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  1. Great job Robert ! Really looking forward to seeing this!
  2. Jack Norris is an expert on the vegan diet, not on the whole food plant based diet so some of the stuff he says is not applicable if you're on a healthy vegan diet (as in whole foods). The B-12 issue is of course always applicable. These two diets (standard vegan and whole food plant based) often gets mixed up for various reasons. The whole foods approach seems to give numerous advantages to your health and longevity which a standard vegan diet doesn't seem to give to the same extent. Peta, other organizations and vegans often use the whole food diet to promote the health benefits of a vegan diet which isn't really fair. This is also why Jack Norris have such different probable results from the science than for example Jeff Novick. They both have a strictly scientific approach but they are analyzing two completely different diets.
  3. There's a book called How we decide that is a good read on this. A decision process goes through emotional and subconscious stages first before it goes to the rational part of the brain. In most cases, when it reaches the frontal lobe (the rational, conscious part) the decision is already made and the job of the conscious mind is to make up excuses for that decision. In my experience you have to let people look for the truth themselves and "update" the older parts of the brain so that better decisions can be made, you can't force it on people by rational arguments. A culture will give people a standard set of "truths" about some objective reality. The result of that culture is obvious in many people. Our culture promises the individual a whole heap of things that it later seems to not deliver, but a lot of people still have "faith" in it. I believe in changing people both emotionally and rationally and I believe that people will react more or less to one of the approaches depending on character. It's obvious and easy how to persuade people with rational arguments but much harder when it comes to the emotional ones. I believe that showing people a "better" way is the way to do it. If your "updated culture" promises nothing better for the individual then people won't change. You have to be a walking proof that what you do delivers better results physically and emotionally than what most people are stuck in. This is my struggle .
  4. The guy who handles this do it a few times per week. Just be patient .
  5. Yeah, don't apologize! I lurk somewhat too and this board has always had some very knowledgeble people, like johan. Always a pleasure to read!
  6. Yeah, you've gotta be prepared for the smell..... The taste is awesome though!
  7. I've tried to up my "locality" too. Eating spelt instead of rice, eating potatoes, mashed rutabaga, cooked carrots and alike. I don't eat out often so I try to almost exclusively eat organic. Building a better world feels just as good as building good fitness. I also bought a 100% hemp shirt the other day and love it. Yeah, I'm becoming a fucking hippie
  8. Cool! I go real high on the starch and low in fat but I eat a ton of protein so I'm def not McDougalling. Love my rice, potatoes, millet, buckwheat and legumes Do you find it hard to get enough selenium in your diet? I can't get enough if I don't eat rice, aubergines, lentils and/or mushrooms. Americans (jänkare) have it good with their damn selenium rich soils but Swedish soil sucks. Well, I cheat by having a multivitamin a day (MittVal Vegetarian) which has selenium. I also checked on the cron-o-meter and saw that with the current diet I need to eat 1/2 tablespoon of flax to get over 1.6g ALA, so I add that to a green smoothie in the morning. Eating starches makes me feel good and I also get more energy in my workouts and it's hard to overeat when you don't add fat, I just don't feel like overeating. I'll report how I feel when I've been on it for awhile. Experimenting is awesome
  9. I'm McDougalling hardcore style right now and it feels awesome
  10. 1. I don't know but it sounds cheap compared to here in Sweden. 2. I thaw them, open them and then re-freeze the edible inside of the fruit. 3. If they're really ripe you will see them "crack" at the bottom. You just tear it up with two hands, take out the flesh and repeat until all flesh is out. You might have to use a knife for the first insition but after then you will find the pockets. Good luck
  11. I've read it. It's a good book! Nothing new for me though after reading 2000 books on vegan health
  12. You have to go to court for that ? Here they just distribute a good spanking and let you go about your business.
  13. I als heard Jeff Novick (I think it was) on this (in cnnection to a study on heavy metals in sea vegetables) and he reminded people that the oceans are our toxic waste dump so you are likely to ingest a large amount of heavy metals, PCB, etc.
  14. What I have a problem with is not the dangers that face us in the future, we have scientific data backing all of them up: - Climate change. We will most likely reach a 2C temperature raise within his century. - Species extinction. We're in the 6th large extinction period of species on the planet. This one is faster than any one of the others. - Peak Oil. It will happen within my lifetime. The problem I have is that people believe that they know how it'll play out. I believe that any one of the above will have dire consequences but I have no idea what those consequences will be. This I believe, Homo Sapiens have an insurance system that is imprinted in our heads on a subconscious level. If you fit in a group and are liked by your peers the chances of your survival will go up. A perverted form of this system is in use in our society today too but in the consequences of the current implementation is that it is actually tearing the social structures that it use to build apart. If we get to some form of "apocalypse" than the the insurance system in it's original form will probably have a bigger influence (it has so in past crises and it has so in current ones). So, I believe that whatever will happen you can prepare by learning to adjust to other peoples needs, practice on listening and caring about people, smile, get a sense of humor and learn to live in the moment and be happy with what you got. There probably will be perks for those who have knowledge of "real world stuff", like growing edible plants, building houses or anything else that used to be important before baristas and finance lawyers. Just by not being "weird" or narcissistic will take you a long way I believe.
  15. Never really listened to them before and just started to. I like it. For vegan music I still like dead prez and promoe better though .
  16. You just toss it on and grease it up or what? *funny pictures in my head* I rarely use coconut oil, but it comes in handy sometimes, like when baking cinnamon buns . They're not really healthy anyways so....
  17. The metric system is socialized measurment. If you implement it it will only be a matter of time before your grandma will stand in front of a death panel being forced to deny the existance of baby Jesus.
  18. I bought the advanced study package over at McDougallMedia and I watched the two talks from Luigi Fontana. Some interesting stuff: 1. When asked about IF he said that the evidence for it is very weak and not very promising. He talked about a study where people were fed 1 meal one day and 3 the next and so on and it actually raised cholesterol and other markers. 2. IGF-1 does come down for rodents on CR but not humans. They have now tried low (but adequate, like 10% or less from protein) protein diets and that brought the IGF-1 down. It's a very good lecture, together with the other speakers I really recommend the package!
  19. Not only Fuhrman talks about it. McDougall had Luigi Fontana, MD, PhD over at the Advanced Study weekend, talking about CR. Even though CR is not necessary the same as IF they are usually talked about by the same people. It also seems like there's more studies on CR than IF.
  20. I usually just eat breakfast and lunch. Sometimes I'll have some durian or such after workout (durian is the best after workout meal I've ever tried, according to my non scientific feeling ). Sometimes on the weekend I just eat once a day. I'm constantly below 2000kcal, working out 12-17hrs per week and still have trouble keeping my weight down. So much for skinny vegans
  21. 1. Prickly pears 2. Pineapple 3. Durian 4. Passion fruit 5. Persimon and others
  22. I pop some zinc supplement in my green smoothie a few times per week.
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