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  1. lovin' the arms and the ink!! and welcome to being vegan! congrats looking forward to watching your progress! --Andy
  2. i see the difference in your biceps! looks like your lifting is paying off, are you still doing the p90x? do you have a journal on here also? i thought it was you i posted on a while ago but cant seem to find it, i suck at this internet thing adn i have to leave for work in ten mins so im a little rushed anyway apologies if i remembered wrong but i think you said something about eating 12-1500 cals a day? everyones body is different but i think you might see even more progress if you upped it a little. dont get me wrong, you look super good and really fit, but youre on the skinny side and sometimes its hard to adust to eating enough to make up for increase muslce % and workout time! oops that was such a ramble. anyway, keep up the great workouts and dont be afraid to chow down so your great bod can do its best at building up that muscle! --Andy
  3. cant wait to watch your progress do you have a specific training reg yet? Good Luck! --Andy
  4. disclaimer: climber not bodybuilder. but in my opinion youve got an awesome start point, nice and lean and great biceps. im sure youre all ready targeting your chest and back, and im excited to see the progess pix as you start prepping for competitions!! go for it! --Andy
  5. NICE arms! how long have you been lifting? --Andy
  6. nice progress man! i think someones already mentioned it but definately add nuts and other high-cal foods if youre trying to get in more cals. im naturally a stringy girl but i really wanted to bulk up a couple of years ago to improve my climbing, and i started just carrying around a big bag of almonds, cashews, and dried fruit everywhere i went. im a huge fan of seitan for protein, by the way. cook up some whole wheat pasta, sautee some veggies and seitan, and mix it all up with olive oil and oregano and chunky tomato sauce...yum. can't wait to see your next set of progress pix! --Andy
  7. i think i'll pass on the chicken for my table, thanks
  8. i could ramble all day about how awesome it is to be vegan, but im sure you've heard it all! but vegan or not, i think the most important thing to do is have your food as unrefined as possible. if you can cook instead of buying prepared packaged stuff, its almost always healthier (and cheaper! ) The more processes food has to go through before it gets to your plate, the more nutrients it loses, so youre pretty much just getting macros (carbs, proteins, fats) instead of all the micros (vitamins and minerals), especially in fruits and veg! always go for brown sugar or turbinado instead of white sugar, and unbleached or whole wheat flour. i like to avoid fake sweeteners, too. basically the shorter the ingredient list the better! nutritiondata.com is a great site. it breaks down all the nutrients in any food you enter and it will list "smarter choices" for any food also. you can keep a food diary that adds up the cals and nutrients in everything you eat for the day, and its sometimes really surprising to see what you hit or missed at the end of the day. Good Luck! --Andy
  9. welcome!! your goals are great, its awesome youre thinking in long and short term both! i work each muscle group 2-3x per week, but i mostly climb and do full-body ex that works the groups rather than heavy lifting, so it might be different. id say try both ways and see which seems to work best for YOU! --Andy
  10. welcome!! it seems like half this forum is from CA. makes me miss being there
  11. welcome! what helped you make the choice to go veg? congrats --Andy
  12. Plan looks good to me. have you done any half-marathons before, and if so how did you train for those? the only thing i'd ask about is the calories youve listed. 1400 is pretty low for 10 mile runs!! you might want to consider hitting closer to 2000 on your long run days. then again i dont know what youre used to, just that im a girl who feels like shes starving if i eat under 2000! i think the weight wont be an issue with that training plan, as long as the foods you eat are nutrient packed and varied. good luck and keep us posted on your progress!! -Andy
  13. Sounds like a great amount of cardio to me, as long as youre eating enough!! im naturally a little scrawny, but i bulk up and still do cardio every day as long as i'm eating lots of carbs and good fats. I have almonds in my purse or training bag at all times! Have you ever thought about trying swimming instead of running sometimes? It really gets the upper body involved, too, and to me it warms up the whole body better than just the treadmill. Inclines on the tmill definately help, though! Keep it up! -Andy
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