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  1. I really like to train my shoulders for some odd reason.
  2. compassionategirl: Thanks veggymeggy: wow, that's a lot of drama for sure. my reasons are just plain laziness and not caring. but good luck with ur stuff as well, btw what are you majoring in? either way glad you're back on track, its not easy thats for sure. CrispyQ: Yeah, I know a few who did that. I can see a lot of motivation in them when they come back to school.
  3. Yep you heard right. I graduated HS 2003. I've been slacking around in community college still, its been over 2 years. In a way it's good I dropped the courses instead of having F's (I do have few of those). But overall my GPA currently is 2.0. I really want to get serious, but I always find a way to fail. If I don't change this semester then I've decided I'll move out of my parents place and learn how hard life is being independent. If I can pull off 4.0 this semester my GPA will raise to 2.5. I hope this is the case so after this spring I will apply to universities of my choice and cross my finger I can get in. If I can pull this off, I will be a new man.
  4. I put some ketchup on it and took a bite wondering if it tasted good; well I was wrong Anybody have these before? Do you like them?
  5. They are all hot But quite different.. Stupid program I did a quick search on your pic and this is what I got: http://www.cville.com/members/adam/images/statues/kryptonite.jpg
  6. ^ LOL. Classic. Btw, great thread. I was wondering about the same subject for a while now, but this definately cleared it up. It's ironic that we eat meat, but we give corn based food to our dogs. For example "Science Diet" Food. Corn is the worst thing you can give to a dog. It's all BS. But of course its much cheaper for companies to make dog food made out of corn rather than meat. For a dog the best type of food is RAW diet, yes raw meat. How often do you see people do this? Very few. It's time to exchange plates with our pets
  7. HAHA. I put up my avatar pic and the top 3 results were: Gregory Peck, Johnny Deep, and Bob Dylan. Ironically they all had sunglasses on
  8. Thanks for the helpful information. I think I will add black (soy)beans into my diet (not the can).
  9. I am going to take that seriously and try to find an alternate exercise
  10. Nice. What kind of beans are the best? Does it really matter? I was thinking of getting whole black bean cans. Just heat them up and eat them right?
  11. I know both are healthy protien sources but if you had to chose one for dinner which one would be better health wise? Or do you believe both should be consumed for a healthy diet?
  12. Ahh, the winter has arrived and it's tough to run outside. So, what do you do? Do you not do cardio in winter? Or if you do is it in the gym? With what equipment? Elliptical? Rowing machine? Stair master? Bike? treadmill? etc? Have you experimented with all of them? which one gives you the best results? Any input would be lovely. Cheers!
  13. thanks girl! that clears it up. I never knew lawyers[future lawyers included] were so nice. btw i envy you, u live in canada!! I want to move to canada so bad. Hopefully in the future. I visited Victoria, BC and Vancouver. I looveeed it ohsomuch.
  14. Thanks again for the welcome. I did not mention this before, but I have a lot of respect for you guys. Not only you guys have awesome e-personality but yall have a strong will to be on a healthy/respectable diet! Robert, the video is sweet You are doing a great job with this website, I have no doubt it will only become more popular. I used to be an admin for another major forum, so if you ever need any help im here. Cheers!
  15. Ah yes I saw the baked tofu, I was not sure if thats the 'firm' yall are talking about? It's like 3 bucks. But the soft one w/ water is like 1 dollar. I want the cheaper one of course but can I just put the soft ones and fry it up? or do i have to drain the water out then do fry it?
  16. omg, im going to hell. end of story. u guys should be lawyers
  17. I am not suprised. I have beeon this board for only a day or two and I am already starting to feel guilty.
  18. Thats a good idea too. I've never done that. I should try it.
  19. Thanks for the welcome. I was actually reading an old thread on this site called "Why fish?" which has good information on why NOT to eat it. It makes sense, without a doubt. I hope to do more research on what kind of vegetarian diet I can intake to change my lifestyle. It can be my New Years resolution
  20. Excellent point Jonathan. I should def look into strength training. Thanks for the advice.
  21. Yeah, I don't disagree. I need to do more research on if I should drop off the seafood too.
  22. I know this might be a weird topic, but its true. I am 5'8" and weigh almost 150lbs[i want to maintain this but by reducing the fat and adding muscle]. I used to be 130lbs and then bulked up to 160lbs almost. Anyways, I really just want to be average/tonned[not big/bulky], so of course cardio should be my main priority, but at the same time I figured if I reduced my exercise routine that can help too, correct me if I am wrong? Here is my new routine I plan on focusing on. And note: I plan on working out 4 days a week. And cardio every other day in the morning. I do plan on working out my forearms and abs twice a week and rest of the muscle group just once. Chest - 2 exercise/ each exercise 4setsx8reps Back - 2 exercise/ each exercise 4setsx8reps Shoulder - 2 exercise/ each exercise 4setsx8reps Legs[quads/hams/calves] -2 exercise for each group/ each exercise 4setsx8reps Abs/Forearms - 3 exercise/each exercise 4setsx8reps Bicep - 2 exercise/ each exercise 3setsx8reps Tricep - 2 exercise/ each exercise 3setsx8reps I just wanted to post this and see if other posters feel like its under training? If so, feel free to let me know how can I adjust my program. Thanks for your time, cheers!
  23. I know, I don't belong here. But I just recently came across this board and people here are way more mature than the other bodybuilding board. I know for a fact this board will help me more with the information that I seek. Anyways, just wanted to say HI! And...if it helps I plan on only eating seafood when it comes to meat.
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