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  1. Welcome to VBB.com, Ally. What does your leg routine look like right now? Post a pic of your legs and I'm sure the forums would be happy to help specialize a workout to help with specific muscle. Either way, happy journey!
  2. Hey MJ- I'll be in nyc next week. Have you run across any fun vegan groups in or around nyc? It'd be nice to get to meet some other vegans who are into fitness while I'm up there. Welcome to VBB.com!
  3. Hey Roman! I, too, live in Florida. I'm near the Daytona Beach area (well, for another two weeks). Welcome (officially) to VBB.com!
  4. I'm on G+, I haven't really used it much. I'm sure google has something larger in mind. It's funny to see the most active user for some time was Mark Zuckerberg (sp?). A bit OT, but I really love Google Music; I use this ALL the time.
  5. NYC Vegans, I'm going to be in Manhattan next weekend. I'd love to finally meet those from the area. I'm moving to Manhattan permanently in two weeks; it would be wonderful to already know a few vegan fitness lovers. Anyone available July 22 through 24? ** I also plan to workout while I'm there if anyone is interested ** Message me and I'll get back to you with my cell number. Looking forward to it! Dax
  6. Ah! Good thought Chris, Tapatalk, would be a pretty easy solution.
  7. Yes, if wussy = smart, self-preservation. Keep up the great work!
  8. I knew I shouldn't have clicked on this thread. I'm starving now! Which Disney location? **fingers crossed for Orlando** Amazing job either way.
  9. Just a thought: Has VBB considered creating an iPhone app? I'd be happy to help.
  10. It's been awhile since I've been on VBB.com, but I'm back and I need a bit of help changing my password. I've scoured the page, including the forums, FAQs and the User Control Panel functions. Thanks for the help! DAX
  11. Thanks LB! Looking forward to some great conversation.
  12. Aww. I feel badly. You shouldn't have had to go by yourself. If only I had checked VBB sooner. I was in the heart of finals so I felt like a hermit up until a few days ago. We absolutely need to do something soon. I'll be OOT the last two weekends in May.
  13. I played in H.S. Quarterback, but started as receiver. Are you thinking of joining a league or going beyond that?
  14. Thanks for all the kind greetings. I still can't get over the amazing array of talents on this forum; it's really encouraging. Thanks again!
  15. That sounds like a plan to me. I'll pm you my email addy also. I'm done with finals by the first week in May, so I'm thinking it'd be fun to meet up sometime around there--if this isn't too short a notice. What's everyone else think? Can't wait!
  16. No, I know there are a few others. I'm assuming Hayley (HSOrlando) is from Orlando and a few from the Tampa area. I'm sure the Daytona guys would be up for a short trip westward. I think: "If we it, they will come." Maybe we also need to post a similar thread in a more general location?
  17. I totally agree with Trev's advice. Jump head into a comprehensive MMA school now; don't take one ability at a time. Also, like Trev said, spar as much as possible now to get used to getting hit and learning how to react when the fight isn't going your way. You can train hard everyday, but until you know how you're going to react under pressure it's not very practical. I'm not sure where you're located, but see if there is a gym nearby that has some other women already enrolled. (From my experience, the females often get cheated out of proper training when *their* only sparring choice is male.) Finally, tell your husband to keep at it. I'm 26 and compete frequently (I'm also in college). I took a year off to focus on academics, but got right back into the training groove. Keep him encouraged and make sure he knows it's absolutely possible. Too old at 27? Ridiculous! Best of luck and keep us up-to-date with your progress!
  18. thesightofoneself: That'd be great. We should attempt to orchestrate something. I'll PM you my email addy. I occasionally miss Portland (born and raised), but I've also grown quite fond of the East Coast. Apple: When is the next Disney Marathon? It's January 2010, yes? I'm sure we can get a group to come out and support you.
  19. Nice vid Tommy. I was wondering when you were going to throw the AB (dude offered his arm the second you went for the triangle). How long have you been competing? Kick some ass on the 18th for all of us Veg*n fighters! If you ever enter a tourney down here in FL let me know.
  20. Yay for graduation! Going straight into graduate school? VV 2010 should be in Florida.
  21. Not to hijack this thread momentarily, however, I'm always game for a VBB Orlando meet-up.
  22. That'd be great. Too bad I missed you this week. I'm sure there will be "another time" soon, yes? How was the visit to the Sunshine State?
  23. Welcome Jeff. I, too, recently joined the VBBF--a couple days ago--and I've already found so many helpful tips and inspirational stories. I'm positive that with a little encouragement and a lot of time speaking to all the great people on this forum your "diet" will become a lifestyle. Best of luck!
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