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  1. Hey guys.... I need some help figuring out how to tailor a good vegan diet with a few kinda major food exclusions: No gluten (not even oats or buckwheat...yes, I know buckwheat is not glutenous, but it's an allergy for me) No Soy No fructose (trying to fend off Candida) No Candida growth-encouraging foods Any thoughts? I needz some major help! Thanks!!!!
  2. Hey all my Veggie-loving friends! I took a hiatus from the forum (good old life got the best of me), but now I'm back and determined to REALLY accomplish my long-time goal of bodybuilding. I ran into some health issues, so I'm not functioning even close to 100%, but my determination is definitely there! Looking forward to getting reacquainted with old friends and meeting new people on the forum!
  3. Do u find Full-Body workouts to be beneficial? I never really got great results from them, but I thought it would be a good way to "shock" my muscles. Would an Upper/Lower split be a better option? Example: Upper: -Pull-ups or Lat Pull-downs -Rows -Incline DB Chest Press -DB or Cable Flyes -Military Press -DB Laterals -Biceps Curls (either free bar or Incline DB) -Narrow Bench Press Lower: -Unilateral Leg Press with high foot placement -Deadlifts (either SLDL or regular) -Squats (either narrow or sumo) -Lunges -Add/abd work Then do abs/core and light cardio on my off days. Too many options!!!!! urgh
  4. Hey!! How are u liking IL? Is SIU pretty veggie-friendly? Good luck in school!!!
  5. Hey Everyone!!!!! Wow, it's been TOO long since I posted something on this site! I've missed u all! How was the Vegan Vacation? I really wanted to go, but I couldn't miss class and work. I start Nursing school this Wednesday... yikes! Due to the fact that school, work, and studying are all very time consuming, I'm thinking of changing my workout scheme to full-body 3-4 days a week instead of doing a 5 day split routine. (Plus, I've stopped seeing much progress and have had a string of injuries within a short amount of time... not good!). Here's the routing I'm thinking of: Day 1: 5 sets x 6 reps, 120sec rest -Narrow Free Bar Squats -Flat Bench Press -Conventional DL's -Free Bar Military Press -Pull-ups or Lat Pull-down Day 2: 2-3 sets x 15 reps, 30 sec rest -Romanian DLs -Flat DB Bench -Static Free Bar Lunges -Seated Cable Row -Incline Curls [Hammers?] -Lying Triceps Ext Day 3: 3 sets x 10 reps, 60sec rest -Free bar Sumo Squats -Incline DB Chest Press -Reverse Lunges -Supinated BB Rows -DB Press (standing) -Supinated Lat Pulldown Any thoughts? On my "off" days, I'll do some abs and a bit of jump roping (my new passion... it's a blast!!!!). Hope everyone is doing well!!!!! -Shelby
  6. Wow, thanks for all the great ideas guys! I'd love to try the vega bars, but they dont sell them anywhere near me. I don't have the money to order them online, either. (Minimum wage jobs suck, lol). I have a dumb question for the green smoothie: Do i juice the fruits/veggies or just throw them into a blender? It seems like they wouldn't mix/chop well. It does sound delish though! What's ambrosia? thanks guys! BTW: my mass gaining is going well.. kinda hit a bit of a plateau now, though. I've put on about 10 pounds in the last 2 months... and I've finally got a butt, lol. Score! ) My strength is increasing a lot as well, which I'm psyched about too!
  7. I need some quick, easy, and non-messy meal ideas. I'll be working 3 jobs this summer and I need to be able to eat items that are healthy but easy. I'm used to eating things that require a fork and knife, so I need ideas that are gluten-free and vegan, but that don't consist of sandwiches (unless using gf bread, but I don't really like eating it). Here's some ideas that I've thought of so far... please feel free to add to the list! -"egg" salad (tofu) -TLT (tofu, lettuce, tomato... minus tomatoes, cuz I dont like 'em!) -Clif Bars (not a meal, though) -Rice Tortilla wraps with tofu, lettuce and "cheese" -Vegan Pizza (homemade) -salad (but not easy to eat.... requires silverware) -Apple/banana + nutbutter (not easy to eat, though) -Bean pasta (again, not easy to eat) -Smoothies and protein shakes (Does anyone have any favorite recipes/concoctions??? Favorite Powders????) Thanks! I've finally been able to put on some wt after losing a bunch due to gluten intolerance and other food allergies. They are finally subsiding a bit and I can tolerate a bit of gluten, but not much. Thanks guys!
  8. Hey! Thanks for the concern! Everything is absolutely great... just been too busy to post any new workouts. I've put on about 10 pounds since my first entry and the weights I'm able to lift increase just about every workout! I can now leg press over 400 pounds for 10 reps. I'm very excited about my progress indeed!
  9. ornithine works with arginine.... u could take arginine alone, but its effects are multiplied when taken in conjunction with ornithine.
  10. L-Carnitine is an amino acid that is a "fat-burner." It works by recruiting fat (instead of the usual glucose) into the mitochondria to be used for ATP production. I've been taking it for a couple of months now, and i do get an energy boost from it. My FAVORITE supplement is Arginine-Ornithine... wow, this stuff works wonders! It's a vaso-dilator and strength increaser.... it's worth the dough!
  11. I just bought those Clif Builder Bars (cookies 'n cream)... OMG, they are SO DELISH! Yum! And totally loaded with protein! I just wish they had less saturated fat, but I hardly eat any sat. fat in my diet, so I guess it's ok. But man are they good!!!!!
  12. The guideline for general health is .5-.8g per KILOGRAM of bodyweight... for building mass, it ranges between 1.0-1.5g per KILOGRAM. However, I personally need a heck of a lot more than this. I go by pounds instead of kilograms. I basically just try to get as much as I can per day (because it's hard for me to get too much). If I get over 20% of my kcals from protein, then I'm happy. I try to get at least 120g at the very least. I think it just depends on your goals and your body. If you are trying to put on mass, you will obivously be eating more, thus you will be inadvertingly getting more protein than the average person. Some people work best on higher amount of protein, and some people excel at lesser amounts. I need a lot in order to feel/be healthy and maintain/gain muscle. But, thats just me.
  13. CONGRATS ROB!!!!!!! (sorry, couldn't resist putting in those last two!) That has to be the COOLEST job EVER!!! I'm SO excited for u (and a bit jealous, lol). I can't wait to hear how it goes! Vega is AWESOME.... my Whole Foods just started to carry the protein powder (however, they used to carry the chocolate which ROCKED, but now they only carry the regular flavor and that one is nasty... we need bars and chocolate!!! lol). So, again, CONGRATS! You'll do awesome at this new job.. you were made for it! -Shelbs
  14. My cooking skills have taken a bit of a regression as of yesterday. Case in point: I was making my Famous Vegan Pizza (one of the only things I know how to make), and I not only managed to set off the Smoke Dectector, but also burned a good chunk of my forearm in the process. (At least the pizza was Delicious!!!) Needless to say, I'm done with cooking for a while and instead will resort to gorging on hummus, tofu, salads, and nut butters. The Raw Vegan Diet is looking more appeasing by the minute! LOL
  15. I am done with this... this is going nowhere! I've stated my opinion. No sense in going around and around about all this. Sometimes, a vegan has to be flexible, not only in their approach, but also in their acceptance of how other people choose to live. Sure, it's not how we would like everyone to live, but we ultimately cannot change other people's views and values. All we can do is educate and show by positive/compassionate example. THAT is the most effective method. Happy Easter! And if you decide to dye eggs, I hope you chose CF/FR/organic eggs!
  16. Back and Chest (no Bill... just me) Chin-ups [no assistance! Pronated]: 4, 4, 5, 4 (WHOO-HOO!!! I accomplished my goal of 5 unassisted chin-ups already!!!!!!) Chin Assist [pronated, wide]: -30 (10) (10) ( (10) Incline BP: 55 (10) x3 Cable PD: 55 (10) x3 BP: 55 (10) x3 EZ Pull-overs: 30 (10)x3 Decline BP: 65(10)x3 Lat PD [wide, pronated]: 60 (10), 67.5 (10), 75 ( Oly Bar Good AMs: 10 x3 Incline Push-ups: 31 x3 CF Machine: 45 (10) x3 Rear Delt Machine: 30 (10), 35 (10) (10) Roll-outs: 20 x3 Decline Pushups: 12 x3 ABS: Torso Twist Machine: 40 (31each) x2 Ab bench Reverse frog crunches: 31 Straight-Leg ATWs: 31 each
  17. I couldn't agree wit you more. Every little change is a BIG step towards ending animal cruelty and promoting health. Couldn't have said it better myself. Compassionategirl: I'm not trying to argue with you. While we have the same morals and goals, we have different ways of going about it. That's perfectly fine! If your tactic works for you, then that's awesome! For me, it didn't work doing it like you are. So, I'm trying a different angle and it seems to work better in my case. Of course I would love it if everyone became vegan or even a veg, but if I can convince someone to make even a small change, then I feel like I have accomplished a goal. With small changes come bigger changes. Sure, it takes more time, but the end result is usually long-lasting. I'd rather have the person make the conscious effort to change on their OWN behalf, instead of because of me nearly forcing the idea into their head. Oftentimes, the results don't last is that method is used. However, it's all individual. As for the CF/FR/organic farms, sure.... some aren't what they preach.... but a lot of them are. And I would rather have someone support those than support factory farms.
  18. Biceps and triceps!!!! Warm-up: 5#WP Shoulder Circumductions (10F, 10B) 30#EZ-Bar curls (20) EZ Bar Curls: 40(12), 50(swing , 40(10), 40(10) Body Drags: 30EZbar(10) (10), Cable: 40(3)/50(7), 50(, 50(10) Olympic Bar Swing Curls: 65(7) ( (9) (7) ( DB Curls: 20 (6) (7), 25 (6), 20 ( (6) Skullcrushers: 30EZbar(11), 40EZ(, DB: 45( (4) (6) Cable Push-downs (elbows flared): 50 (15), 70 (12), 90 (4) (10) (15) <--BIG increase in weight! Dip Assist Machine (lean forward, arms at sides): 0(, -20(11) ( (10)
  19. I'm not able to set up an account... for some reason, it won't work. Grrrr. And there's no way to email the site owners to ask whats up!! This blows, lol.
  20. I like Robert's bottom link on his signature.... all I can say is that Rob sure knows how to bust a move!!! Next up, The Robot!
  21. Ouch. That was kind of a low blow. I am NOT one of those "radical" vegans. I know a few vegans who are like that and all it does it turn people further away from veganism.... or even vegetarianism. The best approach is to workwith them, not against them. I agree with what willpeavy said. Most people can only make small changes at a time. Any change (no matter how big or how small) is a step in the right direction. Sometimes I feel like veganism is taken out of context and that the true goal of veganism is often lost. It seems it has turned almost into a war with the non-vegs against the vegs. Animal/enviromental/health reasons.... these are the goals. NOT to turn everyone we can into vegans just to increase the number of vegans out there. Force doesn't work... gentle persuasion, positive example, open guidance, and compassionate education is what DOES work. Babysteps. I'm with Meggie and willpeavy on this one.
  22. I'm not juicing... however, the whatever it is I am doing is working really well!
  23. I've tried your tactic and it doesn't work. Most people need baby-steps. Most people can't turn vegan overnight.... they need to slowly be "weaned" off animal products. I find that the majority of people who try to become vegan often resort back to their old ways b/c the change was too quick and too "drastic" for them. Thus, I've found that making small changes induces more lasting changes.
  24. Shoulders, Calves, Abs Warm-up: 5#WP Shoulder circumductions (forward 10, backwards 10) -DB Arnolds: 15 (15), 20 (10), 25 ( (<---spot on 25# -Seated Lat Raises: 10( ( (10) (10) -Smith OH Press on SB: 10#each (10), 12.5#each(, 15#each (10) (10) (spot on 15#) -Cable Upright Rows: 50(10), 60(10), 70(9), 80( <--increased a lot! -DB Shrugs: 45(13), 50(12), (12) -Incline Bench Unilateral Lateral Raises: 8(10) ( ( ( -Seated Calf Raises: 150(, 130(9) (9) (9)<---increased a lot! -Standing Calf Raises: 115(18), 135(15) (20), 175(13) (12) -Decline Bench Reverse Curls: 10(7) (7) (7/no weight 20) -Decline Bench Sit-ups: 25( (10/no weight 28 + ab punches) (no weight 30) NUTRITION: Kcals: 2735 Protein: 135.5g (19.8%) Fat: 85g (27.9%) Carbs: 357g (52%) Fiber: 41g
  25. I'm not trying to argue with you, nor am I supporting "omni" views. I'm trying to play devil's advocate here, as well as providing a realistic view. I have exhausted myself trying to tell and show non-veggies the harm that is inflicted on these poor creatures, and all it does it make them want to become a veg even less. (Perhapd out of guilt? denial? who knows.) So, I've learned that instead of pushing someone to do something that they are not willing to do, I pursued them to at the very least choose a more "humane" form. While the ideal choice would be for them to NOT eat anything animal whatsoever, I know that the chances of this happening are slim to none. So, if they decide to continue eating the way that always eat, at least they wont be supporting factory farms. It's basically a case of what is the lesser of the two evils. None are a favorable choice, but it's a realistic one. I think a lot fo vegans (while their intentions are good), forget that most people can't and are unwilling to comprehend the truth of factory farms, animal cruelty, and animal exploitation. They can't think on the compassionate level that vegans are able to, no matter how much education we supply them. When this is the case, repeatedly badgering them with Vegan views, meet you meat, and statistics are only going to push them farther away. Thus, you have to sort of work with them and steer them in another direction and hope that they will figure it out on their own, in their own terms. Because only they can decide to become vegan... we can't decide for them.
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