles advance warning that work is aboutto be started As for the number of sets and reps it appears that for endurance sports 2X10 is generally recommended, although again I'm sure opinions differ on this one. And I wouldn't want to do a heavy lower body workout one or two days before you're planning a long run, simply because DOMS would make that run a damn sight less enjoyable Hope this helps, and I'd be really interested to see other people's opinions
  5. It appears that many of the studies that conclude negatively for soy also conclude in favour of animal protein, i.e. meat. It's always worth checking who the studies have ben funded by, i.e. if it has been funded by the "National Union of Meat Cleavers" then it's unlikely to bring up anything positive about soy. On the other hand I think that millions of people in the far East, who are relying heavily on soy for their protein intake, would make a positive argument for soy. The China Study is one very interesting book on nutrition, thst is actually heavily in favour of a 100% plantbased diet, might be worth looking into
  6. Any recipe, just add a couple of scoops of protein powder to it I make protein bars by making flapjacks and adding a couple of scoops of protein to the mix. You might need to use a bit more fat to make them less dry, as protein powder sucks up a lot of moisture, but you can make the fat more nutritious by using part tahini or any other nut butter instead of margarine. In the UK 'crushed' tomatoes are called 'chopped' tomatoes btw
  7. Hmmm, this can prove an interesting discussion as there are as many programmes and training styles as there are trainers .... Personally I'd ditch any isolation exercises, like biceps curls and tri extensions, in favour of compound exercises - those that work more than one muscle group at the time. Chins/pull ups are great for chest/shoulders and biceps and push ups would work again both chest and tris (and I had them coz I can't do them!) - and are excellent core exercies too. Try combining planks with push ups, i.e. do a set of push ups but instead of resting hold a plank for, say, a minute (I nkow the theory, doesn't mean that I can manage it in practice! ). I'd prolly also prefer to do a 2 day split, i.e one workout only lower body and one only upper body, I reckon you'd get more out of your strength training that way. On those days I'd leave cardio strictly for warming up, i.e 10 minutes easy going on the treadmill or rower just to warm up and then hit the weights. Just my 2p's worth, fully expect to be slated now by someone with years of experience!
  8. I check people out when I think they look good, esp when they have tattoos (love em!) of either sex, and if I would find anyone of either sex looking at me in a way that doesn't say 'WTF does she think she's doing here!' then I'd be well flattered What does bug me in a gym (amongst a load of other things) is people leaving their weights exactly where they are dropping them - who do you think will tidy up after you, ya momma? Then the obvious activities in a squat rack that need anything but said squat rack - move somewhere else if you're not using it! People hanging out with their mates to natter and occupy benches and what have ya. In my old gym there once was a gang of about 6-7 of which only 1 was working out, the rest was all hanging out, nattering and on their mobiles, and just generally being in the way and making things awkward if I wanted to use a bench or the prized squat rack Last but not least: if you can squat/press 200 lbs, good on you. Please be so kind to, after having practised this, strip the bar back, so that an ickle woman like me, who can do about 20 lbs, doesn't have to turn stripping someone else's bar into a workout! Don't think I can ever be accused of being tolerant, can I now?
  9. However healthy it may or may not be, bottomline is that honey's not vegan. End of, as far as I'm concerned
  10. Been good this morning and already to the gym; gym on a Sunday morning at 9 o'clock is blissfully deserted! Did 10 mins warm up on rower 2x10 lunges @ 2x5 kgs BB 2x10 squats @ bar + 10 kgs (after I mistakenly thought that the 5kgs total from last week was a 2x5 kgs plate - DOH! ) 2x10 calf press @ 32 kgs 2x12 crunches on swiss ball - those weighed decline crunches last week were a mistake! My abs still hurt so bad I couldn't even do decline crunches without added weight! Got to remember to kinda take it easy, patience isn't my biggest virtue .... Am now having porridge, then will have to do the weekly shop - if that bloody van that's just parked up and blocked my van is gonna move soon or else I'll be going nowhere! - then dog walk and if I've not collapsed by then I'm contemplating doing a little off road run with Sparks. Happy Sunday!
  11. Been for a really nice, long walk today (plm 10 miles) over the moors and through the woods and thought I'd share some pics: My little girl Kiera http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v381/BillyMalc/Lyme%20Park%2012122009/lymepark12122009010.jpg My little man Sparky http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v381/BillyMalc/Lyme%20Park%2012122009/lymepark12122009008.jpg "And now whatcha gonna do?" After having cleared this massive puddle by either jumping over or going straight through, 'the guys' (as I call them) were interested to see how their 'not-so-agile' human would negotiate the wet and the mud http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v381/BillyMalc/Lyme%20Park%2012122009/lymepark12122009002.jpg This is what it looks like where we walk: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v381/BillyMalc/Lyme%20Park%2012122009/lymepark12122009013.jpg There are deer in the park, but I've never seen them this close and so not bothered by humans and dogs (on lead!) approaching them. The pictures don't do them justice, they were beautiful! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v381/BillyMalc/Lyme%20Park%2012122009/lymepark12122009021.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v381/BillyMalc/Lyme%20Park%2012122009/lymepark12122009019.jpg We're now waiting for the slow cooker to finish cooking our curry and then I anticipate a whole evening of doing nothing at all - seeing as the guys have already gone off to bed that seems a safe assumption!
  12. Thanks lobsterrific! It's good to know that there are not-so-fast runners amongst triathlon trainees too Was planning to hit the gym tonight, but after having had toothache for the last 2 days in different stages of agony, I've woken up with a really sore leg this morning - almost feels like my femur's gone out of its socket and back again but not quite right. Strange I know. I've been to the dentist for the teeth, but she found nothing untoward, and I woke up with sore teeth too! As I appear to have a habit of going to bed just fine and then waking up with all sorts of unexplained aches and injuries it would almost make a case for insomnia - but I'm too tired for that So nothing tonight, but the weatherforecast for tomorrow looks really good so me n dogs, and my new best friends Ibuprofen and Paracetamol will be going for a day out and go for a long walk. If I'm still on my feet on Sunday I'll then hit the gym for said workout and maybe even fit a run in (steady now Billy, you're not 18 anymore! )
  13. Hiya Mog! Well, somebody can actually take at least part of the credit for kicking my backside back into exercising again, missus Training is, again, a bit haphazard this week as I'm working overtime to cover for a colleague who's off on holiday. It just means that I'm spending an hour a day longer in the office, so an hour less with my dogs. I do have a neighbour coming in at lunch time, but still I want to spend some quality time with them too, rather than spending time in the gym. Did go for a run today tho, plm 35 minutes, felt good. I'm still not the fastest runner on the planet by far, but I keep myself motivated by looking back and realising what I can run now - albeit at a snail's pace - that I couldn't and wouldn't have wanted to run before. We'll get there in the end! Will try for another lower body workout again in the next couple of days ...
  14. Hope you're getting there sooner rather than later, viva! Although you seem to be getting a lot of training in as it is, broken foot or not - respect mate!
  15. Hey! You kept that well quiet!
  16. Not posted for a week, was feeling a bit 'not right', if that makes sense Went to the gym for a workout on Tuesday night, 1/12/09. Did: 10 mins warm up on the rowing machine stretch 2x10 lunges @ 2x5 kgs dumbells 1x10 squats @ bar + 5 kgs 1 rep into the second set and I got this feeling in my left hamstring, that if I was going down any further it would "ping" (my term for it, meaning that a muscle contracts way faster than it shuold, or contracts when it should lengthen - proper term suggestion would be much appreciated! ). Therefore stood back up too quickly and almost did the same with my right quad So abandoned that exercise altogether. Then played it safe, and did 2x10 calf press @ 18kgs 2x10 crunch on swiss ball Stretch Went for a very gentle run on Wednesday 2/12/09, did about 2-odd miles Today, 6/12/09. Went for a 2.5 hour walk with the dogs (nice! ), then had a gym session in the evening. Did: 10 min warm up on treadmill, jogging @ 8 kmh/5 mph Stretch 2x10 Bench press @ bar (bar is plm 15 kgs, tried adding 5 kgs onto it, but it wasn't going to happen, so stripped back to just the bar ) 2x10 lat pulldown @ 18 kgs 2x10 seated row @ 20 kgs - still finding my feet with these two, weight vs proper form throughout. I'm a bit of a "proper form" freak 2x10 military press @ 10 kgs 2x10 rotator cuffs @ 1 kgs 2x10 crunches on decline bench with 2.5 kgs plate (that will hurt tomorrow! ) Stretch (and stretching inbetween sets too!). Felt really good this evening I'm still finding my feet when it comes to exercising and doing programmes and all that again, it's been a while .... But I think I'm happy with what I'm attemtpting at the moment: 2 runs a week and 1 upper and 1 lower body workout a week. Although if anyone has any suggestions then that would be much appreciated!
  17. Thanks Vivalasvegans! Well, today was "the day", i.e. the day of the 5.25 mile run that started this whole renewed fitness thing off. Itwas cold and it was raining, and everyone else looked a lot fitter than me, but I did it! Ran/jogged almost all of it, walked a few yards a few times, and finished in 1:02, just under 12 mins/mile. Really pleased with that, considering that I've only started training again a couple of months ago, and not been that consistent either. The plan now is to incorporate a lower body workout (squats, lunges etc) a week into the whole training route and of course to keep running! Will now have to wait first till DOMS have all subsided tho
  18. Well I'm the "lucky" one who lives alone - with 2 vegan dogs! - and has a vegetarian mum as only family, who is happy to be vegan when she visits and make me vegan food when I visit her. However, at work we have a large, very food orientated team, and guess what, there are 2 vegetarians who are unable to cook anything without dairy (the number of mouthwatering cakes I've watched go past that turned out to have eggs in them - and there's me thinking: I could of done the same thing without eggs! ) and then there's me, "the vegan". So whenever there is yet another occasion for which everyone brings food in, I make sure that I have something extra tasty for me and I bring in something really nice for the whole team. Usually it's cakes, but last time it I took the easy option and brought in Linda McCartney sausage rolls and a few home made dips. Guess who's bringing the sausage rolls for the Xmas party - by popular demand! I can't help saying this again and again tho, you just don't encourage anyone to go vegan with an "all or nothing and NOW" attitude. I used to be like that when I just got vegan, I couldn't see that not everyone around me didn't see what I saw - even though it'd taken me the first 23 years of my own life to see it myself (!) - and when confronted with the facts didn't throw their weekly shop and new shoes away in dissgust, to become a militant vegan right there and then. It doesn't work like that tho, I've learned that you have to engage with people at their level and with what they are capable of and willing to accept from you. Else you're just looked at as the "vegan freak" and people will just blank anything you're telling them, and that doesn't help the animals. I think that at least I'm now known to the team as a co-worker who happens to be vegan, rather than "that vegan that I work with". Hopefully that will, in the long run, count towards veganism becoming more mainstream and a viable option for people.
  19. Whatever Ellen might not have "perfected" in her own life as a new vegan (she will be contractually tied to Cover Girl for all we know - and they won't just let her go because she's decided to go vegan and their products aren't), it is always easier to criticise someone for their imperfections than praise them for what they have achieved so far. Some people will get motivated by constant criticism, as it drives them to keep improving, but the vast majority of people will turn away when the emphasis is on anything that is not quite perfect about them and their (new) lifestyle. I think it is also extremely important that veganism is marketed as something that is "mainstream" rather than "alternative", for the simple reason that most people are "mainstream" at least in their dietary choices. So if Robert could have a chance to have a chat with any show host who is halfway decent - and preferably kind of popular at least - then that could be a huge boost for veganism. I'd say that the first thing that would need finding out is how to get in touch with Ellen's show's producers. Obviously I've got NO idea ow her show works, but often the host only presents the show, it's the producers who decide who goes on it and when. Just my twopennies worth ...
  20. Thanks Robert, it is really nice to be back! Finally made it to the new gym last night and did my first workout in aaages (well over a year I think ): Did 10 mins jog on the treadmill as a warm up Then did: 2X10 lat pull down @ 18 kgs (40 lbs) 2X10 seated row @ 18 kgs 2X10 bench press @ bar (I reckon plm 15 kgs), without plates 1X8, 1X6 military (shoulder) press @ 10 kgs 2x10 rotator cuff @ 1 kgs 2X10 sit ups on Swiss ball (and plenty of stretching before, inbetween and afters ) Felt really great, and I would of pushed harder with a few weights, if it wasn't for this run coming up tomorrow (eeks!!) and I didn't want to risk being crippled already by DOMS - well impressed with my own sensibility there, don't happen too often! The gym in itself is fine, it has indeed got everything you need and nothing you don't. I was surprised to see the number of people that were there at 8PM on a Friday evening, more than I'd expected. Of course I was the only woman in the free weights area, as per usual - plus the blokes were all 15-20 years younger than me. I'm sure I got a few looks when I went about doing 2x10 bench presses with just the bar, but it doesn't really bother me. I always get quite excited when I see other women leaving machines in favour of free weights, but it rarely happens unfortunately. To me, free weights ae the way forward! Any case "rest" day today in preparation for this race tomorrow. Sparky, one of my dogs, quite happily pounced on me this morning to announce that it was 6AM and thus time to get up. He obviously doesn't do weekend lie ins ... So we've been to the park for an hour or so and I'll be doing my usual weekend stuff today. Rest tonight in bed maybe ....
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