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  1. It is funny, I agree, but when you think of the possible social implications it just seems stupid. The fact that something like hufu can negatively affect animal rights is pretty lame. The guy who markets it was described in the interview I saw as a 'business student', he is a middle aged guy who plans on getting into investment banking after school. I think this hufu thing was for publicity or just for kicks, not like he plans to make real money off of it.
  2. It was a mutual decision. We had both been vegetarian since around 16 years old, and were finally a point where we were ready to go the extra step and go vegan. I went vegan for political and ethical reasons, and the longer I have been vegan the more compassionate I am towards every living thing. I would never even kill a bug now. Same goes for my girlfriend. She is a veterinary assistant and does so much for animals, she really goes the extra mile and is the most selfless person I know.
  3. It is real, they had the guy who is marketing it on The Daily Show on Comedy Central. Big deal, tofu marketed as faux human flesh. It probably tastes the same as tofu-based chicken or pork products. It is just a gimmick, and I sincerely doubt anyone is eating it as regular sustenance. During the interview I saw on the show, I don't recall them mentioning vegetarians at all, it is a fake meat, and is made out of tofu. It isn't like it is marketed toward vegetarians (from what I have seen, anyway), though I do think magazines like Herbavore doing an article on it is a bad choice.
  4. tell him to stop being such a shithead. Someone known to be 'vegetarian' going around eating meat when convenient is not a good rolemodel for vegetarianism / veganism. My girlfriend Larissa is also vegan, and it is so nice that we can enjoy the same foods together and have special vegan feasts once in a while. We have been together about 7 years, and we went vegan together about 5 or 6 years ago.
  5. My vegetarian stepmom bought me that book when I was maybe 12 or 14 or something, I don't exactly remember. Anyway, I never got around to reading it until I was almost 16 but that is what converted me to vegetarian initially. Propagandhi (vegan punk band) really motivated me to go vegan a couple years later
  6. tylerm

    hello all

    I read a post from michaelhobson about vegan vacation on veganfitness, and that is why I finally got over here to check out this board. I am all about travelling, and the caribbean isn't too expensive for me to get to, so I am totally down for a vacation with a bunch of vegans, sounds cool as hell!
  7. Hey Robert, yeah, I have been a regular on veganfitness for about 1 1/2 years or so. I just can't get enough strength training talk with fellow vegans, which is why it is a Friday night and here I am being a geek online
  8. tylerm

    hello all

    Hello, I see many familiar names and faces from veganfitness.net, where I have been a usual at for a year and a half or so. Finally made it over to this forum, and now I have two vegan weightlifting sites to browse instead of working. To those of you I don't know, my name is Tyler, and I am from Cleveland, Ohio, USA. I went veggie at 16 and have been vegan for maybe 5 or 6 years, I don't really remember (I am 25 now). I live with my longtime (7 years) girlfriend Larissa, who I went vegan with at the same time. I am into lifting for strength, and also train martial arts; Jeet Kune Do, Pentjak Silat and Kali.
  9. haha, that is exactly what my girlfriend was like when we were inbetween shower water filters. She made a big fuss about it as if she had never showered without a water filter before, like it was toxic sludge she was stepping into
  10. About 13+ months ago I weighed in between 175 - 185 lb, last night I weighed in at 218 lb This was late in the evening though, so subtract a few pounds of food and water, more realistically I am around 215 now. I am 6' 6" though, so I am by no means big. I think I would be happy at 225 or so, I want to stay lean, I have interest in strength but not in getting 'huge'. I had been stuck at 205 lb since January, until the last few weeks I started packing weight on fast. I injured my back a month ago, and so dropped my martial arts training to about half (way less cardio), and gym days from 3 workouts to 2 a week. I have been heavily focusing on overhead press & push presses, and aside from that have been doing some hack squats and arm & grip work. I have also increased my reps and lowered weight a bit on many exercises, as I have been lifting low reps & heavy for the whole year, and I felt I needed to give my body a break. My eating has only increased, I have been eating ridiculous amounts, easily 4000+ calories. Much to my surprise I suddenly started gaining weight pretty fast, In the last week I have gone up about 5 lb. I have a bit of fat on me, but nothing I couldn't cut in a week or 10 days. My strength has gone up steadily as well, I have been getting rep or poundage PRs pretty much every workout.
  11. I have a shower filter. I got it for free from a customer of mine in the water purification business. He had given me one a couple of years ago (they are disposable), and I really noticed a heavy chlorine smell when it wore out and I took it off.
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