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  1. you can order bulk soy protein from proteinfactory.com for $5 a pound, or thereabouts, real cheap, and different flavors, etc
  2. I have been relying on the heavy overhead work I have been doing, as well as benching, and close grip benching. I throw in some occassional dips or other work, but the heavy compound lifting is working my triceps hard enough.
  3. No tattooist I have ever spoken with or gotten tattooed by knows anything much about veganism, but from the discussions I have had about tattoo ink I have never heard of anything non-vegan in it. I HAVE however heard of other vegans talk about non-vegan inks, but I am not sure which brands these are. Most of the guys I get tattooed by mix their own inks from the base pigment, and I don't think that there is anything animal based in the mix. I love the history of tattoos, getting tattooed, and being tattooed, and if there was something non-vegan about tattooing I would have to say that wouldn't stop me from getting tattooed. Maybe that makes me a bad vegan, but it's the truth.
  4. I don't think it is a bad font choice, it is fitting, looks like the type of style you would see for a HC or emo band. I would have used something different, but that is personal preference.
  5. that is impressive, the middle-finger-only chin sounds tough and a bit painful as well!
  6. I have been working my arms specifically, though I never used to, and am getting gains, mostly in strength, but in size as well. I am 6'6", and my biceps are a bit under 15", so they could be alot bigger with no problem. My triceps definately are the weak point, I have been working them and gaining much more strength and mass, but it is slow going on my long ass arms to get any real size. I am not too concerned though, as long as my strength keeps going up!
  7. I was under the impression that the ice will increase blood flow to the area, in order to warm it up, speeding up the healing process
  8. they are called supplements for a reason though, for those of us who can't get alot of sun (like me here in grey Cleveland, Ohio, with only a few months of beautful weather ), you can supplement your natural vitamin D production.
  9. Haven't done power cleans yet, though I have done hang cleans, though the most I have attempted has been 165 lb or so. Jerk 185 lb Push Press 145 lb 3x6 (never maxed out on this) Strict Press 135 lb (a while back, haven't tried this in a while) I have been working my overhead pressing, and I know I have more in my jerk, and plan to hit 200 lb in the next 4 - 6 weeks.
  10. I agree, though I am very skeptical of the current administration, so that tends to bend my beliefs a bit
  11. I like stonewall better, but in my experience it is love or hate with stonewall's jerquee. Some people love it, and others think it is gross.
  12. Here are some before and after pics, though the after pics are from 5 months ago, and I have gained at least 10 lb since then. This before pic was just over a year ago, when I had first started working out, and this was after I had gained a good amount of weight I used to be really really skinny. http://www.astepabovesigns.com/veganfitness/oldfront.jpg http://www.astepabovesigns.com/veganfitness/tfrontone7_05.jpg http://www.astepabovesigns.com/veganfitness/tback7_05.jpg Since the more recent photos I have gained a decent amount of muscle in my triceps, shoulders and chest...
  13. I agree, my mom drinks silk now, for christ's sake. And my sister too, both omnivores. I know lots of people who drink silk even though they don't give a rat's ass about animal welfare. Also, it is nice that it is non-GMO, and also that they support renewable resources (wind power).
  14. I understand what you are saying, but it isn't the point that you happened to be innocent, the point is you have a right to privacy.
  15. If they are tough, they are stale. When they are fresh they are real chewy. I love that stuff, I ordered a 5lb bag from veganessentials and it was gone within 2 weeks.
  16. I was just bustin' your chops. I just want everyone to have a belly like me so I don't feel bad Seriously though, if I don't eat tons every day I lose weight very quickly, and I often partake in my girlfriend's peanutbutter cookies and soy delicious
  17. what's up pete, nice to see another heavily tattooed vegan guy
  18. this isn't exactly related, but kind of. I wear contacts, my vision is absolutely horrible, a -7.5 in each eye. Anyway, I have a pair of glasses that are absolute junk and are warped and falling apart. I only wear them at night and when I first wake up. Because they are warped and the one lens always falls out, so it is not placed correctly, when I first put them on my vision is all distorted, but I get used to it after a short while. When I switch back to contacts, then they seem distorted..
  19. I train Jeet Kune Do, also Silat and Kali. I train between 3 - 5 hours a week, depending on how rested I am between that and weight lifting.
  20. You know, it really hasn't gone numb since I posted , so I haven't really thought about it. I know I should still have someone look at it though. Still haven't any idea what the cause is. I had this happen to me several months back. For maybe a couple weeks I would periodically get either one or both of my arms falling asleep, while I was sleeping and even during the day. It has also happened to my legs frequently for periods of time, then stopped. In both cases, I had been lifting heavy and gaining mass, I assume it was related, but since it went away I never worried about it. Your diet looks real tasty, but if you want more mass you better pack in some more food! I eat more than that in half a day
  21. EVERYONE knows that women are supposed to be barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen! oops, double post! Had to add pregnant in there
  22. EVERYONE knows that women are supposed to be barefoot and in the kitchen!
  23. tylerm


    I started my sign company when I was 19, and had a bad habit of spending the money I was making when I should have been paying more to my supply credit card. Little bit here and there (lots of money spent on travelling!) added up over a few years, and I had a good chunk of debt. I haven't used a credit card for anything (except business supplies still) in a couple years, and pay a few hundred a month to my old debt, and it is coming along fine. Now I always pay back the full amount of supplies upon completion of jobs, plus a little extra just to chip away at the remaining balance. I always warn people not to spend money before you make it, I learned the same way it seems most did, by ringing up debt without realizing it. People are so ready to spend money these days, and they get screwed by the cc companies. One good thing is that by spending and paying off a couple thousand a month for my business, and owning a house, I have really good credit, so I frequently transfer my balance around to a 0% or very low APR card, so I almost never pay any interest anyway. I play the bastards off of eachother.
  24. Just saw it this past Sunday. I am a huge Johnny Cash fan, as is my ol' lady who went with me. She has the hots for Joaquin something fierce, and him playing Johnny Cash is just a double-whammy. The movie was really good, at least from the perspective of a fan. There were some inaccuracies but only a nerd like me would care, like I am quite sure the song he played for Sam Phillips that got him interested was 'Hey Porter, not 'Folsom Prison'.
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