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  1. Just completely revamped my workout plan for the next 6 weeks to try something new. Serious focus on my areas that need improvement (back and shoulders). Will see how it goes. Just finished a full week of this plan, haven't really been tracking weights used yet - mostly just getting used to the new routine. So far, I'm really sore. Hope that means it's working. As of Saturday was 14 weeks out from first spring show. Doesn't seem like that far away! Also, discovered that chia seed protein pudding is delicious! And so easy. 2 tbsp chia seeds + 2 tbsp organic cocoa powder + 2 tbsp protein powder + 3/4c unsweetened almond milk + 1 tsp truvia = 300 cal / 32 g protein. And super filling. I took a batch to a birthday dinner last night and had that while everyone was eating cake and ice cream. day1: LEGS/ABS • CARDIO 15 MIN STEPPER • FOAM ROLL • OVERHEAD SQUATS – 3 SETS 12 • FRONT SQUATS – 4 SETS OF 12 • LEG EXTENSIONS – 4 SETS 12 • LEG PRESS - 4 SETS 12 • CALVES - 5 SETS OF 15 • HANGING LEG RAISES – 3 SETS 10 • CABLE CRUNCHES – 4 SETS 25 • CARDIO: 30 MIN HIIT day2: BACK/SHOULDERS • CARDIO 15 MIN STEPPER + 5 SETS BATTLE ROPE 30/30 • WIDE GRIP PULL UP – 4 SETS OF 8-10 REPS • SUPERSET – 4 SETS OF 8-10 o BENT OVER 2DB ROW o STRAIGHT ARM PULLDOWN • SUPERSET – 4 SETS OF 8-10 o 1ARM LAT PULLDOWN o MID CABLE CROSSOVER • SUPERSET – 4 SETS OF 4 o SIDE LATERAL RAISE o SEATED REAR DELT FLY • SUPERSET – 4 SETS OF 4 o 1ARM SIDE LATERALS o 1ARM INCLINE LATERALS • SUPERSET – 4 SETS OF 4 o SEATED REAR DELT FLY o CABLE CROSSOVER FLY • UPRIGHT BARBELL ROW – 4 SETS OF 4 • CARDIO 60 MIN LOW INTENSITY day3: BICEPS/TRICEPS/ABS • CARDIO 15 MIN STEPPER + 6 SETS BATTLE ROPE 30/30 • BARBELL 21 CURLS – 3 SETS 21 • INCLINE BICEPS CURL – 4 SETS 8-10 • CONCENTRATION CURL – 4 SETS 8-10 • DIPS – 4 SETS OF 8-10 REPS • TRICEP BENT-OVER CABLE EXTENSION - 3 SETS 8-10 • 1ARM DB TRICEP EXTENSION – 3 SETS 8-10 • TRICEP DB KICKBACK – 3 SETS 8-10 • DECLINE 21 CRUNCHES/SIT-UPS – 4 SETS OF 21 • CARDIO 30 MIN HIIT day4: BACK/GLUTES • CARDIO 15 MIN ELLIPTICAL • SHOULDER WIDTH OVERHAND PULL UP – 4 SETS 8-10 • LEVERAGE ISO-ROW – 4 SETS 8-10 • SEATED LAT PULLDOWNS - 4 SETS 8-10 • BENT OVER DB ROW - 4 SETS 8-10 • SMITH SINGLE LEG SPLIT SQUAT 4 SETS 15 • BOX STEP-UPS - 4 SETS 12 • DB PLIE SQUAT - 4 SETS 20 • BOX JUMPS / LUNGES – 4 SETS 20 • CARDIO 60 LOW INTENSITY OR STEP CLASS (SUB GLUTES) day5: CHEST/LEGS/ABS • CARDIO 15 MIN ELLIPTICAL • BENCH PRESS – 4 SETS OF 8 • INCLINE DB PRESS – 4 SETS OF 8 • DECLINE BENCH PRESS – 4 SETS OF 8 • CABLE FLYS-2 SET OF 10. CABLE PLACEMENT IN THE UP POSITION 2 SETS, MIDDLE-2 SETS, DOWN POSITION-2 SETS. • STRAIGHT-LEG DEADLIFT – 4 SETS 8-10 • SUPERSET o UPRIGHT HAMSTRING CURL – 4 SETS 8-10 o LONG STRIDE WALKING LUNGES • CALVES – 5 SETS 15 • HANGING LEG RAISES – 3 SETS 10 • AB ROLLER – 3 SETS 10-15 • DB SIDE BENDS – 3 SETS 12 • CARDIO: STAIRS 30-45 MINUTES + 1MIN FEET STRAIGHT/1MIN FEET IN/1MIN OUT/1MIN TOES day6: SHOULDERS/BACK • CARDIO 15 MIN STEPPER • SHOULDER WIDTH OVERHAND PULL UP – 4 SETS 8-10 • STRAIGHT ARM CABLE LAT PULLDOWN – 3 SETS 8-10/1 NEG • BENT OVER 2DB ROW – 4 SETS 8-10 • SEATED CABLE ROW – 4 SETS 8-10 • SEATED DB SHOULDER PRESS – 4 SET 8-10 • SIDE LATERAL RAISES – 4 SET 8-12 • REVERSE FLY PEC DECK – 4 SET 8-12 • SEATED LATERAL RAISE – 4 SETS 8-12 • SEATED DB FRONT RAISE – 4 SETS 12-15 • CABLE REAR DELT ROW – 4 SETS 8-10 • EXTERNAL ROTATIONS – 4 SETS 8 • CARDIO 60 MIN HIGH INCLINE ELLIPTICAL
  2. Modified workout yesterday for what weights were available - the gym was crazy busy. Figured out super greens is good mixed with a cup of low sodium tomato juice and a few splashes of frank's red hot w/lime. A cheaper, healthier spicy V8 of sorts. Yum! Sunday 1/6 Workout= shoulders superset Db shoulder press 20x12, 27.5x8, 27.5x8, 27.5x8 1-arm lateral raise 12x12,15x8,15x8,15x8 superset 1-arm front raise 15x8,15x8,15x8 plate front raise 25x10,25x10,25x10 lying side rear delt raise 12.5x10,12.5x10,12.5x10,12.5x10
  3. Thanks! I'm actually glad that I'm back on the 'competition' diet schedule - I purposely put on some weight (#1 judge feedback was to add upper-body size) but it's been tough. I've just been hiding from the scale. But, bulking phase mission complete. Going back the other way now. Really, I'd love to compete in the physique class someday - no heels, creative routines, own music...would be so fun. Not sure how well I'd do bulking up to that size though. Not really tracking all my food quite yet, just cut all the junk out. I got a HUGE order from True Nutrition with some new protein flavors. Pretty good (especially chocolate peanut butter cup!). The cinnabun I probably shouldn't have gotten in double though, it's super strong. I also got a pound each of supergreens and flax oil powder - haven't quite figured out what to do with those. This week was low rep week. My favorite. Wednesday 1/2 Workout = chest/triceps Bb bench 65x12,95x5,105x5,105x5,95x5 drop set 65x15 Incline bench 70x5,75x5,75x5 + 70x5 Db flyes – flat bench 25x5,27.5x5,27.5x5 + 20x12 Incline cable flye 30x12,40x5,40x5 + 30x8 Tricep pressdown 100x12,120x5,120x5,120x5 + 100x10 Lying tri ext/tricep press superset 40x5 each x3 Cable OH tri ext 80x5,80x5,80x5 + 70x5 Friday 1/4 Workout = back, biceps Wide-grip pulldown 105x12,120x5,120x5,120x5 One arm row machine 45x12,80x5,80x5,80x5 + 45x12 Seated cable row 120x5,120x5 + 90x10 Straight Arm Pulldown 80x5,80x5,90x5,90x5 + 70x8 BB curl 40x12,50x5,50x5,50x5ish Incline curl 17.5x5,20x5,20x5,20x5 Concentration curl 20x5,22.5x5,25x5,25x5ish
  4. Hi all again! I've been so awful at keeping up on logging! Also forgot my password, plus a hundred other excuses...etc. Anyway, thought I should at least update. Competed in my first show - it was a blast! Took home 2nd place Novice and 4th Masters Open. I'm picking out my next competition in late April/May - thinking about Emerald Cup on May 3/4. Anybody else going to that one?
  5. Ack - getting behind on the blog already and just starting...need to get in the habit. Here's a giant catch-up recap Monday 5/7 Workout = cardio day 60 min intervals Food= 1451 cals, 139g protein Protein shake w/ banana Starbucks soy latte Mcdougall soup cup w/ tvp Protein shake w/ water Broccoli veggie blend w/ nutritional yeast and salsa Protein shake w/ coconut milk and chai tea Peanut butter Tuesday 5/8 Workout = chest/triceps/calves – beginning of high rep cycle..yuck. much fonder of low rep cycle. Bb bench 75x12,85x12,85x12,85x12 Incline db press 30x12,35x9,32.5x12 Db flyes – flat bench 20x12,22.5x12,22.5x12 Incline cable flye 20x12,15x12,15x12 Tricep pressdown 100x12,110x12,120x12,120x10 Single standing db tri xtend 12.5x12,15x10,12.5x12 Dips 5,5,4,5 Standing calf raise on stairs 25x25,25x25,25x25,25x25 Steated calf raise (hack squat) 180x25,180x25,180x25,180x25 Food = 1537 cals, 114g protein Wednesday 5/9 Workout= cardio 25 min AM, 20 min lunch, 60 min PM Random gym @ work workout – it’s usually empty so perfect for pull-ups and things usually don’t like to do at super crowded regular gym. Working on form. Pull-ups 5,5,5 Chin-ups 5,5,5 Db side bend 35x15,40x15x40x15 Dips 10,10,10 Incline db flyes 15x15,15x15,15x15 Hanging leg raise 10,10,10 Food = 1536 cals, 147g protein Thursday 5/10 Workout = back, biceps Db bent-over row 40x12,45x12,45x12,45x12 Wide-grip pulldown 105x12,105x12,105x10 Seated cable row 90x12,90x15,90x12 Reverse-grip pulldown 105x12,105x12,105x9 BB curl 40x12,40x12,40x12,40x12 Food= 1416 cals, 120g protein Friday 5/11 Workout = off day Food= 1515 cals, 63g protein Saturday 5/12 Workout= shoulders + biceps Db shoulder press 27.5x12, 27.5x12, 27.5x12, 27.5x12+5 BB upright row 50x12, 50x12, 50x12+4 1-arm cable lateral row 10x12,15x12,15x12+8 DB bent over rear lat raise 12x10,12x10,12x10+8 Machine shrug 60x12,60x15,60x15 Concentration curls 15x15,20x12,20x12,20x12 Standing hammer 25x12,25x12,25x12 Food = 1538 cals, 141g protein Protein shake w/peaches, banana, spinach Quinoa w/ coconut milk and sugar free caramel syrup Coconut yogurt+protein Quinoa w/ smoked tofu, black beans and pineapple salsa Post workout shake Protein shake w/ berries, banana, spinach
  6. Thanks! I just read a bit of your blog and WOW. Besides being super detailed you have accomplished a ton! Glad to see you are going to be in an upcoming comp too...I can stalk your journal for tips Seriously though, too bad you aren't closer to Idaho, I'd love to cheer you on in person. Will do it virtually for sure. Random question - are you going to decorate your suit? Anyway, last two days for me were off days (Sunday/Monday) although did 30 min on the tmill each day for active rest. Diet almost exactly the same macros - 1450ish cals/150g protein. Also adding a couple 'before' photos so can track week-to-week progress.
  7. Hi there! Longtime forum lurker here, but I rarely post…time to start a log! The fall show for NGA Idaho is here in Boise on September 29. I’m signing up now. And I’ve never really kept a daily training log before so I think this will help keep me on track. The plan is to compete in the novice figure division (and also master division A…because I’ll be 35 in September…yikes) in 21 weeks from yesterday. Why? I started a 12-week challenge at my gym in January this year, began at 130lbs/22% bf and finished at the end of March at 118lbs/16% bf. I think I’ve gained a few since then, been lifting like crazy though so I’m hoping it’s mostly muscle. I thought I would struggle and have a tough time with the routine – but I was surprised at how much fun the lifting was. Also been a great change of pace because I’m kind of burned out on distance running right now and was pleasantly surprised that I lost so much fat cutting my cardio way back. But now I need another goal to keep me focused on improving. And support from peeps that don't keep asking me why I avoid whey protein wouldn't hurt either! Saturday May 5 AM workout = 45 min low intensity cardio, chin-ups, pull-ups, dips. Really just a nice activity break in the middle of a 12-hour shift at work sitting around. PM workout = shoulders/calves DB shoulder press 30x6, 32.5x5, 32.5x5, 32.5x5 drop 25x8 DB side lateral raise 12.5x5, 15x5, 15x5 drop 12.5x8 Single-arm front cable raise 15x6, 20x6, 20x6 drop 15x6 Rear delt flye machine 65x8, 75x6, 75x6 drop 60x8 DB shrug 60x8, 65x8, 65x8 (just got new straps…weight still feels light but can barely get the DBs back on the rack and I’m always afraid I’m going to bust the mirror. Why is there a mirror right behind all the weight racks?? Sorry for mini-rant.) Single-leg calf raise (on stairs) 25x15, 35x15, 35x15, 35x15 Calf raise on leg press machine 270x15, 270x20, 270x20, 270x20 Meal1 – protein shake w/mango/almond milk Meal2 - luna bar Meal3 – protein shake Meal 4 – mcdougals soup cup w/tvp Meal5 - pear Meal5 – protein shake w/blackberries/mango, steamed broccoli Meal6 – protein blended with coconut tofu dessert, half glass red wine Postwo – protein shake Totals: 1519cals, 157g protein Is this a crazy amount of protein powder? Quite possibly. But I just got a monster order of new flavors so this is just temporary insanity while I try them all. I need to work on eating less processed foods in general. Also somewhere between 1-100 cups of black coffee per day.
  8. Hello there everyone! I'm introducing myself for the second time because I've been doing a whole lotta nothing over the winter (besides recovering from injuries inflicted upon myself last year trying to run too many marathons) and now have finally worked up the motivation to get back into shape! I live in Boise, ID and have been vegan for about 5 years, vegetarian for quite a few years before that. My goals are - to get stronger, fitter, leaner and also to beat my 50K time from last year (which shouldn't be hard since I pretty much cramped up everywhere around mile 30 and was stuck there for awhile, like a sad little trail-statue). Today after work will be my first day back in the gym so wish me luck! And I plan to start a journal to keep myself honest and motivated.
  9. Do you have easy access to a track? A track workout can be an easier way to interval train - and you wouldn't necessarily need a watch. Short intervals (100m) could be running hard during the straight portion and then jogging (or walking) the curves. Or for longer distance you can run 400m or 800m repeats (one or two laps with a jog or walk recovery in-between). For recreational runners I don't know if timing yourself is really necessary (unless you want to)...I personally have a Garmin but I only use it for overall time and distance and to check my pace while marathon training - something about being tied to my watch I just don't like. If there's no track - be careful about jumping into speedwork if you've only been running one day a week...it's easy to get injured running faster, especially if concrete and asphalt are your only choices for running surfaces. I too think that 3x a week is about the perfect amount of running - have you ever checked out the myriad of training plans available on Runners World? I know quite a few people that have found success with those from all different distances 5k to marathon. Or just running faster/further - it's not like you have to enter a race, although it's sometimes fun just to have a goal to train for. http://www.runnersworld.com/subtopic/0,7123,s6-380-381-386-0,00.html
  10. Why not just avoid it since the alternative is just as good (or better) anyhow? I'm talking about agave nectar...plus it's relatively cheap, readily available (I get mine at Winco of all places) and doesn't have that annoying problem crystallizing that honey does. I'm not making the blanket statement of it's not vegan, don't eat it...but since you are on the fence enough to question it in the first place obviously you aren't convinced of that either. I also like tea, but with a little lemon and agave nectar. Try it!
  11. I second all of the above - you look great! And anyone who would say otherwise is either insane or just being mean because they are jealous. From those photos, your bum looks fantastic too
  12. Do you think you'll ever get the women's shirts in colors? I love mine...it's a super comfy shirt and I wouldn't mind some of those awesome colors (especially green!) that the guys versions come in.
  13. OK...I do happen to have a few pics wearing my vegan shorts (which I LOVE btw). They are kind of far away photos because the background is just so darn funny.
  14. So freakin' cute! Here's my buddy SKYE Weight: 49 lbs Height: taller than knee-height. all legs like a baby deer Sprint: rivals a cheetah Endurance: 14 miles is as far as I've attempted to take her Exercise: trail runs with me 5 miles 3x a week + longer on the weekends. Currently enrolled in off-leash training program which is actually a ton of fun. Favorite food: raw sweet potato slices
  15. Hello there everyone! I'm brand new to weightlifting and semi-new to being vegan (just over 2 years now). I live in Boise, ID...but grew up in Portland, OR (where I was vegetarian for about 10 years prior to the switch to vegan). Kind of backwards I suppose, since PDX is a much more veggie-friendly city than Boise. But it hasn't been that difficult a transition, and my cooking skills have most definitely improved (due to necessity, lol). Anyway, about me - female, 31, running my 3rd marathon in a few months, training for my first ultramarathon (50K) in October. I also cycle and swim on a master's team. So...can we say plenty of cardio? I must admit - my motivation for finally getting into weightlifting is mostly cosmetic. I mean, how cool is it to be better shape in your 30's then you ever were? I'm 5'3" and about 118 with 17-18% bodyfat but I'm not particularly defined (not as well as I'd like at least)...I've decided it's time to stop being afraid of the weights!
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