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  1. Hey Michael! You really didn't think I'd always been that lazy and still felt at home on a vegan fitness board, did ya? I actually kept a training log at some point, must've disappeared before you joined!
  2. Interesting thought, altho I can't really give any answers. Chesty, as far as your friend goes: yes the sun'swarmth can penetrate the earth and it is the warmth that the seed will need to grow - like they also grow under very strong light in a green house, right? The UV rays - which are the damaging parts of the sunshine - don't go thru a t-shirt or the earth for that matter. To my knowledge dogs don't tan, but they can get sun burn. That's why it's often advised to put sunscreen on white dogs' ears and noses on a particularly sunny day. Topher, remember the state Kiera's nose was in when you were here? It's really cleared up a lot now the sun's less strong. I'm sure it must've been some kind of sun allergy. Time will tell.
  3. Hiya, many of you on here will know me already, just thought I'd come up with a different username, so as to include Kiera, the li'l hooligan For those of you that don't know me - and wanna find out! - hiya! My name's Billy, I'm female tho - was named after Billy Idol at a time when I was walking round looking like a (sort of) lookalike of the geezer. Will be going to see him, finally, when he does a gig in Manchester in 3 weeks' time, hi hi! Other than that, I've been vegan for about 10 years and for a few years, up till about a year or so ago, well into fitness and weightlifting. I even made it to qualified fitness instructor! Alas, I then found out that conditions in the (at least UK) fitness industry aren't all that, and so I decided to remain a "dormant fitness instructor" Subsequently I F-ed up my shoulder somehow, and couldn't (still can't) do my favourite lifts, like deadlifting and benching, so I got fed up with going to the gym and just doing the things I didn't really enjoy anyway, but stuck with as part of the program. Seeing as I work on a fruit n veg stall, I suppose I keep reasonably fit by lifting boxes and sacks of produce and building the whole affair up in the morning. I also walk lots, with "The Family", canine housemates Malcolm and Kiera (hence the username). I'm absolutely madly in love and obsessed by these 2 - Mal is coming up to 9 and Kiera is about 2 and they are both rescue dogs. I'm also very proud to say they are "indoor vegans"; I can't always control what rubbish they sink their teeth into when out on walks, but no dead animal's body parts cross our door step for their dinner! I cook us dinner every night and I'm very pleased to say that they are both a picture of health! I can talk for 25 hours in a day about them and their homecooked diet, but in order to not freak out everyone who isn't into these subjects, by all means pm me if you want to know more. Besides all of the above, those of you who didn't know this particular feat about me already will by now hve found out that I can and do talk for England on any given subject See ya 'round!
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