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  1. Damn Hero, you sound so full of positive addatude man!! Your plans sound great, hope they'll all work out! What's a Class A CDL? And is 24 hr fitness really open 24/7? Good to see you again mate!
  2. Right, so went to this MT (muay thai) class I was so looking forward to last night, and now I'm knackered. We did a load of knees, which went really well, as well as blocks - was pleased with that - but then we went on to clinching, with your partner pulling your head towards them, and another technique whereby you actually throw your partner whilst holding them in a clinch. Great technique, but doing a few rounds I'm afraid my brain got shook about a bit too much. Been feeling sick with headaches and all that ever since. not happy with that, as I was going to train today as well, but can't see that happening inthe state I'm in!
  3. Hi Suz, thanks for explaining! Now I know it's something that I've done before I just hate running (and burpees!) with a passion, so it'd b e a challenge rather than an adrenaline rush, LOL! Good luck with your training, I'll definitely be checking your log to see how I can improve mine
  4. Hiya! Your log is so impressive!! I'll have a peek regularly to keep my own training interesting and 'on my toes' so to speak. What are 'suicides' btw? Like the sound of that for some reason (I'm an adrenaline junkie me! )
  5. Right, I thought it'd be a good idea to start a log here, so that I can keep track of my slow but sure progress and amuse you people At the moment my 'sport in life' is thai boxing. I go 3 times a week if I can manage time-wise. I've still got a membership of a gym, which is a 'health club' really (important difference! It means they got a very limited weights range and think that a Smith machine is the same as a squat rack! ), so I go there twice a week, if anything to get my money's worth out of my membership! They do a really good body combat class though - which is the reason that I ended up there, it's a long story - and it's nice to have a sauna and a jacuzzi after 2 hours of hard work Weights-wise I try to fit in a full body workout twice a week, if anything to support strength in thai boxing. I have to admit that I don't enjoy weights as much as I used to, possibly because I don't train enough to see measurable progress - I'm very impatient on top of everything else! I'd love to do more bag work etc for thai boxing, but the opportunity is just not there at the moment. Long intro, I'm sure you'll all have either fallen asleep or moved to another page by now! Anyway, felt right rough last night, but decided to haul my carcass to the gym anyway, and it turned out to be quite good Did: Leg press Hamstring curl Supported chins Military press DB press Seated row Back extensions Abs Everything 1 warm up set of 8, then 3x8. Whilst writing this I figured that I obviously could do DB squats rather than machines - which I've always thought were inferior to free weights - problem being that I hate doing squats. Might be a challenge for me to set myself! Thai boxing today!!
  6. I've been around a bit Although saying that I'm "Somewhat Well Traveled in Africa (25%)" just because I spent 2 weeks in Egypt seems a bit rich; surely that doesn't count for 25% of the whole African continent? I wish I had seen 25% of Africa! You Are Very Well Traveled in Western Europe (64%) You Are Very Well Traveled in the United Kingdom (63%) You Are Well Traveled in Scandinavia (60%) You Are Well Traveled in Southern Europe (60%) You Are Somewhat Well Traveled in Eastern Europe (40%) You Are Somewhat Well Traveled in Australia (38%) You Are Somewhat Well Traveled in Africa (25%) You Are Somewhat Well Traveled in the Middle East (25%) You Are Somewhat Well Traveled in Asia (21%) You Are Somewhat Well Traveled in the Western United States (21%) You Are Mostly Untraveled in Canada (20%) You Are Mostly Untraveled in the Northeastern United States (14%) You Are Untraveled in Latin America (0%) You Are Untraveled in New Zealand (0%) You Are Untraveled in the Midwestern United States (0%) You Are Untraveled in the Southern United States (0%)
  7. I won't tell Mal and Kiera this, coz they might be well offended!
  8. I'd rather not have em sing up on the board, the screen might crack! (ssshhtt, they're not very gifted in that department!) When they tell me a bad joke, more or less the same happens in reverse: I go "you wot?" They look at me as if I'm the one who's dim, and I end up walking away. They end up sniggering behind my back tho
  9. Sometimes it does provoke a bark and/or wagging tail! Overall tho, I think our communication is defined by them repaying me with their jokes, i.e. a bad joke on my part gets repaid by a bad joke on theirs. For example a joke of mine that does not go down well might well get repaid by the "You wot? can't hear ya!" sketch, after which they walk the other way when I'm repeating myself. I do think it'd be in no way unethical to laugh openly about that, I am sure they'd well appreciate having an amused audience
  10. Funny that, people always tell me I should do stand-up comedy. I'm a lazy git tho, I rather sit down.
  11. I agree with you Bronco, joking is indeed an art. There are even different styles of joking. I myself for example am practically fluent in cheesy joking. Do not worry tho, no animals were used or killed in the process, and so they are suitable for vegans, altho some jokes do get tested on my canine companions. However, seeing as they repay me with their particular style of canine joking - one that is sometimes quite hard to understand - I do not see this as abusive, one way interaction that only exists for my entertainment. Taking this back to the original thread, while I do believe in the importance of never allowing the focus to be taken away from the original post, I am also concerned about the conditions that buzz has brought up in his eloquent reply above. Humourcolbamin deficiency indeed is a condition that should be made fun of, as this can actually relieve the condition, if not potentially halt the spread of it. I myself am not too keen on conventional medical science, so would not want to suggest any of the usual treatments. Instead I think that the 'go-with-the-flow' approach that is so prevalent in chinese medical history could be very useful indeed.
  12. It is indeed! Unfortunately you're totally right drummerboy. The media overall does not seem interested in facts, or reporting anything that could in any way shake up the status quo. They are interested in sales figures and if an animal rights demo that gets out of hand ups the sales figures then it gets front page - with a big picture and hardly any real report of what's going on. That seems to be the best you can get really, and it seems that many people still think that letting themselves be used by the media gives them at least a chance to reach some people. Whether this is right, and whether the amount of people you'd turn away from animal rights/veganism won't be bigger than the number of people who become interested I don't know. I guess it's one of those immeasurable things.
  13. That's because you dont know me that well (yet? ). Nah, I reck it's coz I'm not psychic
  14. The closest thing i could find to a fainting emoticon was this: Better bookmark this page then, LOL!
  15. Okay, can see your point. But that was not at all clear to me from your original post
  16. Doesn't happen often but I'm with Cgirl here! To me violence is justified in self-defence or in defence of someone who can't defend themselves. I've defended myself when a bloke wanted more from me than I was prepared to give and same when another one tried it on with a friend who was too petrified to give him what for. Was justified in both cases methinks.
  17. I think I've said this before, but my consideration would be what is MOST EFFECTIVE in terms of campaigning. If you push people away by being too pushy/aggressive then what do you achieve in the end? I've met sooo many more or less mainstream people, you know, the kind of Joe/Joan Bloke who you want to inform/educate so that they change their ways, the kind of people you want to reach with campaigns, who are totally fed up with pushy animal rights activists. They don't want to know, they don't want to hear because they're not ready/able to deal with all that information in their face. Maybe that doesn't save the pig/cow/dog right now, but by using a different tactic you MIGHT just get them to think it over more slowly and they MIGHT go veggie or not buy a dog from a breeder later on in life. I used to be really vocal with demos and all that, till I found that what I was achieving most of all was venting my anger. I'd find that people around me, who weren't involved in animal rights, had heard about the demo, and vaguely knew what it was about, but had only heard of clashes with the police and lots of shouting. It never seemd to generate any interest in what it really was about at all. Now I've talked a lot to people about veganism, have fed a load as well, and that seems to go down well - talk as well as food. What I've been given the impression is that they've been curious about it, but never found that they had the opportunity to ask, because they didn't want to be called "ignorant" and "murderer" for not being vegan yet! For me personally this works a lot better. I much more prefer being positive than being angry all the time, and if that means that people are more interested in what I have to say I feel I can reach more people more effectively then by shouting and waving banners at demos. As much as I hate to say it, animal rights is about people. However much you don't like them or their ways, when it comes to Joe/Joan Bloke you have to play the game their way if you want to make any progress (I think - might be completely wrong here! )
  18. Thanks Michelle and Crash, that sounds really helpful, will try all that!
  19. errr... thanks guys (Mal and Kiera ARE awesome tho, that's true! )
  20. Thanks Daywalker! I'm glad that I seem to remember some things from my fitness days! I should correct myself tho: weightlifting isn't great for losing weight as such, as muscle actually weighs more than bodyfat. So you could end up looking great, all toned up and all that, and actually weigh more. I'd agree with Aaron here, if your goal is to shape up then ditch the scales and watch your clothes/yourself in the mirror. Keep us updated on how you get on!
  21. Hiya, took about half a dozen attempts to get onto the board this time To answer all the questions in one go: This is the only site (so far) I have trouble with I have a really fast ADSL connection (maybe too fast? I dunno) I've got Firefox to allow cookies I don't really want to use IE because of the virus and what have ya risks. Like I said, I'm technically challenged, at least when it comes to computers, but I've been told several times by people who knw what they're doing that they don't recommend using IE, so I stick with that. Thanks for your replies guys!
  22. Hi all, I signed up yesterday, but I'm having great difficulty accessing the message board. More often than not I just get the blue background screen, with the above 'Home' icon and a white bar and that's it! Reloading doesn't work, and it takes endless faffing around to finally get on the message board. Not really sure how long I'll stick around if it takes so much hassle. Is it me, my browser (I use Firefox) or something to do with how the site's created? I'm totally technically challenged, so couldn't figure this out myself if I tried, so that's why I thought I'd ask.
  23. Just wanted to say hello! I've only joined up last nite meself. As for your questions, it would be helpful if you could keep a diary of what you eat and drink and post it in the relevant section, just so that people can have a look and base their advice and suggestions on that. For starters, do you drink enough? Sodas and drinks with caffeine in them don't really count! And depending on what those 12-1500 calories consist of, your body might have decided that it needs more energy than it's getting, so might be holding on to the 'reserves' it's got. It seems that eating little and often, and drinking a lot of water, does the trick. I used to know a girl who came into the gym every day to work out and lose weight, and became totally disheartened when she didn't. Turned out that she almost starved herself - and drank black tea to get her fluids in! - so her body was refusing to give up what it had! How often and how long for do you do aerobics? Do you really work up a sweat every time? You might want to invest in a heart rate monitor, to check your heart rate. If it's not consistently raised for about 20 minutes at a time, it won't do much for your weight loss. Have you tried weightlifting? Contrary to what many people believe, weightlifting is great for losing weight! The exercise makes your heartrate go up, and body muscle requires more energy (calories) than bodyfat, so you'll burn off more of that, even when you don't work out! If you're new to weightlifting tho, I'd really recommend joining a gym for at least a while, and get an instructor to teach you how to lift correctly. Many people injure themselves, because they go out and buy themselves some heavy weights, set it up in the garage and start lifting, with only the manual as a guide. Don't do it! Anyway, that's my idea of things, it seems that there are loads of very knowledgeable peeps on this board so I'm sure you'll be getting tons of really good advice!b See ya!
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