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  1. Didn't go for a run during the weekend - for the simple reason that there just aren't enough hours in a Saturday and Sunday The guys (dogs) had not been for a decent walk all week - other than going to the park - so Sunday morning was theirs and we went to the woods for a couple of hours. It's got a few inclines, so I kind of did at least something The guys were knackered and took themselves to bed after they'd had their brekkie - goal achieved! So went today, not feeling ridiculously great, but very aware of the fact that this race is looming in the now not so far distance ... Ended up doing 3.25 miles, managing to sprint the last 50+ yards home. Time wasn't amazing, 43 minutes (done better), but taking the wind and rain into consideration it's not too bad. Had a stretch and my legs are now satisfyingly on fire. Oh, and running with Senser screaming in my ears added a whole new dimenstion to the whole thing Ran past my new gym that's finally opened today, doesn't look half bad! Will prolly have a workout on Wednesday - if I can fit it in with everything else ...
  2. It does say on most prescription drugs (over here at least) when they will impair your ability to drive or "operate machinery". I'd say that if you are not 100% in control, no matter what the reason is, you should not be driving. If you've drunk alcohol you're not in control, and if you've taken drugs, whether or not they are legal and prescribed by your doctor, that alter your state of mind and/or ability to function, then you just should not be driving, simple as. Having said all that, I'd love to know who this quote is from, but I do agree that "life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving in a well preserved, perfect body- rather we should skid in sideways, martini in one hand, chocolate in the other, body thoroughly used up, screaming WOO HOO! What a ride!" - although I would prefer to replace the martini with brand or pear cider and preferably not mix with chocolate
  3. Added! With a picture of my mad "hooligans" - we're in Manchester (Madchestah!), UK
  4. Went for a short run today, did about 2+ miles in 22 minutes. 11 minutes/mile over 2 miles is a slight progress, cosidering that I could barely run a couple of 100 yards when I started running again a couple of months ago. The best motivation I find is looking back and realising the progress that I've made. Gym next week, woohoo!
  5. Thanks for that MaryStella - I've had a nosey and it looks interesting! Will have a good look later.
  6. WOW! You rock! And you are such an inspiration! I've only just started training again, and I don't have kids or want them, but I love reading your posts because they are SO inspiring and motivating! Lots of love and respect to you!
  7. And it's super cheap too, £10 a month! It's because they've cut out fancy things that usually drive the price up: there's no sauna or steam room (but there are showers, for obvious reasons!), and they don't have gym instructors hanging about. There is an option I think for hiring personal trainers, but most gyms have that anyway, and have instructors wandering about aimlessly, occasionally putting a few dumbells away Safety wise (thinking about working out at 3AM) the whole place is covered by cctv and a guy at the other end watching it all, so I'd feel pretty safe coming it at all hours. Mmmm, doing a workout on a Friday night when most people go out to get drunk - that is just the best way to feel all smug!
  8. Thanks for that! I've been sneaking time on the internet today at work and kind of read up on things, and found that fir running higher reps and lover weights are recommended, so it'll be 2X12 then rather than 3X8. Oh, and I figure I'll throw in a military press too - good core exercise (and, more importantly, I really like doing them!)
  9. Did a 3.5 mile run, took me 45 minutes, which is decent but can obviously be improved upon Really can't wait for this gym to open now, to get some weight training in too! I've spent my time at work well by trying to read up on weight training to support running, and it appears that light-ish weights and higher reps are the way foward. 2X12's it is then ...
  10. Fair enough, that's probably where differences in European and US legislation come in (I live in the UK, but grew up in Holland - where people travel to and from a 'coffee shop' by bike! ). What I'm worried about is people driving when they really aren't fit to drive, for whatever reason, and making someone else pay for it. I used to be a regular user tho "in my days" (says Granny), and sure enough they were happy times Can't stand the stuff anymore tho.
  11. Hi guys! While I'm not new to weight training, I am fairly new to weight training to support my newly found interest: running. I've only been running for a couple of months, irregularly to be honest, and I tend to see how I feel when I'm running and then decide on how far I'll go. To me it makes no sense to force myself to run 4 miles, struggling n all, when I don't feel up to it, and stopping after 2 miles while I've got energy for another 2 is equally frustrating. What I do find is that my legs give up way before my head tells me it's time to finish So my train of thought is that I could do with a weight training programme, because 1) I've joined a gym that is going to open next week (a 24 hour one! How does working out at 3AM sound! ), 2) I like weight training and 3) I reckon that stronger legs (and the rest) will help my running. Exercise wise, what I've thought out so far is: Squats Lunges Seated row Lat pulldown Bench press (weighed) sit ups using free weights as much as possible. As I've not done any weight training for at least 1.5 years, I'm thinking of doing 3X8, starting with "easy" weights to find my feet again before upping them. Would that make sense? This is the kind of training I've been used to doing, but not specifically in relation to running. I would love to hear your suggestions and advice about exercises, and recommended reps and sets. I haven't got a lot of time to spend in a gym (full time job and dogs to look after kind of put restrictions on time that I can spend on exercising), but I'm looking to go twice a week - and run twice a week too. Thanks for any feedback!
  12. Doesn't make no difference whether you're under the influence of alcohol or weed does it? Not fit to drive and a danger to others is just that, no matter what the substance is. Hell yeah! Cake is always a hit when you have the munchies!
  13. Many years ago (and apologies if this makes me sound like your granny) I was all "kill the [email protected]@rds, kill em now!" n all that. I'm still as vegan and pro animal rights as I ever was, but I no longer believe that declaring war on anyone who disagrees with my views is the way forward. The media are doing an excellent job demonising animal rights activists and protraying them all as violent eejits as it is. I think that the last thing that the animals need is the movement that speaks up for them is being dismissed as a bunch of tossers that are best ignored. You won't achieve animal rights by killing off abusers. Look at any other movement or organisation that is trying to get their point across by being violent - they're all depicted as terrorists and nobody outside their club wants anything to do with them. I've found that, over the years, I've been able to change a lot of people's perspectives on animal rights by just being upfront about the fact that I'm vegan, and answering any questions that they might have. Bringing cake along to any occasion has definitely also helped! They won't all be going vegan, but at least I got them thinking about it, which is a lot more than if I'd gone round shouting that I wanted to kill all the animal abusers. My twopence worth....
  14. Woohoo!! Did a 3 mile run this afternoon and I had some energy left to spare!!! Tried it the smart way this time, i.e. got home from dog walk, had some porridge with raisins, then had a nap because I was dead knackerd, got up and left. Found a new route that I like, and sprinted up every incline and bridge on the way - about 5 or 6. Hardly walked at all, only times that I had to slow down or stop was because of other traffic. So learned from last week and today's experiences: running 4 miles with inadequate food/drink/rest will damn near kill you, running 3 miles with plenty of rest and sustenance is SO good!! It might sound totally obvious, but I had to be reminded of the obvious indeed
  15. Hiya! Not been here for ages, for one reason or another, one of them being that my motivation to do indeed any physical exercise at all, besides walking my dogs, seems to be going in cycles of roughly 1.5 - 2 years ... As it appears, I've just ended 1.5 years of practical inactivity and started running a couple of months ago. "Running" is a loose term tho ... half the time I barely go faster than someone who's walking, but hey, it's the thought that counts! What's even more astounding: I've entered this 5.25 mile run in 2 weeks! Mate at work challenged me and that was that - should finally learn to keep my big mouth shut! So I'm trying to run 2-3 times a week, with varying success rates. My biggest "obstacle", so to speak, is that I work full time and have 2 dogs, 2 Collie crosses of about 5-6 years old, so still with plenty of energy to burn. They get taken out for a quick walk at lunch time by my dog walker, but they need and deserve more than that, so the first thing that I do when I get home is taking them out, and most spare time during the weekends is spent walking too; my idea of a day out is taking my dogs out to somewhere nice and walking all day Before you ask: I love Sparks and Kiera, my dogs, both to bits, but taking them running with me is, with their personalities, a bit more of a challenge than I'm up for at the moment Last night I ran/walked about 4.25 miles and it nearly killed me! I'm one of those as well who runs until the legs don't want to move any more, then walks until legs are able again and then jogs on. I know I could do with weight training to support the whole running thing, and I've signed up for a new gym that was supposed to open 2 or 3 weeks ago, but has postponed its opening till 23 Nov, too late to get anything decent done ahead of this run I will want to do some decent training tho, any suggestions for workouts much appreciated (I kinda know my way round a gym ). The best thing about this gym is, that it'll be open 24/7 - so workouts at 3AM are technically a possibility! Right, thanks for taking the time to read this whole essay (and apologies if it bored you!), any feedback much appreciated!
  16. Hiya, just wanted to keep this post a bit up towards the top of the page. Nat, we've spoken already about this, unfortunately sending cash from the UK to Canada will probably cost more in terms of exchange rates and the ever ambiguous "administration costs" (ever wondered who does the admin in these institutes? They must be filthy rich!) than the amount I could send. As you know I've got campaigns of my own to support as well. I'll spend some extra for these dogs who are, as I know you will agree, just as deserving. BUT, whoever doesn't already spend what they can in time and money on some form of campaigning (and I'm sure we can ALL push ourselves a tiny bit harder!), come on, give a couple of dollars to Nat's campaign! You might think that you've only got a couple of dollars (have a drink less on a night out!), but if enough people just send a cheque for the amount of the spare change they have in their pockets, this campaign will get an enormous boost! Come on, you all go "ooohh" and "aaaahh" when people post pictures of their companion animals. These dogs inside that damn farm are just like them, just as cute and deserving of a decent life, but instead they spend their lives in a sticking hell hole. Please, your couple of bucks in change can just make a difference. Or maybe not. The only thing that is for sure is that no campaign will definitely make no difference to these dogs!
  17. Dutch, English (fluent), Mancunian (getting there ), German (reasonable), French & Italian (basic). Italian must be my favourite language of those that I can actually (kind of) communicate in. Not much chance of me spending any considerable length of time in the country in the near future, but I still really like the sound of it. I'm quite lucky in that I pick up words of any language fairly easily. The problem comes when grammar gets involved I just love slang in any language! I'm still working on my Mancunian (the lingo they speak in Manchester, where I live) and the best compliment I've ever had was someone telling me that they'd never heard a foreigner with a mancunian accent as strong as mine!
  18. Didn't want to give you a dog pictures overload, but here goes: Mal in Macclesfield Forest: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v381/BillyMalc/Mal%20in%20Macclesfield/MalinMacclesfield003.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v381/BillyMalc/Mal%20in%20Macclesfield/MalinMacclesfield005.jpg It was raining, but fortunately we had a 'doggie bathrobe' in the car http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v381/BillyMalc/Mal%20in%20Macclesfield/MalinMacclesfield008.jpg
  19. I'm not too good at this training log malarkey am I? Fortunately my training is a little more frequent than the updates. Saturday 7 April: went on a 14/15 mile hike with Kiera. We went to Edale, which is hill walkers' paradise! We went up Jacob's Ladder, across towards Hayfield, right at Kinder Res, up William's Clough, up Alshop Head, across Kinder Scout, down again over Swine's Back and returned via JL. Now I know this don't mean anything to anyone who isn't familiar with the area, but believe you me, it's a hike and a half: Halfway up Jacob's Ladder http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v381/BillyMalc/Edale%2007042007/KieranmeinEdale07042007002.jpg "And how does one get off this thing?" Answer: say "biscuit!" http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v381/BillyMalc/Edale%2007042007/KieranmeinEdale07042007005.jpg All the way up Alshop Head http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v381/BillyMalc/Edale%2007042007/KieranmeinEdale07042007016.jpg Walking is tiring! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v381/BillyMalc/Edale%2007042007/KieranmeinEdale07042007015.jpg The next day, however, Kiera was a lot more agile than me! Sunday: gentle pootle along the river for about 1 1/2 hours. Monday: gentle-ish 4 mile walk with Mal in the woods. Tuesday: went to the gym, wasn't really sure what I was going to do, but seeing as it was about to start I ended up in this hiphop class, which was fun! Then there was a Body combat class, so thought I might as well stay for that too, so did 2 classes. Not done that in a while, but really enjoyed it Thursday: first Thai boxing class since before Easter - went 9 days without TB! Was a really good class, really enjoyed it and I think it went quite well too. Everything felt right; punches were hard, kicks went pretty much where they were meant to go and I finally managed to do flying knees!!! Friday: another GCamp (TB) class. Didn't go too well today. I was tired and combos just didn't feel right. Side and reverse kicks went well, but flying kicks at the end of the combo just didn't happen Looking forward to Monday, to the next class. This weekend the weather here will be gorgeous, and I'll be meeting up with several people to go for dog walks. Nothing strenuous for us human lot, but nice, safe territory for the dogs to have a good run and play I was thinking of doing body combat tomorrow morning, but my left quad and the tendon of my hamstring is still quite sore so I think it'll be better off with some gentle doggie walking exercise than jumping and kicking about for nearly 1 1/2 hours.
  20. Billy hates squats because Billys technique isn't proper. And can I ask by what intelligent means have you reached that conclusion? I'm not gonna deny that my technique is likely to be appalling, but the fact remains that it is one of those exercises that I have no desire even to improve upon. Anyway, not been here for a while, because of the good old reason of 'no time/energy'. I have had the time and energy to workout, just not to post about it. In the greater scheme of things I believe this to be the right attitude - rather than sitting on my backside posting about the exercise I'm not doing! Okay,so Saturday: went to the gym, wasted no time and managed a full body workout before body combat. Combat went okay so pleased with both Monday: TB. My shoulder is playing up again (something I literally woke up with about 3 years ago. It comes and goes but at the moment it is quite bad), which makes doing about 100 push-ups throughout the session a bit of a challenge. Did a combo of elbow, reverse elbow, low kick, but after the reverse elbow I'm consistently too close for a low kick. Got to work on that. Did flying kicks and knees again, which ain't going nowhere with me. I can't seem to get the technique right. Really frustrating Then on the other hand we got to do what I can only describe as a 'spinning high kck' - no idea if that's what you call it but that's what it felt like. Basically you come at your opponent, kind of acting as if you're going to punch them, then reach down as if you're doing a cartwheel but instead turn your body away while doing something like a roundhouse. Does this make any sense? Anyway, kind of got the hang of that, which I was obviously happy with Tuesday: TB again, same club, different trainer, and boy I don't like his style! The fact that just about everything didn't go right will have undoubtedly something to do with it, but he's one of those people who thinks he can make you work harder by saying that you're slacking and you're not putting any effort in it. Doesn't work with me. I get pissed off but in a bad way, not constructive at all. Did some defending of high kicks by moving your arm up and away, which then lands the kicking person on their backside. Didn't work for me but it did for my training partner who got me on the floor a few times. We also got to do a couple arm locks, and that was it for my shoulder; I was in total agony so sat out that combo. Not a very good session. Wednesday: went to gym, did a lower body workout, since my shoulder is still tender and don't want to risk injuring it more. Was alright, nothing special.
  21. Went to TB again today We did an awfully long warm-up, which I got bored with halfway through, but what do you do, you grin n bear it ;D First combo was just punches, and they felt quite good. Apparently kicks felt good at the receiving end. Just as well, because some of them felt good doing em too! After last week's experience with clinching (feeling dizzy, sick and having a massive headache for 2 days) I really didn't want to do this clinching combo. Hence I did it half assed, so it went [email protected] I quite like the elbow/reverse elbow/front/side/reverse kick combo after that, if anything because I seem to be getting those a decent amount of the time. Unlike the last combo; my flying kicks and knees are absolutely diabolical; I don't get it, don't get enough of a 'forwards and upwards' motion and generally it's just getting nowhere. So I'm treating them a bit like brussels sprouts: I've tried them, don't like them, won't try them again if I don't really have to'. I'm sure the quality of my life will not be noticeably affected if I never manage to do flying kicks. : After all that I spent 20 minutes on the step machine, as part of my preparation for this charity climb up Ben Nevis (more about that in a minute). I climbed the Kilimanjaro - and descended again! - in 20 minutes according to the machine. Legs suitably jellified after that
  22. Oh dear, only just started to keep a training log and I'm already slacking! So after a completely wasted weekend due to thai boxing class on the Thursday before, I felt well enough to go to thai boxing on Monday. Was so totally not happening, it wasn't funny anymore. We got to do all sorts of "fancy stuff", i.e. flying reverse elbows and knees (obviously not reversed!) and I just didn't get it. Apart from the odd one it just wasn't happening. I hate it when I can't seem to manage whatever kicks or punches and it's one after the other, if you know what I mean. I know I'm there to learn, but Monday was one very steep learning curve. Well after 2 completely shite thai boxing classes, some things went alright again on Tuesday. I normally don't go to the Tuesday class, but after 2 very disappointing classes I really felt the urge to try again and try to get at least something right this time round. What didn't go right was holding pads - ! just can't keep up, I'm a slow coach by nature. We did a combo of front kick, side kick and then reverse kick which went surprisingly well, considering that I really didn't believe I'd be able to do them They still need a lot of work, but at least the basis is there. Worked a bit more on my low kicks as well, they are improving ever so slightly, but high kicks were shite Punches were okay I think - as long as I keep my guard up as well : Did 20 minutes on the stepper afterwards and a few minutes stretching and then I was suitably knackered!
  23. Oh WOW!!! That's what I always wanted!!! Bit impractical with 2 dogs right now tho But I reckon it's a good thing to have, you'll never be without work for too long having one of them. Cool! Same old same old really. Littlegirlbunny and her dogs have moved in with me, so it's a nice and cosy affair at ours They're camping out in the living room. I'm sure we can fit you in though, so come over whenever!
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