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  1. If you would like my opinion, I have done one colonic and I have done two 10-day master cleanses and I prefer the master cleanse to the colonic. I was expecting to walk out of the colonic feeling great and I felt really drained and messy. I also don't care for the whole tube in the butt thing. After finishing the master cleanse I felt really great. The first two or three days are tough and lots of stuff definitely comes out with the salt water flush. It amazes me that on day 10 how much caked on stuff is still in the body! The salt water flush can be dificult and you need to dedicate a couple of hours in the morning to staying close to a toilet but in the end the results are great. I would like to try a longer master cleanse in the future. Lisa
  2. I agree with Texanyogi. I started my kids that way. As they got a little older I was very big on one pot wonders: lentil stew, curried veg stew, etc. I would just puree in a baby food mill and they would eat bowls of it completely seasoned! Lisa
  3. I buy an awsome multigrain crust, put ev olive oil, tomato sauce, fresh tomatos, sauteed spinach and broccoli, red peppers, fresh garlic, fresh basil, and bake. Yumm... Lisa
  4. It is a 10 day fast of "lemonade". Every night you drink a cup of tea containing Senna to loosen all the gunk in your intestines. In the morning on an empty stomach you drink a quart of salt water to 'sweep' out the gunk. During the day, you can drink 6 to 10 glasses of lemonade. Add 2 tablespoons of fresh squesed lemon or lime juice, 2 tablespoons of grade B maple syrup, and 1/10 teaspoon of cayanne pepper to a 10 oz glass of water. You can do this for 10 or more days. I am excited for the cleanse and I hope I can get through it. Lisa
  5. Hi, Has anyone done the ten day master cleanse? I just started it today. I didn't have any maple syrup so I used agave syrup. I also used too much cayanne pepper. I have also been to the bathroom about 6 or 7 times already and it is only 10am here. I would love to hear anyones thoughts or comments on this fast. Thanks, Lisa
  6. My favorite is Angelica's Kitchen. I haven't been yet but Pure Food and Wine is supposed to awesome(all raw vegan). Caravan of Dreams is a casual spot but the food is really good (raw and cooked vegan). Lisa
  7. They grow all year around. If the birds get to them before we do, when they poop them out we have papaya growing everywhere. We are just starting mango season. It is the very beginning. Soon we will be knee deep in mangos!! My smoothy this morning: watermelon fresh sqeezed orange juice banana handful of baby spinach basil and 2 sprigs of mint Yumm... Lisa
  8. This morning I had: 4 oranges fresh sqeezed 2 frozen baby bananas a small papaya a handfull of baby spinach cilantro, basil and mint It was yummy!! Lisa
  9. Those were great, too pretty to eat! Lisa
  10. Lucky you!! I am at work and I am tempted to start on my lunch but it is only 9 am! Lisa
  11. I make a watermelon drink for breakfast, watermelon, lime juice, fresh orange juice and frozen bananas, blend in blender. It is very filling and my kids like it too!! Lisa
  12. I got some of the nibs and made a 'pudding' with raw almond butter, craw cocolate nibs, bananas and a little agave syrup. It was yummy! Lisa
  13. lisa_pe


    I just started adding greens, spinach, dinasour kale to my morning fruit smoothie. Now it is a grren smoothie!! Yumm... Lisa
  14. Hi Bryant, I have been a vegan for years and have started my raw food journey with in the last month. This is my second time trying it and this time it is working out a lot better. I am feeling better and hope to lose some unwanted weight! I have a question regarding the colon cleanse. Does it make you bloated or give you gas. Also, should you do it when you don't have to go to work and you can spend time at home?? I did a cleanse a couple of months ago and it was awful, I stopped in the middle from the discomfort in my belly. I also had a colonic about three weeks ago and will try to have another hopefully this week. Welcome to the site, Lisa
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