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  1. Hey everybody! It's been a while since posting anything here i know. i posted my training underneath. mostly running and some ab excercices. i really got hooked on the running and bodyweight leg training. i had to stop training Monday 7 of April untill already today.. The plan was to run 5KM for 22 days straight, as it is the day and month of my birthday, that looked like a nice challenge that i could fulfill. unfortunately on that monday morning i got out of bed and walked around the house as i sneezed and just collapsed on the floor. my lower back got a big shock from the sneezing causing me to collapse. the first hour i couldn't move and was afraid something bad had happened. after 1,5 hours i got to move just a little bit again. didn't go to the doctor and taking rest now as much as i can. after a good week and a half it goes better..i hope i can run a 5K next monday, that'll be after 2 weeks. i still feel 'something' is there but i got more rest ahead. it's really a bummer since i got really addicted to outdoor training..so that's pretty much it. http://i57.tinypic.com/35ir85w.jpg http://i61.tinypic.com/23wr413.jpg http://i61.tinypic.com/2qv44t0.jpg http://i58.tinypic.com/2n73vnr.jpg Hi Dylan, how are you man? I hope you're doing great in Brooklyn..? Next year we'll visit NYC again, looking forward already!
  2. had a 10.5K run Wednesday evening and a +10K with the 10 times uphill/downhill run + 4 times uphill backwards, some bodyweight squats and lunges also. did the squats when i noticed a squirrel collecting acorns in the brown leaves on the ground. beautiful nature. have a great weekend everybody!!
  3. had a 10.5K run Friday evening and a +10K with the 10 times uphill/downhill run + 3 times i ran the uphill part backwards which creates a nice burn. loved it!
  4. 10.5K run. had among other things sweet potato afterwards, i like it sooo much! hadn't eaten sweet potatoe since ?? some years at least, i didn't know what i was thinking whole that time.
  5. yesterday evening finished the workweek with a 9K. took the week off from running because i didn't felt that great, it was like a flue feeling roaming in my body, feeling weak, cold and muscles that hurt. yesterday i felt better and took the chance to have another run not feeling 100% yet but it turned out good not great. ths morning i feel a little bit sore which i hadn't the past weeks of running. for breakfast big bowl of oats with almond milk, 20g protein shake and a banana. might go to Brussels today to meet a friend and stroll trough the city. have a nice weekend everybody. End addiction today!
  6. 9K 2 evenings in a row last week and this morning about 10K with 10 times uphill/downhill run. from starting point to the top is about 400m and goes from 0 to 53m above sea level. yesterday my girlfriend, me and my mom went to a city to go eat at our favourite restaurant for lunch and take dinner at a very good indian restaurant and visit a Christmas market in between. now i had a Yorkshire terrier for 16 years and my girlfriend and i had a Dobberman pincher for 17 years. we really love dogs and had two little ones for years and they been trough a lot with us during that life period. what i want to say is it really makes me sad to see how dumb people can be by taking their little dogs with them (on a leish) to a city on a Saturday afternoon (any day really). these little dogs get kicked, stumped, getting feet of humans on their little feet and so on. so when i saw i Yorkshire yesterday (twice on different places in the city and on the Christmas market) i became sad. Very hard for me to keep positive on those moments. this was just something i have to get off my heart.
  7. i know already you're going to love the blender and definetely the tasty things that 'll come out of it enjoy delicious smoothies!!
  8. 9K yesterday evening and 9K this evening. now a big plate with lots of spinach and mashed potatoes. i have no immediate plans of running a race Mike, maybe next year in spring who knows i just enjoy running outdoors for the moment and pushing my own limits. i'm not really competition minded either.
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