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  1. I really like the idea of adding more vegetables and spices as I typically at most add salt, pepper and nutritional yeast. Making some lentil soup sounds very appetizing after just eating rice and beans by itself! Going to make this for sure as I have all the ingredients, sounds tasty!
  2. These two items are a staple in my diet but I often get bored with them due to my lack of creativity in making them more delectable. At the moment the most I do to make them more palatable is to make a vegan gravy but while it's tasty it doesn't store well in the fridge as it solidifies and is very thick when re heating. What kind of simple recipes can one do to make brown rice and beans more enjoyable?
  3. Great suggestions, will be stopping by my local store to pick some of this stuff up! Shakes are a great way for me personally to consume a lot more calories than I normally would, I like the nut butter and non dairy milk idea since those are both so calorie dense, will throw in a banana and some spinach to round it out
  4. Didn't realize they were so calorie dense, I've been searching for a good high calorie food for breakfast. I do enjoy some microwaved oats with agave nectar and fruit, what could I add with it to add some protein?
  5. I'm looking to start consuming a minimum of 3,000 calories a day to gain weight but wouldn't mind going higher than that. My problem is that I'm on a budget and often buy foods that require considerable preparation such as dried rices, beans, tvp, vital wheat gluten flour (for seitan) and end up not cooking them ahead of time, such as when I get myself to meal prep, so I end up eating out or eating a more quickly prepared meal that doesn't meet my high calorie requirements. What are some foods that you eat which you find can easily meet your high calorie requirements while also being budget friendly?
  6. Curious to know the lifestyle and recipes behind vegan meal prepping. Been reading up a lot on the subject in general and am planning on purchasing a lot of tupperware and foods to prep with as it seems like a productive lifestyle change in addition to eating economically. Some foods I plan on putting together consists of: Carbs - Brown rice, quinoa, ww pasta / Proteins - Legumes, tvp, seitan, nuts / Greens - Spinach, Kale, peas, various fruits/vegetables. Any tips on foods/recipes I should use? I'd like to make this a routine since I tend to eat out or buy overpriced foods at the market.
  7. I'm a huge fan of nutritional yeast and use it in the majority of my dishes, it does add a great unique flavor and nutrition that I've never gotten tired of yet. I'll try some different cereals that you mentioned seems like they could be tasty. As much as I've heard of vegans eating hummus, I've always bought pre made brands that never seem to have that much protein, I definitely want to make some homemade with the recipe you listed. The green beans also sound very tasty. The cauliflower potato curry and pad thai both are very delicious sounding dishes that appear to be cheap as well, will try!
  8. I've been eating the same cheap bulking foods for some time now and have become quite bored of them even though I still continue my best to consume them. Currently I'm mainly eating: Brown rice, legumes, peanut butter, bananas, soy milk, whole wheat pasta with textured vegetable protein, spinach, green peas, whole wheat bread with earth balance/peanut butter, cereal and coffee. Not much variety and I'm hoping to come across some more cheap foods or meal recipes that can keep me entertained while I try to bulk up.
  9. I'm looking for awareness on the major well known discriminatory events of our world that took place, or are continuing to take place today. I'll attempt to list all events that I'm currently familiar with at the top of my head in chronological order and also state whether they have been resolved or are ongoing. Please add to the list if you know of any significant events that I've missed. Discriminatory Events of the World 1. American Revolution - Resolved 2. Civil War - Resolved 3. World War I - Resolved 4. World War II - Resolved 5. Holocaust - Resolved 6. Darfur Conflict - Ongoing 7. Animal Liberation Movement - Ongoing
  10. I'm writing a novel and have a section that will be describing the detrimental effects that societies apathy is causing by not adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet. Any recommended websites that have up to date, credible and well written information regarding the animal product industry is having on our health, planet and the animals well beings themselves would be much appreciated.
  11. Is this the product you're talking about: http://healthforce.com/shop?page=shop.product_details&flypage=garden_flypage.tpl&product_id=6&category_id=1 Kind of pricey but I've tried another one of their products before, was good stuff.
  12. Any powdered product that contains any amount of alkalinizing food product in it. I'll try some of that out, any idea on what it costs?
  13. Out of all the drinks that contain alkaline ingredients the best tasting so far has been Vega. What other green drinks can you all recommend that have a satisfying flavor? I'm not necessarily looking for a meal replacement but would prefer if it was cheaper than Vega currently is.
  14. Great thread, I'll be doing this a lot now that I'm aware of what it is. Thanks for introducing me to it!
  15. Nope. Check into the famous "SHAC 7" about that one. They were imprisoned and are now labeled as "terrorists" from here on out for doing such subversive things as...get ready for it... protesting and sending black faxes to companies to mess up their machines. These days, if you're going to go the liberation route, just be aware that in the USA, you're going to get prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If you're caught doing ANYTHING that can be deemed a "terrorist act", be prepared to spend a few years behind bars, lose your voting rights, be under scrutiny ANY time you travel, be listed as a convicted felon, and all that good stuff. Gone are the days when people would just get a fine and criminal property damaged charges - the game has been different for many years now, and it's definitely not in favor of those who seek animal liberation. The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act changed the game and basically gives the government the ability to label and prosecute you as a terrorist for interfering with animal agribusiness, vivisection, etc. One of those great post 9-11 things that were shuttled in during the last administration, and when presented with the option to repeal it, our current leader chose to keep it in place. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.... Didn't help with those folks from the ELF who REALLY helped bring this one down on everyone. Their "brilliant" notion of setting fire to Hummers at dealerships as a form of protest was pretty much the icing on the cake to make a case against the dreaded "Eco-Terrorists" as the FBI likes to refer to anyone who engages in any form of protest for the animals or the planet. Yep, nothing quite like doing plenty of environmental damage to make your point - it was about as good of a move as if someone had liberated a mink farm and then killed the animals they'd set free. Thats astounding that they were convicted for what they did. I wasn't aware of this case but that really does show how ridiculous Americas stand on the matter is. You'd assume that a president whos ancestors have gone through similar discrimination that many production animals are today doesn't see eye to eye on it. Were the actions of the ELF the turning point for the AETA? I certainly could see how it would put any green liberation movement in a bad light. It's unfortunate that many of the liberation movement people can't see how ineffective those types of strategies are, directly and indirectly. It's too bad that america doesn't give you the option to have a say on the matter. I was in contact with a woman from australia who actively fought to abolish animals as property and went on frequent animal rescues, the thing is that it's pretty much legal there as long as you don't cause property damage. Is there a large majority of those who fight for animal liberation where you live? Yeah it seems like a lot of people who are fighting for the greater good forget to weigh the consequences of their actions such as the ELF people that veganessentials mentioned because otherwise it could have possibly been a legitimized movement. I'll be sure to stop by that thread This would definitely have to be the highest priority of anyone who took part in the liberation of animals seeing as how consequences are life altering. Something that's been on my mind is how those who engage in animal liberation are caught in the first place? Poor planning, no intel, counter intel, no escape routes, etc.? You'd think someone would gear up to the teeth with gadgets and getaway vehicles/technology to avoid going to jail for multiple years. I'd certainly agree that protesting like you said is not nearly as effective as opening peoples eyes to the nutrition side of it through teaching the benefits of a plant based diet. In fact I went vegan in the first place from a cd on nutrition where it explained the lo-down on factory farmed animals. I would also love to see a vegan take jilian michaels place considering the goal of that show is to lose weight . That's a good point, I wouldn't want to be fighting for the benefit of the thing I'm trying to fight against in the first place.
  16. Yes I believe that AR activists that actively break into property to rescue animals are considered terrorists in the United States, however it might only be for those who cause severe arson or destruction of property. That would be hard to be a successful mma fighter that trained almost daily then sneak out at night to rescue animals unless you took days off. It would surely be easier to influence people with a profession that is socially acceptable, the thing about politicians is that they are incredibly corrupt unfortunately and considering that many of their decisions are based off of profit I don't see it being an easy feat, but it's a great idea nonetheless. Morihei Weshiba is an interesting figure, pretty awesome that he founded Aikido I am unsure if causing damage is a good move. When it comes to fighting for human rights, I think people will approve of more things done to achieve the aims. Fighting for human freedom sometimes involves killing. When two countries are at war there is usually little objection to killing the enemy. It could be said that we are at war with abusers. But we are not fighting for our country or our people. We are campaigning for other species. Most humans don't care what happens to other species. Most humans would condemn acts of violence or property damage in the pursuit of AR. For that reason alone, never mind the moral one, violence shouldn't be used. In war time, commandos can raid the enemy's land, kill lots of the enemy and do great damage. But they have a safe haven to return to. And they return as heroes. There is no safe haven for AR activists. And no hero's return. I think, but am not sure, that doing as little damage as possible would be the best course of action. Some damage in freeing lab or farm animals would be unavoidable but it should be kept to a minimum and only done to doors and cages to free the prisoners. One thing that every AR activist should practise is parkour. Experienced practitioners can do seemingly gravity defying leaps and climbs. Have a look on youtube for a video called: Russian Ninjas, Russian Climbing Ninja, Parkour in Latvia . No one would be able to catch them. It lasts for 8 minutes and 24 seconds. They will have scouted the area and did practice runs but that is what anyone should do. AR activists should know the area they intend to operate in and look for the best places to get in and out, and the best escape routes. The first couple of minutes of the video is boring but then it explodes into non-stop action. I am the one wearing the frogman suit. Gratitude for your incredible feedback, I absolutely agree to your thoughts on everything. It is truly sad how humanity can accept casualties in war but not on sentient beings because of discrimination. I believe that the majority of the population doesn't care about how the animals that they consume are treated, but when they see companion animals or those with higher intelligences such as dolphins and whales they have a change of heart. It is probably true that people would look down upon destruction of property as they don't care to see the true purpose behind it, I'd have to also say it's not going to do anything positive in the scenario that you're trying to inspire people and push animal rescue into being socially acceptable. Wow! I was completely unfamiliar that parkour was what that activity was. I had seen it many times and always figured it was just a random thing but you're absolutely right that it would be crucial for making escapes. I can't picture 99% of authorities being able to perform feats such as those. That would be an almost guaranteed way of creating the highest chance of escaping considering you knew the local area. Thank you for the video, I did some parkour around my house right after I watched it, very inspirational stuff. You know this has been a very common thought on my mind regarding a higher intelligence determining that human beings would need a reminder of how evil some of the things we do really are. This would surely make us think twice, most likely changing the way we do things immediately though if faced with the threat of eradication.
  17. I agree with everything you said, the first one although potentially very inspirational seems to be more for personal gain in terms of proving something to yourself and people while not directly changing the world for the better while the second seems to directly change the world while confronting a real world issue similar to a crime against humanity such as the holocaust but in this case, sentient animals. I would second that it would need a great deal of organization and logistical planning considering that it is a crime to do what many animal rescuers do today although many of them that you see in prison have taken part in arson and other destructive practices to ensure the most economic damage. Would you agree that this is the right course of action, to ensure that people profit the least from the exploitation of animals via property damage but making sure you don't harm any living being? People surely don't see that as an honorable cause when they see burning buildings and trucks on fire but honestly it is effective. Would batman cause property damage on a consistent basis to accomplish his goal? I guess he sure blows stuff up in the movie but I'm uncertain if he does that to survive and avoid the authorities at all costs or he agrees to that train of thought. Thanks for your thoughtful input. I guess I can understand where you're coming from since there really have been zero bona fide, professional and active superheroes that have been witnessed by the public beside those who have done it for the "5 minutes of fame." That is actually an incredible idea since irresponsible human beings (the vast majority of planet earth) are the #1 cause of mother natures current predicaments. The question is would you really be considered a super villain since you're actually doing the planet a favor?
  18. I'd appreciate that. What ones are around L.A.?
  19. Are there any animal sanctuaries in san diego that anyone is familiar with? Anything related to the purpose of a animal sanctuary as well.
  20. You've comforted me by simply responding, I'll send my energy to Freckles and your dog <3
  21. I will honor him with every breath left in my body, thank you.
  22. Gratitude for your kind words, it almost feels like we live forever while we watch our companions pass away since their life spans are so much shorter. Yes I was surprised that my groomer came to that conclusion since she really didn't know.
  23. 1) Living a lifestyle that participates in professional Mixed Martial Arts and devotes oneself to showing that a passionate vegan lifestyle can compete at and dominate at the highest pinnacle of combat sports while inspiring others to acknowledge and think differently about their current train of thought about the ethics of animal rights in general. 2) Committing your life to the professional and covert rescue of live farm animals and sea animals around the world with theatrics and deception that will create a legend never before seen and which will create a dramatic example to shake people out of apathy while also becoming the worlds first true literal super hero.
  24. Your kindness is much appreciated, I would have done the same thing to try and save a fellow companion, I also have 4 cats and have yet to see one of them pass away which I've been thinking a lot about since Charlie has gone. Gratitude for your kindness, I had a black lab that I took before Charlie that actually loved car rides and it was indeed sad seeing as how she probably wasn't aware of the destination. I will surely ask for a sedative if not having a vet come to my home for any other companions, thanks again. Yes it is one of the hardest decisions in life knowing that you have to make the call without knowing what your companion wants. Charlie was a peanut butter lover himself haha, I loved the tongue action that was going on when he ate it. They are both together now and I'll send my love to them, thanks for your response. Thank you so much, I know Charlie and Pongo are both in a comfortable place now.
  25. Charlie and your friend are together now and I'll send my energy to them. Thats the one thing I wish I had done is had him of been in a more comfortable environment like home, thank you for letting me know that.
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