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  1. Thanks so much everybody, it's great to have a community of support this accessible. I look forward to meeting with and chatting with you all. Thanks again for all your help. ------------- Wolf
  2. Thanks for the advice, and the welcome brother, I already know this site and community is going to be a huge help in my road to vegan bodybuilding, thanks to people like you man. Train hard, be strong, in all that you do. Wolf
  3. Ok so I'm a total newbie, I've never posted to an internet board before, and I just became vegan, actually I just became a totally raw vegan dieter. I'm nervous about the whole thing actually but here we go. I'm a 32 year old male from Portland OR, I have been a meat eater, and anything else eater, my whole life until about two weeks ago when I did the Stanley Burroughs lemonade fast that has gained recent publicity. I have always worked out some way or the other and have maintained a fairly good physique. I am currently 6' 3" and weigh in about 185lbs. I have gotten to the point of weighing in at 230 and having only 7% body fat, but that was on a diet that I cannot even conceive now. So I guess i am just wanting to be that size again but in a cleaner way. I heard spirulina is the way to go for the best protein, but I have a ton of unanswered questions rolling in my head about this new life of fitness. Thanks for having a site like this, it takes some of the anxiety away from all of it. Wolf
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