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  1. Hi Flanders I really hope it works for you. I can't say I follow it precisely but there are some strong similarities with my own routine. I look forward to your reports on how things go for you. Cheers, Cliffy
  2. Hi Bigbwii Thanks for the welcome. Yes, there's something to be said for whole body training in one session (combined with good rest), probably a good growth hormone releaser too! Cheers, Cliffy
  3. Hi Thanks for message. Am very interested to hear your thoughts anytime, and how you get on. Take care Cliffy
  4. Hi Flanders Good to hear from you. I know most people think of 7—10 days as being rather a long gap between the same work-outs. I know many people see 4--6 days, or thereabouts, as the optimum between same work-outs but I think this ‘4—6 days’ approach is overtraining (unless one is going light to medium) and that by using it many, but maybe not all, trainers are missing great opportunities for improvement. If I were to train on the ‘every 4—6 days’ approach with my current intensity then my performance would drop like a stone and I’d lose mass. I’ve tried it many times on an experimental basis and it is always bad news for strength and muscle growth. The tendo-ligamentous injuries also creep to me in as collagen is slower to recover than myofib. tissue, and the neural pathways also need to get over the chemical insult of a barbaric session—so muscle recovery is only a part of it; as you will know. But it’s not just me, whenever I help out guys or girls in the gym who are struggling they too find that heavy, intense, work-outs followed by long intermediate rest gives them fast results with fewer problems. By chance I found a site by trainer ‘Pete Sisco’ on the net some months ago and much, but certainly not all, of his approach is coincidentally similar to mine and he was allowing months between same bodypart workouts. I do deadlifts about once every three months, and then only one heavy set, but I am always stronger with each session. The silly notion that one loses strength after a few days I think makes some people paranoid and they end up overtraining and spoiling possible improvements. If I miss three weeks in a row from the gym I will still be stronger when I get back in as a result of the workout I did three weeks earlier—so long as I’ve eaten sensibly in the meantime. You are quite right about mental power—for me the mind is half of everything and it is obvious that so many trainers could do better if they showed mental tenacity on each rep rather than give up when it seems tough. I’ll go check out the link you suggested. Take care and chat soon Cliffy
  5. Hi Daywalker I've been asked before about doing the 'stage thing' and it's just not 'me'. I understand the confusion about the routine I listed, so to clarify it goes like this: Monday--Chest & biceps Tuesday--Legs and grip Wednesday--Rest Thursday--Shoulers & triceps Friday--Back Saturday--Rest Sunday--Rest Each trip to the gym is over and done within 45 minutes tops. No two 'big' bodyparts get worked on the same day and each has at least 1 week's rest. Also, I will often intersperse a light week between two heavy weeks so that a full 14 days without heavy lifting separates two workouts. If I'm pushing a particular body part for power, I'll tend to shift the system so that I only do very heavy sets each 10--14 days with no lighter workouts in between. I find it takes 7--10 days for muscles to fully recover from a really blasting session and then 'new growth' happens after that, so working muscles too soon creates a static or catabolic rather than anabolic response. But that's just me! My approach has been almost unchanged for some time and, for me, it is short-sharp INTENSITY during the workout that makes a good session, then rest and nutrition take over. Hope this helps. Cliffy
  6. Thanks veggymeggy. Back in the 80's there was certainly less choice than now, and one quickly learnt to accept pasta and cereal. Now that veganism is the sensible option its become targeted by so many food companies and choice is way better. You wouldn't believe some of the sweet cakes we can get in UK that are vegan!
  7. As a medical scientist I've been asked to comment a lot in the media in Europe dring the past two weeks as the issue has evolved. It's fast-evolving, for sure. Most people know the risks to humans are low at present, especially in the 'western' world where close contact with live poultry is uncommon. The disease at present (the H5N1-type) virus mainly affects chicks very seriously so it can devastate a poultry unit and the commercial aspects kick up a storm. Imported wild birds as pets were the first to bring the virus to UK and shoddy quarantine facilities were exposed because of that. We now have bans against importing wild birds--a trade severly criticised by animal welfarists, conservationists and many scientists like myself who fill all three descriptions. THEN, the also disturbing issue arises of the quite appalling ways in which poultry have been culled around the world to prevent the spread of the virus. I totally understand the rationale behind measures to stop the spread, and the virus is pretty horrible for the birds when they get it, but the ways these birds are being killed off its extremely worrying--no compassion at all, it seems. The slaughterhouses that would have killed them are highly unpleasant as we all know, so these birds were caught between a 'rock and a hard place' from the start. It's very very distressing to think about the miserable ends to poultry/hens. The only 'good' thing to come from the bird flu crisis is that we have now in place strong prohibitions of importing and selling wild birds. Cliffy
  8. Thanks for the very kind comments, compassionategirl. I was a 'vegetarian' 2 years before the 23 year veganism, can't remember the dark days of eating animals I am pleased to say. As for bird flu stuff, sure I'll go try to find that section now!
  9. Well, you are most certainly a wecoming bunch and I thank you most sincerely. As I find my way round the site I'll be able to catch up on all your posts and chat, which will be great. Rarely have much time these days for the nicer things in life like good chats with other trainers, what with 'bird flu' matters here in Europe, but I shall make sure that you folks are a priority every time I get a chance to click on line. Thanks again for the welcomes. Cliffy
  10. Right, if I get this bit wrong blame compassionategirl cos she told me to do it!!! A biologist and medical scientist by background; into (mainly) strength/power routines for 3 1/2 years using basically the following system: light warm-up, medium 2nd set, then power set for 1--3 reps, followed by still heavy but lighter set for about 10 reps. No more than two heavy sets per move, no more than two moves per bodypart, no more than one bodypart trained each 7--14 days--so lots of rest and high protein foods. This has taken me from 150lbs 3 years ago to 230lbs today and still growing. Age: 43 Height: 5'10" Weight 230lbs Chest 50" Arms 18 1/4" waist 34" Legs 26 1/2" Very little fat 100% vegan for 23 years Anything more your gonna needs tickets for hehehe Cliffy
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