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  1. I have always thought that to build muscle you need water protein train to failure mulit and vit C just the basics, your muscle is like a sand castle there is always something eating away at it, and using the items above, you can build the muscle back up and stay ahead of the erosion process...
  2. plus 5 ---yes that is five....hey, its a start-- running total 24,650 big al
  3. you look really really cut, big diffreence from your first post..... crazy question, how long have you been vegan>? how long have you been bodybuilding? al very inspirational BTW Thanks for the posi comment. I would like my muscles to feel fuller and rounder. Anyone have any suggestion on what I should do in these last 6 weeks? Im getting sick of being restricted on diet, but I know I have to do it!! Here are some pics in my medium trunks right after 50min of cardio(25 treadmill/25 bike) and some situps. I felt much better taking these pics. http://i43.tinypic.com/if25qs.jpg http://i44.tinypic.com/svm91l.jpg http://i42.tinypic.com/19xkye.jpg http://i41.tinypic.com/fucmio.jpg
  4. yes, a good pullup bar that locks into the trim on your door opening is really good and you can pull them off the door, and do pushups on the floor with it I think it is 30 or 40 USD al
  5. actually a good deal for 20 bucks! 5 burgers and all that other stuff actually, that is kinda tough for me to watch, I am jsut starting , and sometimes I have cravings..... but I am holding out and holding on strong! crazy omnivores! al
  6. so, is there any other sources to find out about 'combining protien' like soy/rice combination or what to choose and when sorry bout the noob post, but I am just starting.... and, how much protien do you folks take per pound of body weight? al
  7. I have used coconut oil with good results....it takes the high heat. good for stir fry!
  8. hey, thanks for all the warm welcomes! I have been reading thru the threads, and learning as I go and, I have found that I am stronger in the gym because of my new diet. Even tho I have not been keeping a regular gym schedul but that is changing thanks again, and glad to be here. al
  9. So, Worked out today, upper body. 5 muscle groups. It is my second workout since vegan started 3 weeks ago for me. (I know, I must get to the gym more. In fact, it is my 3rd time this year, oncer per month! Nah, I am excited to go more frequently now---) I am doing 2 warm up sets, then one heavy set, 8 to 12 reps. I want to do all body parts every other day, but today just did upper body stuff. I did this workout back in the 90s, and thought it was very good. Reading here, I gues it is an option for a vegan lifestyle. So, I am going to do this "system" of working out for a while.... HERE is the good part! I was feeling MUCH stronger with my new vegan body than I was before vegan! Now, I haven't been to the gym for some time, so I wasn't expecting much. But after reading here that intensity is key, I just "went for it" while pushing the weight around. (Mostly free weights, major compound movements, bench, seated mil press, and on the gravitron-- dips , pull ups, and palm facing pull ups for biceps) For some reason, I thought that I would be more "fragile" by eating only vegan protien, vs. Animal protien. WRONG! I felt great! So, I have to push harder and see how far my new body can go. Andddddd- hahahha. I told some dude I was vegan, he said "no way, you can't lift without animal protien". I mentioned this site. Then he said, "go work out hard, and see if at the end you don't want a burger or a pice of chicken!!!". Exactly. No thanks! Can't wait to get to the gym tomorrow! Al
  10. Hi, I have done bodybuilding in the past--- 185lbs 27 percent to 169lbs 10 percent on the EAS challenge program but that was years ago! 3 week ago, I was 207 and 29 percent now I am 195 and 28 percent due to my totally vegan diet, and walking 2 miles the last 4 days so, I want to start lifiting, but I dont want to drive my body into the ground and, I dont know if I should use the same 6 sets per body part, upper on day , cardio 2nd day , lower the 3rd day so, I am going to be reading lots here....and gaining info. I understand the protien amino acids thing, and I have vegan protien powder. I guess I am going to get back in the gym, go slow, and make sure I eat enough protein per day .... but how much is that? so, hello every one! I am a supernoob! and I am a vegan ! I dont want to stop being vegan, but I want to train. any help would be appreciated al
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